Tomozou Sakurai
Kanji: 桜井 智蔵
Romaji: Sakurai Tomozō
Others: Grandpa
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Unkown
Debut (Manga): Chapter 7
Debut (Anime): Season 1 episode 2
Appears in: Manga and Anime
Seiyū: Hiroshi Iwasaki
English Voice: Bill Flynn

Tomozou Sakurai (桜井 智蔵, sakurai tomozō?) is Tomoki's equally perverted grandfather, whose dream was to take every woman in the world to bed, but could not do so before his death. He frequently appears during Tomoki's flashbacks and dreams (or any other supernatural phenomena), to give him (albeit perverted) advice, which always seems to help the latter in dire situations.

Appearance Edit

Tomozou is an elderly man, depicted to be a sort of farmer based upon his clothing. His hair and eyes have never been revealed. He has a very faint mustache, and very noticeable wrinkles under his cheeks. He has a stubby nose, and always seems to be smoking a pipe. Also, Whenever he appears, a particular song plays, (except for the time when he was on the train from "Welcome to "A Story From Tomoki's Fly").

Quotes Edit

  • (To Tomoki) "Have you woken up...? Then you must embrace your most loved!! Embrace it tightly and let your endurance be shown!"
  • (To Tomoki) "Gramps had a huge dream too....A dream... To be intimate with every girl in the world... just 2,957,272,625 left...fuhu... I was close (cough... cough)"
  • (To Tomoki) "Isn't it alright? whether human or U.M.A.... They all have boobs... Isn't it alright...?"
  • (To Sohara Mitsuki, Nymph, and Astraea) "Welcome to "A Story From Tomoki's Fly."
  • (To Tomoki) "Great women will wash away in water"
  • (To Tomoki) "It's not love... If it's just one-sided, right...?"
  • (To Tomoki and Tomoyo) "Are you running...? Does the Sakurai family running away for the sake of their lives even when there are the greatest beauties and handsome boys right in front of you...? with your behavior... can you still call yourself a member of the Sakurai family...!?"


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