These are Ikaros' series of "pet" Watermelons which she cherishes and loves very deeply. Throughout the story, a few of the watermelons die or get destroyed in some way, but more are grown in Tomoki's backyard. It is clear that there is no particular Watermelon that Ikaros carries around, but rather, a bunch of Watermelons.


In an episode of Forte, Nymph and Astrea are very hungry and decide to eat some of the Watermelons in the garden in Tomoki's backyard, the garden that Ikaros had been working diligently on but end up eating all of them. When Ikaros returns Nymph and Astrea rush to hide the fact that they had eaten all the Watermelons. Nymph then used her hacking to attempt to grow more Watermelons but instead created a melon monster. Tomoki gets dragged into the chaos and Ikaros hears his screams resulting in her breaking in through the door to rescue Tomoki.

In the movie The Angeloid of Clockwork, Hiyori offers to help Ikaros plant more watermelons.

Appearance Edit

Like real watermelons, these watermelons are a green sphere with a diameter of 30 cm. It is primarily a lighter green with dark green vertical stripes on the outside. It does not appear to have distinctive features.

Personality Edit

Being an inanimate object, it has no personality to speak of.


  • Ikaros - Owner and love interest
  • Chicken - Roommate
  • Nymph - After going along with Astraea and eating through the whole patch, she tries to use her abilities to grow more with disastrous consequences.
  • Astraea - Astrea wants to eat them several times when she is hungry. She once eat through the whole water melon patch with Nymph.


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