Sorami is the small, fictional town where most of Heaven's Lost Property takes place. It is introduced in the first episode, "A 'Naked' Hero Arrives!", and is stated to house a population of roughly 7,000. Sorami is loosely based on the southern Japanese village Minamiaso, which is situated within the Aso Caldera, and houses a population of approximately 12,000. According to the series' protagonist, Tomoki Sakurai, there is not much to do in Sorami, and the town is not known for anything in particular. Regardless, Tomoki thoroughly enjoys living there, and goes to school every morning with his ​​neighbor and childhood friend, Mitsuki Sohara.


Tomoki's HouseEdit

Tomoki's house first appears in the first episode, A "Naked" Hero Arrives!, And is the place most often seen in the series. Tomoki's house is located next to that of Sohara. It does not seem too small or too large. A small swamp with poisons next to the residence. It also has a clothesline for drying clothes. At the end of the episode and until the fifth, the house was destroyed because of the huge explosion had caused the robot pants. Luckily, Mikako had her family repair it.

Sohara's HouseEdit

Right next to Tomoki's house, and in fact can be seen when they talk to each other out of their windows.

Mikako's HouseEdit

There is no information on where Mikako's house is, however we see it in the series in an episode where she invites them there while Tomoki's house is destroyed. It is a very large house and is constantly patrolled by mafia-like men, who are hired by the Satsukitane family.

Sugata's HouseEdit

The River/Sugata's current houseEdit

Maison Eishiro
The house Eishiro appears for the first time in the fourth episode, Love Triangles: Revisited and is next to a river. Bears often come along and try to steal food from Eishiro, although Eishiro seems to fight them back each time. This is also where Tomoki and his friends like to go to camp or if they want to contact. Astraea took refuge here for a while with Eishiro.

Public BathhouseEdit

The bathhouse appears for the first time in the eleventh episode, Let's go! My Paradise. Tomoki was offered to others to go to the public baths to change, but Sohara guessed his plan and confiscated the Ikaros cards that do nothing perverse. Later, he asks Eishiro help, but he wants to know anything, but insists Tomoki and told him that the "New World" is there. Interested, it gives him a card and he creates a machine that can turn into a girl. With that, he could go in the bathroom and girls to watch. But before that, Eishiro advised him to practice to become a girl and be more discreet, able to blend into the crowd.

Royfull RestaurantEdit

Royfull sohara tomoki
The restaurant appears for the first time in the eighth episode, the voice of the singers and the echo of the angels in heaven, and it is located in the city of Sorami. Sohara had Tomoki in this restore to discuss. Ikaros had seen from above and found that something was wrong. Another Tomoki was with Nymph, and she decided to take a closer look. It can also be seen in the movie when Ikaros and Hiyori went there to eat ice and talk about gardening. Ikaros wanted to make a watermelon garden with the help of Hiyori, who knew many plantations. Otherwise, it's a normal restaurant.

The MarketEdit

Le marché
The market first appears in the third episode, The First Order of Angeloid and is located in the small town of Sorami. There are many vegetable stand or other miscellaneous things. Ikaros was sent to market Eishirou to test its capabilities. This is where Ikaros found her melon and began to bring anywhere. For the recipe, Ikaros had to find onions, curry, meat, etc... She also found the little chick that Tomoki care home.

Satsukitane ResortEdit

Piscine Satsukitane
The pool Satsukitane appears in the Sora no Otoshimono OVA and belongs to the Satsukitane family. Tomoki was offered to other went to bath in the pool, but it was just to watch the girls in the locker room. He also ask Ikaros increase the flow of water to all bathing girls s'ôtent and can reveal their their breasts to the air. Of course, his plan worked and most was removing. Obviously, the pool is located in the city of Sorami.


The park first appears in the twelfth episode, the chain that prevents leakage, and is located in the small town of Sorami. Tomoki looked in a magazine to find a place, and found the amusement park as places. There he renda with Ikaros and Nymph. Some rides like the cup of tea in it and there is also a zoo to observe animals.


Temple Zen
The temple appears for the first time in the second episode of Sora no Otoshimono Forte and is located in the mountains near the town of Sorami. Tomoki wanted to train there, to learn to control his evil and calm down. It must surely be that only the monks there. There is also a waterfall to calm down more. This is also where Astraea appeared to prmière both Tomoki and begin to do this unnoticed and also pretend to lead to the priest.


Die Klippe (2)
The cliff appears the first and only time in the to anime movie series "Tokei Jikake no Angeloid" and is located in the mountains of the small town Sorami . However, there are in the first season of "Sora no Otoshimono" episode 9 "The story begins with a lie," a reference to this site. Because in this episode Tomoki Sakurai describes an environment that he had found at that time in the mountains of Sorami, but where all his friends finally left because it was too dangerous for them. While Tomoki told this, a photo was shown in the ascent to that place. But it has not been shown to what place it was. In the movie, the anime series, one learns, however, that it was at this cliff. From this place, you have a wonderful view of Sorami.

Is the favorite of Tomoki and Hiyori Kazane what Tomoki very surprised because he thought that besides him, no one would know the place. Hiyori could forget all the unpleasant things about this place if they enjoyed this view. Tomoki can remember why this place Hiyori also knew, however, again. She had back when both were very young, lost their hair accessories - the bells on tape. Tomoki again found these hair ornaments and gave them to her again. To comfort her, he showed her the cliff, where they enjoyed the beautiful view for the first time. The cliff is also one of the few places that Hiyori when she became the Angeloid Zeta spared.

Yamamura SupermarketEdit

Yamamura Supermarkt (1)
The Yamamura supermarket appears for the first time in the first season of "Sora no Otoshimono" episode 2 "Heavenly Romance" and is located in the small town Sorami. In his appearance, follow the club members, Ikaros and Mikako Satsukitane as much underwear as possible, decided to leave it there for buy Sohara Mitsuki, in the hope that there is at least one panties that Tomoki Sakurai encounters taste.

Cherry Blossom TreeEdit

The cherry blossom tree appears for the first time in the first season of "Sora no Otoshimono" episode 1 "A" naked "hero appears / awakens," and is located in the small town Sorami. It's a gigantic cherry tree that is over 400 years old. In the first episode, synapse flew at midnight over the tree. Eishirou Sugata, Tomoki Sakurai, and Sohara Mitsuki agreed to meet there to watch the mysterious black hole (the new world). But Tomoki was the only one who appeared at the venue, as the others were prevented from arriving on time. Eishirou warned him by phone before to stay there, because the hole was right above him and the tree. But Tomoki could not react as quickly. There were debris from the hole, including an Angeloid named Ikaros. In this event, nothing happened the cherry blossom tree. It is the place where Ikaros and Astraea appeared for the first time.
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