Lady at Nursing Home
Old lady
Kanji: 老人ホームで老婆
Romaji: Old lady at nursing home
Others: none
Age: Old(?)
Gender: Female
Species: Human / Possible Angel
Occupation: Supporting Character
Debut (Manga): (?)
Debut (Anime): Episode 8
Appears in: Anime
Seiyū: (?)
English Voice: (?)

Lady at Nursing Home (老人ホームで老婆) is one of 7 fallen contestants in the first survival game at a summer festival.


She is an old lady with short grey hair and pink glasses. She is seen with two hand pistols. She teamed up with the green grocer lady, Fishmonger Guy, and some of girls in Tomoki class to form the "anti-Tomoki" team in the Survival Game


Tomoki refers to her as the "old lady at the nursing home". She changed diapers for Tomoki when he was an infant. With two pistols and the skills to use them, she became Tomoki's nightmare.

Although she had leg pains, the 10 million in cash offered by Mikako was more than enough to motivate her into participating in the survival game..


Old lady2

Skillfully using Dual Pistol

 The old woman is rather aggressive and mildly crazed, not at all hesitant to shoot down anyone in her way to a large cash prize.


Old lady5

Taken down by Sugata's headshot

 *Tomoki Sakurai - Enemy


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