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Kanji: ニンフ
Romaji: Ninfu
Others: β (Beta)
Generation: First
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Height: 139 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Master: Master of Synapse (former)

Tomoki Sakurai

Type: β (Beta)
Class: Electronic Warfare
Wing Type: Not Variable, Stealth
Occupation: Student
Debut (Manga): Chapter 9
Debut (Anime): Episode 6
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyuu: Iori Nomizu
English Voice: Kara Edwards

Nymph (ニンフ, ninfu?) is an Electronic Warfare Angeloid Type β (Beta) (電子戦用エンジェロイドタイプβ(ベータ), Denshi-sen-yō enjeroidotaipu β (bēta)?), is one of the characters from the Sora no Otoshimono series who mysteriously appears in Tomoki's house, originally being tasked with returning Ikaros back to the Synapse.


She is condescending toward humans, whom she refers to as "bugs." She soon develops feelings for Tomoki and later confesses to him. After the Harpies attempt to kill her, she betrays Synapse and assists Tomoki, having moved into his home thereafter. Her wings were torn off by the Harpies and it bothered her greatly. They regrew when she accepts Tomoki as her new master; however, in her delight at having her wings regrown, she forgets about the Imprinting process and finds it extremely difficult to broach the subject to Tomoki. By her own admission, it is not a difficult task, but she feels embarrassed enough to eventually back out of asking. She eventually asks Tomoki to allow her to Imprint on him, but he refuses, claiming that he wants her to live freely, not understanding her way of life and point of view.

Nymph is a sweet tooth; her appearances mostly show her snacking on chips and other junk food. She has a penchant for watching soap operas. In her new daily life after moving to Tomoki's house, she experiences many of the joys of the human world that are new to her in a cheerful, childish way, fitting her appearance. She refers to the other Angeloids by their types rather than their names (i.e. Ikaros→Alpha). Due to her Angeloid settings, she is an intellectual genius.

She is sometimes depicted as more spiteful than most other people, to the extent of being almost sadistic against those she believes to be lower. For instance, during her time in Synapse after receiving one of the frequent punishments from Minos, she goes to sing in front of Oregano's sisters, evidently damaging them. She never displays any remorse for acts like this, revealing a darker side of her.


Nymph's character design.

Nymph is shorter in comparison to the other Angeloids. She has long blue hair, which is styled in twin-pigtails with bangs that fall irregularly against her relatively pale skin. She has ultramarine eyes and eyebrows that are in the same powder blue as her hair.

On several occasions within the story arcs - especially in the first season, she has been called "cute" and is clearly thought of as being very attractive, evidenced mostly in The Brainy, Heart-Pounding Transfer Students with her companion and friend, Ikaros, and then again in the second season with Astraea; both of her brethren are called "ridiculously attractive" by Sohara.

Her body is built differently than most other Angeloids, with slightly disproportioned hips and thighs that are much more pronounced against her otherwise small build. Her collar is also very different than that of other Angeloids because it is not only thicker than her neck and around the same width as her head, covering all of her neck, but is also much bulkier and nowhere near as fitted as most other collars seen on the other Angeloids. It is colored black with white outline.

Her wings are not feathers; rather, they are more like the iridescent wings of an insect, with hues varying anywhere between the colors of purple and green. She usually wears an extremely short dress with black, vertical stripes going down the front ending at her thighs, and white gloves that go up to the elbows. She wears a cape of two colors, white on the outside and salmon on the inside, that is split into many slitted rectangles, and shoulder pads. Nymph also wears high boots that are mainly white but change to a coal color that go up to her thighs; there are two thin strips of white cloth connecting her boots and the main article of clothing she wears. She also never wears panties. Her measurements are: a bust of 72 cm, a waist of 45 cm, and hips of 68 cm. Her height is 139 cm (4'7") and she weighs 29 kilograms (63.8 lbs).

Character Plot

Nymph corners Ikaros before hacking into her system.

