Tsukino Hououin
Kanji: 鳳凰院月乃
Romaji: Hououin Tsukino
Others: None
Age: About 13-14
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Student
Debut (Manga): Chapter 21
Debut (Anime): Episode 10
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyū: Minako Kotobuki
English Voice: Cherami Leigh

Yoshitsune's younger sister and a student of the prestigious Sorami Private Academy. Like her brother, Tsukino is arrogant and is usually delivering sarcastic remarks regarding Sorami Junior students. She is also a skilled violinist. She seems to have brother-complex.


Tsukino has long, light-colored chestnut hair, and often appears with her school uniform. She also wears two hairpins on her bangs which are swept to the right side. She actually only appears with her school uniform, and never wore casual clothing in her appearances. She also has a beautiful appearance, attractive, and a beautiful body.


She, like her brother, has an arrogant personality, often mocking the students at Sorami Prefectural Middle School due to her being richer than all of them. She also displays a sense of superiority, since she thinks highly of herself. She also has a brother-complex with her brother, Yoshitsune, due to the time she spent with him during her childhood.


Cultural FestivalEdit

At the start of the Cultural Festival, Tsukino and her brother went to the Sorami Prefectural Middle School in order to see the work of that school. She mocks the design for their Cultural Festival and the people around it, thinking that they're not that "civilized" to do a Culture Festival.

Because the two schools (Sorami Prefectural and Sorami Private Academy) do not get along, Tsukino and her follow schoolmates stared Tomoki and his group with eyes that is mocking them. Tsukino was then laughing at Tomoki's group.

Her brother then told her that the gates are made out of cardboard, as Tsukino answered that these people do not know how to show culture and that they're brainless apes. Tomoki asked their plans for the Cultural Festival, as Tsukino answered that they will be doing a Full Orchestra Performance.

Tomoki suddenly laughed, saying that the Sorami Private Academy will be doing a bath performance (as he thought). When Sohara and Sugata corrected him, Tsukino left them while laughing, saying that they're so pitiful for not knowing what a Full Orchestra means and that they might get infected by those "apes."

Later at the Cultural Festival, Tsukino, who has changed her clothes, and her brother were playing the violin along with the Orchestra, performing "From the New World". While playing, Tsukino was mocking people and said to herself that poor people should learn their place.

After their performance, Tsukino went to the front seats and watched Tomoki and his group perform. The band was performing awfully at first. When the first performance, Tsukino was arrogantly saying that what they just did was appropriate for them, since they made a comedy band.

When Tsukino thought that they have already won, Tsukino saw that the band was still composed. This surprised Tsukino, as Tsukino saw Tomoki giving the mic to Ikaros and saying that they will now perform for real. Tsukino was silent for some moment. When Ikaros was about to sing, Tsukino felt goosebumps.

The real performance started, and this shocked Tsukino for Tomoki's band to be performing so well. She knew that Ikaros is the highlight of the event. After the performance, Tsukino and her brother escaped to the entrance, saying that they will come back to pay Tomoki and his band back.


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