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Sohara Mitsuki
Kanji: 見月 そはら
Romaji: Mitsuki Sohara
Others: Sohara-san (by Tomoki)
Age: 16 (subject to change)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Student
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyū: Mina
English Voice: Trina Nishimura

Sohara Mitsuki (見月 そはら, Mitsuki Sohara?)


Sohara is very cocky and rather clumsy (which often gets her in a lot of perverted situations with Tomoki). Even though she hits Tomoki with her "Karate-chops of Doom" repeatedly, she actually thinks Tomoki is really sweet and kind which shows that she has a great heart. Tomoki was her only friend as a child, and the only one who went to her birthday party several years ago.

She is gullible. When she wishes that whatever panties Tomoki looks at explodes, he easily tricks her into turning around by saying that there's a bug on her wall so he could look at her panties so that they too would explode with her still wearing them. He calls her a "dumb-ass." for falling for such a trick.


Sohara is a teenage girl of average height, sporting long brown hair, which is usually kept in a pony tail held by a ribbon. She has large brown eyes, and massive breasts. Her measurements are Bust: 93 cm, Waist: 59 cm and Hips: 84 cm. She stands 158 cm tall (5'2) and weighs 49 kg (108 lbs). Despite her 93 cm bust, Sohara is actually smaller than Astraea, due difference in cup size. In this regard Sohara is actually on same size as Ikaros, while Astraea is at least two sizes bigger, as can be seen in official comparison. Overall the size of her breasts are described as "Explosive".


Sohara "Doom" mode

On any one morning, Sohara enters the room to wake Tomoki for school, but upon pulling the covers, she is faced with an erection, which makes her apply the famous martial arts blow on Tomoki, making him stand up quickly. On the walk to school, she continued berating Tomoki, calling him an idiot and a pervert. Later on they notice a crowd in front of the school and quickly appears someone saying that one of the students was going to jump from the building of the school. 

They look closely and find it Eishirou Sugata, President of the New World Discovery Club. Suddenly, he jumps off the school and falling in the forest.

After entering the room, Sohara notes that Tomoki ate in the middle of the room and fell asleep soon after. At lunchtime she tries to wake him up, succeeding, he lifts his head and shows an expression of amazement. She asks if he'd had that dream again, he denies it and says it can not be normal and reveals that he had been having this dream since was a child, so she got the idea to ask Sugata if he could explain what was was. Tomoki refuses and she accepts, but she raises her hand with a symbol karate, which causes him to quickly change his mind and they go to the club room. Sugata says he had no interest in the subject and shows a map for them, without understanding much, she gets down and wait until he finished speaking, after that, they schedule to meet the Sakura tree at night, but she can not go, because her mother did not allow her to leave so late.

Sohara is Tomoki's childhood friend who lives across the road from him, often going to his house in the morning to wake him up. As a child she was constantly ill and thus had few friends. She is continually jealous of Tomoki's relationships with the various Angeloids and generally acts on this jealousy by "Karate-Chopping" Tomoki. She also does that whenever he's being perverted in her presence, as well as in various other situation when his behavior goes 'out of hand'.

She is also quite obviously in love with Tomoki and her chest always seem to grow bigger throughout the episodes/chapters (in one of the chapters, Tomoki commented that he knew all her measurements down to the last centimetre).

Sohara Appearance

Apparently, her dreams may sometimes involve her and Tomoki together in many different provocative situations. These include being in the bath together, which suggests that she actually likes it when Tomoki is perverted, but only if she is involved in the situation. However, she is very ashamed of these dreams and when Nymph accidentally sends Sugata and Tomoki into her dreams, she is not above landing her signature "Karate-Chop Of Doom" on both of them to keep her dream a secret. She sometimes goes to Mikako's side when wanting to punish Tomoki due to him offending her greatly some time earlier (usually something perverted). She is depicted to be a horrible cook, as one of her fried eggs with ominous aura was able to put Astraea in a death-like state.

"Erased" by The Synapse in Chapter 72.

Brought back in chapter 77.


Sohara waiting for her friends on her birthday but no one came

Sohara is Tomoki's childhood friend and lived across the road. Since she moved to near Tomoki's house, her health is always weak. Which made her have to stay at home all day long. Only Tomoki, her neighbor, comes to her house and plays tricks on her everyday which is her best friend.

On her birthday, she has been waiting in front of her house but no one come which made she feel sad and lonely. After that, when she came back to her room, she saw Tomoki was eating her cake by climbing from his roof to her room. Tomoki said her cake is delicious which her mom had bought for her birthday. Then Tomoki gave her some of his grandfather 's orange seed as present and said "Happy birthday" to her. She was standing for a moment then cried. According to Sohara, she never forgot that day, the birthday which made Tomoki her best friend and secret love.

Tomoki is the only one who came to Sohara's birthday

This event which makes Tomoki become Sohara 's chosen one

Tomoki eating Sohara's birthday cake

"Spartan Training"

Sohara can't finish "Karate-chop training"

One of the most scary skills of Sohara's - "The karate-chop of Doom" which makes Tomoki scared, was awakened accidentally by Tomoki when they were children.

Tomoki the victim and the creator of Sohara's "Karate-chop of Doom"

When Sohara is a child, she can't finish the Karate-chop practice so Tomoki start a "Spartan Training"-as he called, for her which is the largest mistake of his life and link to the string of Tomoki's pain nowadays. This is also why Tomoki hates puppy printed panties.

Beach Romantic Scene

Tomoki and Sohara romance scene on the beach

In Episode 5 of Season 1, Tomoki and Sohara are abandoned on an Island owned by the Satsukitane family because Tomoki entered their prohibited outdoor bath in their house.They lived together happily on that island until Ikaros returned and used her radar to find the others.

This scene can be seen as one of the most romantic scenes of Tomoki and Sohara.

The Past Revealed in the Manga

Sohara is actually Daedalus, but due to very weak health she died when Tomoki was young and she was erased by Synapse.

Tomoki doesn't remember her and never realized that she replaced herself with a clone, but every time he sees Daedalus in his dreams he wakes up crying.

After Daedalus "wakes up", she sends her clone (Sohara), and later Ikaros, Nymph, Astraea, to Tomoki and asks him to take care of them and make them happy.


Chibi scene of Sohara and Tomoki Ep 6

Tomoki teaches Sohara swimming

Tomoki Sakurai - Childhood Friend and love interest (and punching bag).



Sohara unable to say apple correctly and pronounces it as Ap-woo.

  • Sohara is good at wrestling.
  • Sohara is not skilled at cooking.
  • She often calls Tomoki "Tomo-chan", showing their closeness.
  • Sohara is bad at English as she unable to say apple correctly and pronounces it as Ap-woo.
    • In the English dub however, Sohara is bad in Spanish, as she pronounces Man-za-na as Man-zai-na.
  • Sohara can't swim and nearly drowned in one episode but luckily, Tomoki was there to rescue her.
  • The real Sohara (the child) is Daedalus. The Sohara we see throughout the series is a clone created by her so Tomoki won't forget her.
  • Sohara Combo

    When and where and the amount visually shown of Sohara's flashback about her first birthday in Sorami city is different in the anime from the manga.
  • On the Shooting contest in the manga, Sohara instead of wanting to spend the 10 million on trips with Tomoki like in the anime she starts asking him how much groceries she can with it and how much it is.