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Man of synapse movie.png
Kanji: シナプスの男
Romaji: minosu
Others: Master of Synapse
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Angel
Occupation: God of Synapse
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Anime, Manga and Movie
Seiyū: Shinichiro Miki
English Voice: Mike McFarland

Minos (ミーノース, mīnōsu?), also known as the Master of Synapse (シナプスのマスター, shinapusu no masutā?) in the anime, is the sadistic and ruthless leader of Synapse, and the main antagonist of the series.


Minos finds enjoyment in torturing the Angeloids he owns physically and emotionally (eg. Forcing Nymph to tear the wings off her pet bird), seeing them as his mere playthings to do with as he pleases, and discarding them while considering them nothing more than trash. He is condescending towards humans, referring to them as "Downers" or "Insects", a trait that would later be shared with Nymph. Because of his arrogance and belief that the Angeloids are absolutely obedient to him, he is always surprised when the Angeloids disobey or break free of his control. He is often seen on his throne with two Angeloids beside him, and like Daedalus, his face is obscured in all of his appearances. He is impressed with Eishirou's intellect and hopes to "have more fun" with him.


Minos is sadistic, arrogant, and callous. His deranged behavior may come from being isolated from his brethren who live in dreams. (Isolation of any sort can have a toxic effect on one's psyche). He does, however, have another side. When the harpies self-destruct for his sake, he remorsefully falls down over his actions that drove them.


He has an athletic build with long, blonde hair that conceals his eyes. He wears a white, sleeveless robe.


The Man of Synapse is first introduced in the Sora no Otoshimono manga when he is shown in his massive marble palace on the highest level of Synapse. He sends Nymph to retrive Ikaros so that he can harvest her powerful Variable-Type Wing core. While Nymph is busy attempting to secure her target on Earth, the Man of Synapse keeps watch over her progress from his palace on Synapse, keeping himself busy with his various Pet-Class Angeloids as the scheme is put into motion. Several days later, the disappointed Nymph returns back to her master after accidentally hacking the wrong system in the CPU of Ikaros and unleashing the devastating Uranus Queen mode that makes Ikaros nearly unstoppable in combat. Frustrated with her failures, the Man of Synapse forces Nymph to kill her beloved songbird that she has kept as a pet on Synapse as punishment for failing him. In addition, he activates a special device on her collar that arms the explosives within it, giving the Nymph only days to live unless she successfully brings back her target.

Wanting to live, Nymph heads back to Earth and half-heartedly resumes her mission. Nymph later loses interest in her mission after becoming involved with Tomoki and Ikaro's daily life on Earth. Giving up on her mission and realizing that her time is drawing near the final hours, Nymph decides to live whatever life she has left to the fullest, angering Minos. Having lost all confidence in Nymph, the Man of Synapse turns to the Harpies, his two most loyal servants on Synapse, in the hopes that they could use their mastery of deception in order to re-convince Nymph into helping them capture Ikaros for their master. As he watches from above, the two Harpies head down to Earth and seek out the a depressed Nymph, who knows that the end for her is coming soon since the timer on her explosive collar is nearly depleted.

When they find her, they use their mastery in deception to convince Nymph that her master misses her and wishes for her to aid the Harpies in their quest to capture Ikaros for him, which would make him pleased with her. Hopeful to finally win the praise and support of her master, Nymph agrees to what the Harpies plan out with her and they set into motion a plan to lure the unsuspecting Ikaros to an isolated location to ambush her. While Nymph heads off to find Ikaros, the two Harpies hide behind one of Nymph's potent disruption shields that will keep them hidden from Ikaros and her powerful radar. Unknown to Nymph, her master intends to scrap her and dispose of her as soon as she returns to Synapse as punishment for forcing him to send the Harpies down in order to achieve his goals.

