Oregano anime.png
Kanji: オレガノ
Romaji: Oregano
Others: Mini-Ikaros
Generation: First
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Master: Mikako Satsukitane
Type: Omicron
Class: Medical Specialist
Wing Type: medical
Occupation: None
Debut (Manga): Chapter 24
Debut (Anime): Episode 5
Appears in: Manga, Anime, Movie (Opening)
Seiyuu: Unknown
English Voice: Unknown

Oregano (オレガノ, , oregano?) is a Medical Specialist Angeloid (医学の専門医エンジェロイド, , igaku no senmon'i enjeroido?), tagged along with Sugata when he was returning from a "Dive Game," and managed to follow him back to Earth through the dive game.


Oregano puts on a facade of innocence and cluelessness, or split personality. Her personality is similar to Ikaros, which prompts Tomoki to coin the nickname "Mini-Ikaros." Behind the back of Tomoki and most others, Oregano subjects Nymph to various kinds of torture just as her master does when she's alone, even going as far as to drop a number of grenades after trapping her in a cell (which subsequently do explode on her) while making it look like Nymph was the one bullying her. Thus at present, she is not on good terms with Nymph while appearing as a quiet and innocent Angeloid to all others. She appears to favor Tomoki, and seems to respect Ikaros. It was later revealed that her unfriendly act toward Nymph is because back when she was in Synapse, Nymph would once a while go to their town and sing to release her sadness; however her singing skills are so bad that it caused a lot of Oregano's companions to become comatose. Nymph even used her hacking abilities to make the Oregano Angeloids to kneel on the floor and listen to her singing. They even tried to escape out of town when Nymph visited.


At first, First Generation Medical Specialist Angeloid Oregano has the appearance of a teenage girl wearing a simple medical outfit, complete with a nurse's hat. She goes through a major overhaul in appearance and personality shortly after Mikako takes her under her wing. Following her adoption by her newest master, Oregano wears simple kimono robes, complete with sandals, and with some modifications from her master's powerful Yakuza family, gains the ability to speak to others.


Eishiro discovers Oregano.

Oregano first makes her appearance in the Sora no Otoshimono manga when the eccentric Eishiro Sugata of the New World Discovery Club performs another one of his short adventures on Synapse with the help of Nymph's powerful Quantum Converter. Eishiro is exploring a suburb-like level of Synapse that features many silent Angeloids that are busy performing chores up and down the area that he is looking around. As expected, the cruel Harpies, the twin servants of the wicked Man of Synapse who are tasked with capturing the invading Eishiro on each occasion that he visits Synapse, make their appearance at his location and prepare to capture him for their master. Knowing that it is time to go back to Sorami, Eishiro enters the special dimensional portal that is created by the Quantum Converter down on Earth and leaves the two frustrated Harpies behind, who are enraged that their target had once again gotten away from them. Back at his modest campsite that he currently lives at next to the local river in the thick forests outside of Sorami, Eishiro hardly has time to breathe a sigh of relief before he notices a odd tugging on his sleeve. Intrigued as to what it could be, Eishiro turns around and comes face to face with one of the many silent Angeloids that had been performing chores back in the area of Synapse that he had been exploring. Alarmed by this development and the fact that he has unknowingly brought another Angeloid from Synapse back down to Earth, Eishiro takes the puzzled Angeloid with him to Tomoki Sakurai's house in order to discuss the sudden, unexpected development.

Tomoki flips out... literally.

Tomoki, expecting to enjoy a somewhat peaceful day at home with the three Angeloids that currently live with him at his house, is stunned when Eishiro brings in the Angeloid along with his neighbor Sohara Mitsuki and friend Mikako Satsukitane inside of his house. Unsure as to what is exactly going on, Tomoki demands to know as to where this newest Angeloid has come from, in which Eishiro tells him exactly what had happened in his latest trip to explore Synapse. Afterwards, Angeloid Ikaros and the other Angeloids determine that this particular Angeloid that followed Eishiro home is the "Medical Specialist Angeloid Oregano" model, being more of what is typically called a robot than a true Angeloid. Naturally, Eishrio and the others decide that since Tomoki already lives with three other Angeloids, that it should be his responsibility to take care of the newest arrival, which sends the frustrated Tomoki into a furious rage. Throwing the table that they were sitting around sprawling across the room in utter disgust, Tomoki rants about having to take care of another "troublesome" Angeloid, saying that he absolutely refuses to take care of her since it will cause him nothing but trouble. It is then when the usually heartless and uncaring Mikako volunteers to take in the newest Angeloid under her wing, which shocks Tomoki and the others, who are blown away by her sudden interest in Oregano.

