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Sorami High School is attended by the Human and later the Angeloid protagonists.


The school is divided into several large building complexes, surrounded by bushes, trees, and a fence. It has several club's including the "New World Discovery Club", the club room of which is one of the hang out of the protagonists.


It first appears in the first season of Sora no Otoshimono and is located in the small town of Sorami. Only five teachers are known.

Student Council

Part of the organization of the school includes a school president, a title which Mikako Satsukitane is currently wearing. Whether it was a good decision to choose Mikako as school president is unclear. It interrupts the lessons and insane events are often announced by the Intercom or during class time. But she does have a certain talent for organization and takes care of newbies like Astraea, Hiyori, and Tomoko. But her actions are not conclusive when it comes to, for example, someone like Eishiro, who jumped from the roof of the school with a glider. She did not do anything, because even if she asked him to come down, he won't listen and because she had taken out insurance in his name.


The premises of the school consists of various classrooms, the staff room, the club-room, locker rooms, the student council room, a music room, a canteen, and various storage rooms. The large playground is used for breaks.


As a small town, Sorami has few schools. Parents who can afford it, therefore, send their children to the Academy of Sorami. This school is the opponent to Sorami school, with the students of both schools sharing an intense rivalry. The middle and upper income class of the area sometimes ends up taking sides, should it come to clashes between the two schools.


Takehara Profilbild (1).png Matsuyama Taizou.png Naturwissenschaftslehrer (2).jpg Tadai Profilbild (2).jpg Englischlehrerin (1).png
Takehara Matsuyama Taizou Science Teacher Tadai English Teacher


  • Despite not being students, Ikaros and Nymph both attended classes by using Ikaros's cards to disguise themselves as transfer students.