The Angel’s (Songstresses) Voices Resound in the Sky
Sora no Otoshimono Forte - ep08 013
Kanji: 「空に響く天使達(ウタヒメ)の声」
Homaji: Sora ni Hibiku Tenshi-tachi (Utahime) no Koe
Season: Second (Forte)
Episode: 8
Release date: 2010, 19 Nov
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The Angel’s (Songstresses) Voices Resound in the Sky is the 8th episode of the second season of the Sora no Otoshimono Forte series.


Nymph is wrecked by mental torture that made ​​him undergo Chaos. It uses images of Tomoki to crush. Ikaros comes to his rescue. Choas still takes the image of Tomoki to deceive and to use it against Nymph. However, it does not execute the order to destroy his sister to save her sent away. Chaos in the guise of Tomoki orders her to self-destruct by mutilating herself and she fait. Nymph lands in the mountains and is unable to get help, it must be said that without her wings she can not move fast. She comes across the forage mushrooms Astraea wants to help until his master ordered him to complete his "senpai." An order is an order, it must do, that includes Nymph well because of their status. Fortunately, Tomoki comes to stop and impose its vision that will put a deep disorder in the mind of the idiot fighter. They have their right to love, to have their desires, to be happy and have their free will. The master sends the other Astraea fight.

During his flight, think back to what she loves. Not supporting more orders that go against her thoughts, she snatches the link with his master and faced with Chaos. She can answer the question about what "love" as it says itself too silly for that. Stupid, but gifted in combat. Unfortunately, despite its speed and power, Chaos is a cut well above.

Astraea does not face such an opponent weight. This is Ikaros, recovering from his injuries, which takes the rest of the fight already very impressive to get a fight metal titans. Ikaros does not impress the little Chaos makes it even more powerful than its predecessor, its shape-shifters wings that give him a freedom that was not his sister. Playing all out, Ikaros decides to sacrifice himself by sending with Chaos at the bottom of an oceanic trench where the pressure is so much that nothing can resist. In their fall, in tears, gives his vision of "love," although nevertheless she does not know what it is, all she wants is to be with Tomoki, because without it his heart hurt him when he is not there. Ikaros is saved by the protection system of the vessel. Recovered by Astraea. Ikaros realizes she is like Chaos, she seeks the meaning of "love."

During the ending, Nymph and Tomoki fit together. A walk penalty on happy memories tinged song of nostalgia. Return home is cared for by Tomoki; Sohara, Ikaros, and Astraea then fall smashing the roof and are reprimanded by Tomoki.