Where the Melodious Words Of an Angel Go
Sora no Otoshimono - ep10 005
Kanji: 天使の旋律(コトバ)の向かう先
Homaji: Tenshi no Kotoba no Mukau Saki
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Release date: December 6, 2009
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Where the Melodious Words Of an Angel Go is the 10th episode of the first season of Heaven's Lost Property


Sugata explains the culture of America and its resemblance to Nymph's attitude towards Humans.

This episode is all about the annual cultural festival. Tomoki does not want to join at first, but is forced to anyway as he involuntarily "joined" the New World Discovery Club. Sugata wants to do an air show launching Tomoki in a rocket, which Tomoki refuses to participate in. The affluent students from The Academy then appear and begin to harass the group, which no one, especially Mikako, is willing to put up with. After learning that the Academy will be performing a full orchestra, she decides to strike back with their own band comprising the New World Discovery Club members.

They set up a temporary band. Despite Tomoki believing it impossible for them to succeed after witnessing their abysmal performance, it turns out that Nymph is adept with electrical instruments and is a prodigy with the piano. Ikaros, however, does not possess such talents, but it is later discovered that she has a breathtaking voice. During the preparations, Nymph notices that Tomoki is more sympathetic than her master, who once commanded her to tear off her pet bird's wings as entertainment. In contrast, Tomoki praised her for her efforts, showing her a compassion she has never experienced before.

On the day of the "competition", the Academy, as announced before, performs their full orchestral piece. The band first performs a perverted song by Tomoki. As the audiences begin to riot, Tomoki passes the microphone to Ikaros and changes his shirt, with some noticing they are suddenly confident. Ikaros sings an amazing song, "Fallen Down", which becomes a major success and ellicits outstanding applause from the audience.

At the end of the day, a bonfire was held in a cordoned-off area where only couples are allowed while holding hands; however, Tomoki has no one with whom he can go or so he thought. Sohara and Nymph suddenly express their desire to accompany him. Ikaros is reticient in expressing the same desire, but she makes an attempt anyway. Since only two people can attend together, and Ikaros has strained the most, he takes her to the campfire. There Ikaros gets her wish: to hold her Master's hand.