In the mysterious world of the Synapse, the Man of Synapse summons one of his personal servants, an "Electronic Warfare: Type Beta" Angeloid by the name of Nymph. He asks of her to go down to Earth to "retrieve" Ikaros for him. He wishes to extract the extremely rare and valuable wings that she possesses (the fabled Variable Type Wings, which possess special abilities and allow for precise flying) and to bring back Ikaros to become one of his "possessions". Nymph sets off to Sorami to locate and intercept Ikaros for extraction, but is hampered by the fact that Ikaros has become linked to Tomoki and how weak compared to Ikaros she is (she excels at hacking and stealth, but her overall strength is severely lacking compared to her target). It is when Nymph hacks into Ikaros' systems, unlocking the restraints on the emotional controls that render Ikaros so submissive towards others, that things turn ugly. Unknown to Nymph, the restraints on the emotional controls also control the ability for Ikaros to utilize her ultra-powerful Uranus Queen mode, and with nothing to stop it from being accessed, Ikaros activates it. Nymph, who fails to realize this, comes face-to-face with an enraged Ikaros, who draws one of her powerful energy arrows, and aims her Apollon bow at her. With no chance to succeed in her mission or to achieve victory, Nymph retreats to Synapse to inform her master of her failure.

Back on the palace grounds in Synapse, Nymph makes her way inside to her irritated master, who is displeased with the her continued failures and calls her a "junk" servant. He has her tell him what she treasures most; she replies that it is a rare and beautiful songbird she has found and taken care of. Grinning, he orders her to kill the bird before him to prove her loyalty. When she hesitates in response to his cruel order, he forces her to destroy her beautiful songbird with her own bare hands before kicking her head with his foot, taking pleasure in her tears. As a final act of his malice upon her, he attaches a time-delayed bomb collar around her neck, which will detonate if she takes too long to recover Ikaros or if he wishes for her to die.

Nymph returns to Tomoki's house in order to get close to her target Ikaros again, but over time she starts to develop feelings for Tomoki and becomes good friends with Ikaros. Seeing how nicely Tomoki and his friends treat Ikaros and herself, Nymph cannot bring herself to carry out her orders and does not carry out her mission. She decides to enjoy the last few days of freedom since the explosive collar around her neck nears the day of detonation her tyrannical master had programmed into it. With less than a 1/4th of the bar remaining on the timer, the eventual detonation draws near for Nymph. Seeing that Nymph will not carry out his orders as he commanded, the Man of Synapse turns to his two loyal Angeloid servants by the name of Harpies to help "persuade" Nymph to finish her mission and please her master once and for all. The two Harpies venture down to Earth from Synapse, stalking Nymph from a distance, observing the movements and behaviors of both her and their master's target: Ikaros. The two Harpies eventually confront Nymph and use their skills of deception to trick her into a plan that involves bringing the unknowing Ikaros to a pre-determined location so they can capture her and return to their master. They also lie to her that their master back in Synapse would be pleased with her if she succeeded, which convinces her to follow through with their scheme. While the two Harpies leave and prepare the trap, Nymph returns to Tomoki's house and asks Ikaros to join her to see a most beautiful cherry tree that is in full bloom. The two of them set off, leaving the house before Tomoki and the others return from Christmas shopping in town.

When the two Angeloids arrive at the cherry tree at the foot of the mountains, the two Harpies (hidden from Ikaros by a special shield that makes them invisible to everyone) await the perfect moment to strike. Using their powerful Prometheus cannons, they fire a massive blast of energy at the unsuspecting Ikaros, striking her with such force that it shears off one of her pink wings and knocks her out cold. Nymph, shocked by what the Harpies have done to Ikaros, demands to know why they attacked her so brutally. The Harpies clue Nymph in on their real assignment from their master in Synapse, and prepare to depart with Ikaros's limp body. Horrified at what the Harpies true intentions are, and how brutally the Harpies attacked Ikaros, Nymph launches her mighty Paradise Song attack, taking the two Harpies by surprise with a powerful blast of rainbow-colored energy that carves a swath of destruction before her. To Nymph's horror, both Harpies escaped her attack with minor energy burns, and they turn their full brutality upon the hapless Nymph. They pin her to the ground and proceed to rip both of her wings out, taking twisted pleasure in the screams of agony Nymph releases as she struggles to stay alive. Behind them, the lifeless form of Ikaros starts to stir as her systems recover from the surprise attack that had knocked her out moments ago. Tomoki, Sohara, Eishirou, and Mikako, who have been looking for the two Angeloids after discovering them to be missing earlier, arrive at the site of the fight and are shocked to see a battered Ikaros on the ground, while the two Harpies continue to harass Nymph. Ikaros, still shaken from the vicious attack moments ago, prepares to activate her ultimate power: the unstoppable Uranus Queen program.

