The Uranus system appears for the first time in Sora no Otoshimono in the thirteenth episode. This causes a huge explosion indestructible. In the fight against two gamma-type Angeloid, she had to withdraw because they had no chance against the Uranus system. Ikaros can either call parts (robotic arms, primary guns) the Uranus system, or it convenes completely. The Uranus system can either fight or be used as a means of transport. During the battle with Chaos, she had to take her to the bottom of the sea with Uranus. She wanted to stay there for as long as possible retain Chaos, but of Uranus pulled back and brought to the surface. Uranus sank into the bottom of the sea

Ikaros is combined with the first ship of strategic combat. It appears from the Ikaros loops that connect to a network. Out of nowhere , the ship finally appears behind her. The blank has two primary vessel to each of the wings in the lower part of vessel yellow guns, and another on the tower. Between the two guns on the wings is a robotic arm , which has a broader scope.