A short time later, Ikaros and Nymph arrive at the lone cherry tree that is the designated ambush point, and with the target being distracted by Nymph, the cruel Harpies step forth and unleash a terrible blast of thermal energy that catches Ikaros completely off-guard. The force of the massive impact rips the entire right wing off of the back of Ikaros as she falls to the ground, knocked out by the sheer power of the strike upon her. Horrified by the cheap, cowardly tactics that the Harpies used upon Ikaros, Nymph unleashes her powerful Paradise Song attack, blasting the two surprised Harpies with a beam of pure energy that gouges a large scar into the landscape. The attack fails the Harpies tear Nymph's wings out much to Minos's pleasure. Ikaros awakens from her brief loss of consciousness from the attack upon her and turns to see the Harpies mercilessly attacking the under-powered Nymph. Unaware of Nymph's original intentions and convinced that her friend is being ruthlessly attacked for no reason, Ikaros prepares to engage her devastating Uranus Queen mode, much to the horror of Nymph, who thinks that Tomoki and his friends will become frightened of Ikaros if they see her true powers. After a determined Tomoki grants her permission, Ikaros engages her nigh-unstoppable Uranus Queen mode and swiftly deals a crushing blow to the two stunned Harpies, who fail to escape the power of her ultimate attack and are blasted with such force that it sends them back to Synapse. During this time, Tomoki and friends manage to grab hold of the chain that links Nymph to her master on Synapse and with all of their strength, they manage to shatter the bond that links her to her wicked master and stops the explosive collar from reaching the detonation stage. Fuming over this defeat and the loss of the bond that bound him to Nymph, the Man of Synapse regroups as he begins planning out the next steps necessary in order to achieve his goals.

Astraea Arc

After several weeks, he sends Type Delta Close-Combat 1st Generation Angeloid Astraea to kill Tomoki. Astrea however fails to kill Tomoki and falls victim to his "Tomoki's Six Levels of Hell", with each level being more invasive and perverted than the last. Rushing towards where Tomoki is, both Ikaros and Nymph arrive at the temple after receiving Eishiro's warning ready to defend Tomoki from the newest Angeloid from Synapse, but when they see that it is Astraea, they stop caring and choose to ignore her, since she could never be a threat to Tomoki due to her constant blunders and hyper-klutz nature. For the next few weeks, Astraea struggles to find a way to carry out her master's orders due to her repeated failures and eventually begins to fall in love with Tomoki after he begins treating her respectfully and shows much more care for her than her current master in Synapse does. Once again facing another disastrous failure in his efforts to achieve his goals, the enraged Man of Synapse storms off towards his private labs underneath his palace and begins developing a "new" generation of Angeloids, ones that feature more advanced technology that should guarantee him total victory in his ongoing quest for the Variable-Type Wing Core that Ikaros possesses. Down on Earth, Tomoki and friends are unaware of the developing storm taking place in Synapse, a storm of destruction and pain that would almost tear their lives apart in the near future.

Chaos Arc

After many hours and experiments, the Man of Synapse achieves his dream of creating an operation Angeloid that features better technology and abilities than those possessed by the three Angeloids down on Earth with the creation of Type Epsilon 2nd Generation Angeloid Chaos. Chaos features highly advanced stealth technology that allows for her to go unnoticed amongst the older Angeloid models and allows for her to perfectly mimic anyone that she knows about so that she can use deception in order to torture her enemies mentally. Pleased with his newest creation, the Man of Synapse sends the eager Chaos down to Sorami, Japan in order to assist the hapless Astraea in her original mission and to complete his orders to kill Tomoki and capture/kill Ikaros. Once down on Earth, Chaos uses her powers in order to infiltrate the everyday lives of Tomoki and all of his friends without so much as any suspicion being created by her arrival. Setting her plans into motion, Chaos isolates Eishiro out of the situation by trapping him on Synapse after she uses Tomoki's form in order to get the unsuspecting Nymph to come with her on a "date." Trapped on Synapse and cornered by the twin Harpies, the panicking Eishiro is saved by a mysterious female angel, who opens a portal next to him and pulls him out of the reach of the advancing Harpies. Meanwhile, back down on Earth, Chaos (still in her disguise) takes Nymph to a remote area outside of Sorami and uses her skills in deception in order to get into Nymph's psyche, nearly driving the hapless Nymph insane with her constant disguise swaps and verbal trashing. Sensing that something is wrong, Ikaros departs from Tomoki's house and takes to the heavens in the search for the endangered Nymph, who is about to be destroyed by the cruel and sadistic Chaos. With much pleasure at just how successful his newest servant is, the Man of Synapse watches Ikaros become deceived by Chaos when she uses Tomoki's form as a disguise and orders Ikaros to systematically destroy herself, one limb at a time. Not knowing that it is really Chaos who is ordering her to carry out these orders, Ikaros complies and begins destroying herself as demanded by the "Tomoki" in front of her.