Mikako "torturing" Oregano.

After some time, Tomoki begins to become worried as to what has become of Angeloid Oregano, since he knows that Mikako has a twisted, sadistic personality and has the potential to do terrible things to her new servant. After envisioning some of the terrible things that Mikako could be doing to the hapless Oregano, both Tomoki and the worried Nymph rush over to Mikako's residence in order to ensure that she is safe from danger, with Nymph blasting the front doors away with her powerful Paradise Song beam. To their shock and surprise, they find Oregano waiting for them just inside of the destroyed doorway, wearing a flower-print kimono instead of the usual white medical outfit that she had been wearing when she first arrived on Earth with Eishiro. She greets the two of them kindly, speaking to them for the first time and causing both Tomoki and Nymph to freak out due to the fact that Oregano did not possess the ability to talk when they first met her roughly a week ago. She invites them inside of her master's home and into the guest room so that the three of them can enjoy each others company together in conversation. Tomoki, who recovers from the shock of Oregano speaking for the first time to them, heads off to the washroom to "relieve" himself while Nymph and Oregano look at each other with indifferent eyes, a cold tension building between the two Angeloids as without warning, Oregano begins verbally abusing the surprised Nymph. Outraged by the things that Oregano is calling her (particularly "Flat Chest"), Nymph begins smacking Oregano around, and it is at this time that Tomoki returns to the room and is shocked to find the furious Nymph beating up on the "hapless" Oregano. Oregano distracts Tomoki several more times in order to get him out of the room so that she can verbally spar with Nymph, trying to get Tomoki to care about her and to see Nymph as a downright rude fool. When he leaves the room, she resumes her abuse of the furious Nymph and instantly acts different whenever Tomoki returns to the room, in each case finding a more and more enraged Nymph smacking Oregano around.

Nymph's wrath begins.

When Tomoki is distracted by the possibility of seeing the changing room of the geisha servants, Nymph catches on to Oregano's plan to make her look bad in Tomoki's eyes and tells her rival that she will not stoop to her level, in which Oregano proceeds to verbally abuse the one part of Nymph's psyche that she can not tolerate: by using harsh words to trash her small breasts. Finally pushed over her limit and blinded by pure, unadulterated rage at Oregano for verbally trashing her petite body, Nymph engages her Type Beta Electronic Warfare powers and when the unsuspecting Tomoki returns to the room, he comes across the wrath of Nymph, who demands him to tell her just "which Angeloid has the bigger breasts?". Not knowing what has transpired between the two Angeloids, Tomoki foolishly picks Oregano as the one with the larger breasts, which sends Nymph over the deep end with her searing rage and with a punishing hit, smashes Tomoki with a brutal strike. Ready to engage her rival in battle, Nymph turns to face off against the unfazed Oregano and charges forward to attack, preparing to launch her powerful Paradise Song beam. Much to her surprise, Oregano tugs on a rope and it opens a secret trap door beneath where Nymph's feet are, sending her crashing down into a black pit underneath the room. Not caring about what happens anymore, Nymph uses her wings to fly out of the pit and gives chase to the fleeing Oregano, chasing her across the courtyard outdoors until her target comes to a stop next to a tree. Before Nymph can reach her, Oregano once again activates another trap door that sends her rival crashing down into a concrete pit that is hidden underneath the area. Getting careless about the traps her opponent is using, Nymph begins to fly up towards the top of the trap, but is stopped when Oregano activates the second stage of the trap by sealing off the opening with thick metal bars.

