Swimsuit Surf Brigade, Go! Go! Go!
Sora no Otoshimono - ep06 005
Kanji: 水着軍団(ナミギワ)GO!GO!GO!
Homaji: Namigiwa GO!GO!GO!
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Release date: November 8, 2009
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Swimsuit Surf Brigade, Go! Go! Go! is the 6th episode of the first season of Heaven's Lost Property


As Tomoki wakes up in the morning, he is again in a very strange situation, since a another Angeloid sits in his room, Nymph. At first they insulted him before Tomoki then realizes that he still has a trip to the beach in front of him, as Sohara, Sugata, and Mikako were waiting outside his house. Take Nymph with the same. Sohara had won this trip a day earlier, as Sugata and Mikako.

At the beach Nymph repeatedly shows her repellent behavior towards people, especially to Tomoki, such as during a volleyball game. Tomoki and Sohara are walking around and see a crowd of people. It is an eating contest, where Sugata looks to be winning. They leave him to it. Sohara goes to rent a boat.

Tomoki sees Nymph alone, and he offers her a hotdog and sits next to her. He then wonders where Ikaros is, which prompts Nymph to scan for her whereabouts. They find her underwater, and Tomoki goes to get her, but can not dive that deep, which leads to Ikaros saving him. Tomoki then decides to teach Ikaros how to swim, so she doesn't end up at the bottom of the ocean every time she goes out.

Sohara shows up with a boat ready to go out with Tomoki, but after seeing him with Ikaros, she leaves in a huff and decides to go by herself. As she's paddling out, she thinks back to a time where Tomoki tried to teach her how to swim. When she stops, she realizes that she drifted out, and let go of one of the paddles. Back on shore, Tomoki wonders where Sohara is, and they see her in the distance reaching for a paddle. She falls in the water and Tomoki jumps in to go and save her. Nymph decides to help also, and lifts Tomoki up and brings him to the drowning Sohara.

When Sohara is dragged up she thanks both Nymph and Tomoki for saving her, and they go back to the land. Tomoki says to everyone now that the drama is over they can have more fun, but then realizes that the sun is setting. Nymph tells Tomoki that he never said thanks to her, which he immediately does. He then takes Ikaros back to the water to see if she learned anything. Sohara gets upset and whacks him over and over.

Sugata then shows everybody that he won a hotel ticket from the eating contest. When Tomoki wakes up, he sees Ikaros on top of him, and he takes her to the hallway. He asks her why she's not in her room, to which she replies that as an Angeloid, she cannot sleep, so she patiently waits for Tomoki to wake up every night. Tomoki feels bad for her and takes her out for a walk on the beach, so she can stretch her wings. While walking they hear Nymph yell out.

Tomoki walks over and attempts to take Nymph away from 3 older boys, but only succeeds in turning their attention on bullying him. Ikaros shows up and grabs one of their hands and starts powering up. Tomoki yells at her to stop, and the boys run away in fear. Tomoki tells her off and the three walk off.

On the bus ride home, Tomoki apologizes to Ikaros for scolding her, with Nymph listening in the background. Tomoki than asks what Ikaros is going to do with the watermelon, as it is sure to be rotten by now. She doesn't reply and he just says that she looks cuter with it anyway.

In the ending scene, Tomoki is wondering if Ikaros got rusty when she was underwater, because he keeps hearing a weird sound when she moves. He then offers her some food, which she eats, and Tomoki notices she doesn't squeak anymore.

Tomoki's DreamEdit

Daedalus asks him how is the angel and warns him to be careful.


  • Ikaros still taking care of the chicks, which has now grown already to a chicken.

Ikaros adopted here from their first melon.