The Harpies divert their attention to the group of humans and Ikaros behind them, surprised that she was able to recover from their attack so quickly. Nymph, shocked as to what Tomoki and his friends will think of Ikaros if she uses her Uranus Queen mode in front of them, implores Ikaros not to use it. But Ikaros activates Uranus Queen mode with Tomoki's approval and repairs her injuries. The Harpies, realizing their end is near, both fire their Prometheus cannons at Ikaros, but their shots are effortlessly deflected by the Aegis Shield that protects Ikaros during her Uranus Queen mode.

Meanwhile, Tomoki and his friends desperately try to free Nymph from her master's chain of servitude around her neck, which will activate the explosive collar and kill Nymph in mere minutes. After several minutes of struggling, they manage to break the chain of servitude with a spare axe that Eishiro had in his possession, thus freeing Nymph from servitude to the Master of Synapse. Knowing that they have no chance against their enemy, the Harpies try to escape from the wrath of the now-unstoppable Ikaros, firing quick blasts from their Prometheus cannons in a feeble attempt to slow her down. Undeterred by their attempts to hinder her pursuit of them, Ikaros summons her ultimate attack, the powerful Hephaestus spaceship armed with dozens of powerful energy cannons, locking-on to the two stunned Harpies and fires. With a massive beam of energy so powerful that it can be seen from space, the two Harpies are blasted all of the way back to Synapse, lucky enough not to be vaporized in the blast. With her enemies gone and her friends safe, Ikaros returns to her normal mode.

Forte Arc

Hiyore Kazane Arc

Melan Arc

Synapse Arc


In the end, Nymph had re-done the imprinting process with Minos in order to re-activate the bomb implanted in her collar. This was in order to destroy Zeus and all the Ikaros Melans. In her final thoughts, Nymph remembers marriage can only occur between one man and one woman and leaves Tomoki to Ikaros. Thinking about her life as an Angeloid, she would have rather had Tomoki as a Master if she could re-start everything.

In chapter 77, Nymph and the others are alive again because of Tomoki's wish. They now live a normal life and also accept Chaos into the family.

Abilities and Weapons

She specializes in her incredible hacking abilities and impressive stealth modes that allow her to gain the tactical advantage against her enemies in both battle and on special missions though she is much weaker in combat compared to the other Angeloids shown in the story arcs. Unlike Ikaros, Nymph can fully conceal her wings by making them invisible to the human eye, so that when among humans, she can blend in their ranks better than Ikaros could ever do with her non-concealable pink wings. Her ultimate attack is the Paradise Song, a powerful sound beam of rainbow-colored energy that shoots out of her mouth and if struck by it, it deals massive damage to the victim shown in the rare occasions the she uses it, it leaves behind a trench of cleared-out ground (i.e. dirt).