Now trapped, the hapless Nymph is assaulted by a large number of slippery frogs and black eels that Oregano dumps down into the pit on top of her. Freaking out in regards to her plight, Nymph struggles to keep the eels and frogs from getting under her thin clothing, but is hit on the head by a small metal object. Looking over to see what hit her, Nymph is shocked to see that it was a frag grenade that had hit her on her forehead, the pin removed and the mechanism inside ticking away. From above, Oregano dumps roughly a dozen more armed grenades down into the pit before turning around and walking away from the area. Bracing herself, Oregano crouches low to the ground and covers her ears as with a massive bang, the entire area behind her detonates in a massive explosion that the hapless Nymph did not manage to escape from. Looking at the smoldering remains of the pit, Oregano takes out a small hammer and smacks it against her head several times to make it look like Nymph had hit her multiple times just as Tomoki comes to after enduring the punishing hit that Nymph had given him. Oregano tells him that Nymph hit her and flew home in a rage, which gets Tomoki to feel bad for her and thus succeeds in getting attention from him. Later that day, the soot-covered and battered figure of Nymph comes back to Tomoki's house, at a total loss for words as to what happened earlier in the day. She vows to one day get revenge upon Oregano, no matter how long it will take her to succeed.

Oregano gives Nymph a "thumbs-down".

Later on in the story, Mikako Satsukitane decides to hold a special fighting tournament that pits the Angeloids against each other to see just who is the best Angeloid on Earth. At first, Ikaros, Nymph, and Tomoki are skeptical of Mikako's latest attempt at getting them involved in one of her ploys, but their attitude towards it changes when Oregano changes Nymph's name to "Seaweed" on the championship leader board and Ikaros realizes that Tomoki longs for the grand prize: the upper portion of a busty female mannequin that he can use to display his stash of bras, and panties with. Astraea, not knowing exactly what is going on due to her extreme airhead nature, decides that she too will join in on the competition since it gives her something to do. Round One features Ikaros vs Astraea, but the anticipated match between the two powerful Angeloids ends rapidly after Ikaros uses her extreme speed and devastating long-range attacks in order to crush the hapless Astraea from halfway across the globe. Round Two features the bitter rivalry between the irritated Nymph and the determined Oregano, who seeks to crush her opponent and thus win the entire tournament for her master. Nymph charges forward for her attack, but is brutally crushed by Oregano's extreme use of high-powered weaponry that she accessed from Mikako's powerful Yakuza organization. The match ends with Oregano giving the defeated Nymph the "thumbs down" gesture as she walks away, triggering a massive explosion from a high-powered explosive that ensures that her opponent will not rise. The final match arrives, with the #1 seed Ikaros facing off against the #4 seed Oregano in the deciding match, but it too ends rapidly after Oregano forfeits the match mere moments into the battle due to her realizing that no matter what she used against Ikaros, it would not affect her at all.

Tomoki catches Ikaros.

Coming upon Sohara, Nymph, Astrea and Ikaros all distressed from Tomoki's severe wounds, Oregano swats Nymph aside for attempting to get Tomoki to a hospital. After analyzing his wounds she knows that trying to get him to a hospital would certainly kill him. After reminding them of her primary purpose she then prepares to help Tomoki. She then begins to use her skills to mend his battered body. She generates Type O blood to replace the blood he's lost, mends his severe chest wound, and then as a side note, says that he has two cavities and wonders if she should fix them.


Advanced Medical System
P013.jpg Being a specialist in healthcare, Oregano has many artifacts for any surgical operations.


  • Nymph - Oregano hates Nymph because in Synapse, Nymph would always force the Oregano Angeloids to listen to her sing.
  • Ikaros - Oregano's attitude seems to be in sync with Ikaros. They are on good terms.
  • Mikako - Master and teacher.
  • Tomoki Sakurai -  Oregano is kind to Tomoki, but becomes abusive to Nymph when Tomoki is not around.


  • Oregano puts on a facade of innocence and cluelessness, or split personality, much like the personality of Ikaros, which prompts Tomoki to coin the nickname "Mini-Ikaros".
  • Oregano called Nymph names such as flat chest, seaweed, and scrapheap.
  • Both Oregano and Mikako appeared on the Synapse's core with the corpse of Sugata (after being killed by an Ikaros Melan).
  • Its possible Oregano made a slight noise when Sugata and Sohara discovered her in episode 5 forte


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