Off We Go To My Bathouse Paradise
Sora no Otoshimono - ep11 008
Kanji: いざ征かん! 我が銭湯領域(パラダイス)
Homaji: Iza Yukan! Waga Paradaisu
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Release date: December 13, 2009
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Off We Go To My Bathhouse Paradise is the 11th episode of the first season of the Heaven's Lost Property


Sugata explained in this episode about Joan of Arc, which was then disguised herself as a man and what that has to do with the "New World".

This episode will revolve around a quantum transformer for a short time allows Tomoki a design change. He wants to turn into a girl in order to get into the women's bath. No-one would of course help him, except perhaps Sugata , as he falls for a trick of Tomoki, which concerns his weak point: the New World. After they found out that the girls not get suspicious, Tomoki may as Tomoko go a step further and thus with the other girls in the women's bath. Here are Mikako and Sohara. Tomoki has of course only one goal - to satisfy his perverted fantasies - but gets too much of it and turned back, because he is too excited. Sohara course missed him for a beat, the time catapulted him to the sky.

Ikaros fighting, meanwhile, still the fact that she actually is a walking weapon and Tomoki had not been disclosed, although she feels it necessary. She tries to tell him, in the belief that Tomoki they will hate it. However, before she can say anything, Tomoki lets them know that it is okay to have secrets and that they can talk to him about it when she's ready. She touched so deeply that she starts to cry.

At the end you can still see the master of the synapse, who has decided to eliminate Nymph.