Queen of the Sky
Sora no Otoshimono - ep13 008
Kanji: スカイの女王
Homaji: Sukai no joō
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Release date: December 27, 2009
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Queen of the Sky is the 13th episode of the first season of Heaven's Lost Property


The Interceptor Angeloids, Type Gamma - the Harpies - want the Uranus Queen, to destroy Ikaros because Minos considered Nymph as being too incompetent. He could lie to her about the Harpies, however, that he would make Nymph worry and that he would be without them alone. She believes these lies also, just like that she should convince Ikaros continue to come back to the synapse, while the harpies give only backing with Prometheus at the ready, should it go badly.

Tomoki meanwhile, is shopping for the Christmas after. Ikaros and Sohara bake a cake and decorate. Mikako and Sugata get now a tree. Ikaros memories come up with a certain photo and decides that she must go and flies off to say goodbye to her master Tomoki. Tomoki is shocked and drops all purchases, while Ikaros dismissing soars into the sky.

When flying Ikaros receives a signal from Nymph and flies directly to her and in the case of the Harpies, was still not set by the Nymph in knowledge. You miss a shot with Ikaros Prometheus, but no direct hits. Nymph can not believe it. Shortly before the harpies can kill Ikaros is a Nymph their ability paradise song and saves them from the Harpies, but only dodge and then you pull the wings.

Ikaros has since come to her senses and can no longer watch what the Harpies do to Nymph. In this moment, Tomoki shows up with the others who were desperately looking for the two Angeloids.

Ikaros has no choice and activates the Uranus Queen mode, in the belief that Tomoki will hate her for it. She apologizes for Tomoki that she had lied to him because she was not a pet class, but a strategic Angeloid. Tomoki only replies that he already knew it, but it unfair to think that such a warm and sweet girl who was born to be a murder weapon. Ikaros touched it so much that she begins to cry. Tomoki adds that he is glad that Ikaros is a weapon , because they could now save their friends.

A fierce battle ensues between Ikaros and the Harpies, but thanks to Aegis and Uranus have no chance. You have to pull back. Meanwhile, Tomoki and the others made ​​it Nymphs chain to shatter, it is separated from her master. She is so moved that she starts crying because her friends would have been willing to die for them, since their bomb could explode at the neck at any time.

Then they celebrate Christmas at home all together and also the birthday of the two Angeloids. Tomoki then gets up and tells them that he always wants them with him, and never wants to lose them. He then gives them each an orange seed. Sohara than gets mad, since she got an orange seed on her birthday as well, but was interrupted when not only Nymph smiled, but Ikaros as well. Everyone stared in shock, and Tomoki urged her to do it again, to which she stared blankly at them and stated 'laughing'. Tomoki hit her over the head with a newspaper and they all had fun for the rest of the party.

Tomoki's DreamEdit

Daedalus wants Tomoki to save the two angels, because they are trapped in the sky.