New World Discovery Club

Club Leader

Eishirou Sugata


Sorami Junior High School

Anime Debut

Season One; Episode 1

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

A club in Tomoki's school (Sorami Junior High school). Led by Eishirou Sugata, and the club's goal is to investigate the black hole in the sky (which Sugata described to be the New World). This is the only known club in Sorami Junior High school. The New World Discovery Club first debuted in Episode 1 (Anime) and Chapter 1 (Manga) when Sohara took Tomoki to the club room to ask Sugata about Tomoki's dreams.Sora no Otoshimono - Tokeijikake no Angeloid - Large 098


Former MembersEdit

  • Hiyori Kazane: Joined because of her crush, Hiyori unofficially quit after she became an Angeloid, and due to the fact that all memories of her were erased by Synapse.
  • Pretty #1: One of Sugata's toy dolls. Fell off a pigeon and was never seen again.
  • Pretty #2: A fish that Sugata caught, he attempted to use it to find the new world. Escaped during its first mission.
  • Pretty #3: Mikako dressed in the same outfit as Pretty #1. She quit after some time for unknown reasons.


  • Astraea: To eat food that they have in the club room.

Base of OperationsEdit

  • Sorami Junior High School
    • Club Room
  • The creek adjacent to Sugata's house
  • Tomoki's living room


  • Dive Game Machine
  • Ring Gate
  • Hang gliders (Constructed by Sugata)


  • The credits of the anime include the line: "Presented by Sorami New World Discovery club" in season 1, and "Presented by New World Discovery Club Forte" in season 2.