Powerful Radar
Nymph Radar.png Nymph has the most powerful radar of all first-generation Angeloids that is mentioned more than once by Ikaros, who scanned a planet while fighting Astraea and even knew an opponent was about to come to Earth. Nymph has the ability to scan the planet to search for Tomoki and Harpy location who were all the way in Africa. She also has interdimensional range as she communicated with Minos, who was in Synapse. Stated she might be able to destroy Hiyori's dimensional device if not all space and time will fade with Hiyori.
Hacking Field
Hacking field.png Nymph has the ability to hack computer systems, other Angeloids and humans, blocking or unblocking memories and abilities. It seems her hacking is some form of telepathy, matter manipulation, Vitakinesis, and more abilities all in one. She can also hack plants and give them abilities. With her hacking, she can also shoot a blast of energy similar to a Psi Blast, that directly targets the mind.
Paradise Song
Paradise song anime.png Nymph fires a high-powered energy sound beam from her mouth that is powerful enough to clear a small circular depression in the ground. With Super Paradise song she is able to bust through several planets and chips the Sun. She can distorts minds, prevent communication and create world peace.
Fundamental Particle-Jamming System
U55.38.jpg Also called Aphrodite (アフロディーテ Afurodīte). Nymph becomes immune to hacking and her wings grow into a butterfly shape. This is an offensive hacking blast that causes mental and physical pain. Nymph also uses this technique to block a full-powered blast from Zeus, which is one of Synapse's most powerful weapons. She hacked the potency of her self-destruct bomb to completely wipe out the energy core of Zeus without any trace.
Cool-Guy Jammer
Cool-Guy Jammer.png Nymph has the hacking ability to alter pheromones in a body to the point women think any man - whether scrawny or considered unattractive - an ideal guy for them.
Upload.png Nymph has the ability to upload data and utilize it perfectly, as seen on when she plugs wires into a keyboard connecting it to herself and becomes a master pianist.
Upgrading Weapons
Astraea weapons2.png In the anime, Nymph has the ability to upgrade the weapons of other Angeloids. It is not known if Nymph can upgrade the weapons permanently.
Nymph by a takagi-d4mbmzf.png Also known as the "Self-Evolution Program", it allows oneself to grow in power through time and the absorption of other things. Can also repair broken systems and functions. Nymph activates Pandora in Chapter 55 as she is hacked by Nymph Melan and taunted by the Man of Synapse.
Time Bomb
Nymphtimebomb.png Also known as the "Auto-Activating Bomb", unlike the others Angeloids 's necklace, after failure to capture Ikaros, Master of Synapse installed on Nymph's necklace an timing bomb which has power to destroy large area in order to kill Tomoki and his friends.
P-Stealth System
8df1dae5.jpg It allows Nymph to be invisible without being detected by any other Angeloids. The ability also allows for her to disperse her body.


  • Astraea - "Sister"; romantic rival.
  • Ikaros - "Sister"; romantic rival.
  • Oregano - (Almost) Rival.
  • Watermelon - Unknown Status, but won't hesitate to eat if hungry.


  • She refers to the other Angeloids by their type rather than their names (i.e. Ikaros→Alpha, Astraea→Delta..etc).
  • Her bust size is the smallest out of every female character in the series (All the other female characters have a very voluminous breast), and whenever someone else mentions it to her, it makes her feel insecure. This has been shown several times (When Tomoki mentions it, she tends to get angry).
  • She is also an intellectual genius (When she's at school, she is always looking to the windows, completely disregarding the class itself since it doesn't interest her).
  • Nymph is horrible at singing which is confirmed by Oregano. Once when she sang, Ikaros put a sign up that said Super Paradise Song (she couldn't say it because she lost her voice due to eating something extremely spicy earlier that day) and then covered her ears, anticipating the effects of it. (She even activated Aegis later on) When Nymph sang, it showed all of the people far or near who collapsed because of her singing. Anyone within range, (with the exception of Ikaros) also temporarily lost their linguistic ability.
  • She is named and modeled after the nature spirits of Greek myth.
  • Nymph has a fondness for birds.
  • Due to that Nymph now lives in Tomoki's house, she likes to eat lots of junk food such as chips and sweets.
  • In Season 2, Episode 4 (13m:12s), as the girls take a bath, it is seen that Nymph has her hair down, just like her Pandora form.
  • She believes that she is the second oldest stating that Astraea is the "young one" in the house.
  • She inherits Daedalus' blue hair and extreme intelligence, but it is unknown if Daedalus also has blue eyes, and Nymph is built differently compared to her sisters.
  • Nymph was featured in one of Plunderer manga's cover, where she's wearing Hina's clothes in the second Animate version of Volume 2's cover.
  • Nymph shared same English voice actress with Avsette Vremya from Suu Minazuki's other work, Plunderer.


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