The Extremes of Illusionary Lament (Indiscrimination)
Sora no Otoshimono Forte - ep11 024
Kanji: 「幻想哀歌(ムサベツ)の果て」
Homaji: Gensou Aika (Musabetsu) no Hate
Season: Second (Forte)
Episode: 11
Release date: 2010, 10 Dec
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The Extremes of Illusionary Lament (Indiscrimination) is the 11th episode of the second season of the Sora no Otoshimono Forte series.


Daedalus tries to prevent the danger coming through Tomoki's dreams, but he does not understand. He is more concerned about Ikaros being sick. Nymph remains at his bedside while he and Sohara go during while a typhoon approach. Nymph only with Ikaros realizes erasing memory and aunt chose. Au some high school, he talks about his dream and Eishiro quickly made the connection with Chaos.

Astraea, which glutton in the fridge club is sent to see what there is in the heart of artwork to see a Chaos has grandies. Ikaros tries to remember looking at the pictures in addition to the manipulation that Nymph has made. It is a pain to forget her master. Chaos claims to have learned a lot of "love" (suffering) in the deep ocean and now wants to learn to Astraea. Eishiro sends Tomoki in the world of his dreams with the machine Nymph. There he meets Daedalus true for the first time. Happy to meet him, she jumps on him and takes him in his laboratory. She shows him her three daughters in trouble with Chaos. He is the kid understands. She repents him a lock to hang Chaos. Tomoki, before suffering his Angeloïds friends, do not hesitate for a moment and runs to the rescue: "peace is there a better" Meanwhile, the Angeloïds fled. Together, they developed a plan that does not prove himself to the "love" of Chaos. Ikaros, always sick, do not have the strength to fight at the highest level, but love makes him Tomoki splurge, which leads to death.

Tomoki then arrives and instructs Ikaros not to die, and it can also give others it stands out as their masters too. His words restore wings to Angeloïds. Nymph hacks Chaos and frees everyone, and recovers at the same time its beautiful translucent wings. All in possession of their full potential will change the course of battle. Nymph hack weapons Astraea to make more power. They also give the advantage to her sisters in their dexterity. Chaos is thrashing. She thinks that suffering is the love of her big sisters. She eventually spread on the ground wishing that kills it for love. Tomoki arrives and he discovered a true feeling of love that knocks. He places him the lock and returns with Ikaros poorly developed, still sick. Chaos is carried by Astraea.

After a short rest, Ikaros wakes up in her best form and will drink ramune with other.