Getting a bad feeling about the well-being of his Angeloid friends, the real Tomoki takes his leave from the restaurant that he was enjoying a ice-cream sundae with Sohara Mitsuki and rushes off toward the site of the disturbance, hoping that something bad was not happening to his precious friends. However, Astraea is ordered to eliminate Nymph by her current master on Synapse, but this leaves Astraea conflicted, since she has become good friends with Nymph and does not want to harm her, but agrees to her master's orders. Tomoki arrives to find the frustrated Astraea taking aim at the mentally tormented and defenseless Nymph, with the battered and broken body of Ikaros laying in the center of a crater created as a result of following her destructive orders from Chaos nearby. Using his anger, Tomoki gives the stunned Astraea an passionate speech regarding using her own decisions that finally convinces the conflicted Astraea to sever her ties to her cruel master on Synapse by taking her sword Chrysaor and with one mighty swing, severing the chain that links her to the Man of Synapse. Stunned by this betrayal, the Man of Synapse watches on in horror as Astraea engages Chaos in combat in order to protect the ones that she cares for from the wishes of her former master. Chaos manages to overpower Astraea with her powerful fire attacks and just before she delivers the killing blow that will destroy the struggling Astraea, Ikaros recovers from her terrible injuries and as fast as she can travel, grabs the stunned Chaos and takes her out to the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, trapping Chaos deep within a massive undersea chasm where the crushing pressure ensures that she will not escape. Once again, the Man of Synapse has failed in his mission, even with the new generation of advanced Angeloids that he has created. Enraged, he goes back to the drawing board and begins planning out his next course of action, trying to piece together a plan that will not fail him in the ways that Nymph, Astraea, and Chaos have.

Hiyori Kazane Arc

However, the Man of Synapse's plans take a major detour in the aftermath of Hiyori Kazane's death on Earth and her return to Synapse in her original angel form. The distraught Hiyori, who had been living out her dreams and befriending Tomoki and friends down on Earth from within the special Dream Dome for roughly a month, was struck by a speeding delivery truck and sent back to her body on Synapse. Unable to go back down to Earth to live out the same dream, she turns to the powerful Man of Synapse, who promises her that she can go back down to Earth and be once again among the company of Tomoki and his friends, but she must allow for him to transmute her frail body so that she becomes a fully-functional Angeloid. Over the next few days, Hiyori is transformed from a frail angel into one of the Man of Synapse's most powerful Angeloids, officially becoming the next 2nd Generation Angeloid that he has created since the failure of Chaos. Now under his control, the Man of Synapse sends down his newest Angeloid to Sorami, with her orders being to eliminate Tomoki, his friends, and the rouge Angeloids before capturing Ikaros for her master. Once down upon Earth, Type Zeta 2nd Generation Angeloid Hiyori stops just outside of Sorami's city limits and begins using her new-found powers that allow for her to control the very air around the city. She lowers the air pressure around Sorami so rapidly that it causes Tomoki to begin bleeding from his ears and threatens to not only kill him but everyone else within the entire city. Noticing the rapidly decreasing pressures and concerned over Tomoki's well-being, the three Angeloids take to the darkened skies and race towards the center of the disturbance, where they are shocked to discover that the newest Angeloid that the wicked Man of Synapse has sent down to Earth is really Hiyori Kazane, the girl who was killed by the truck right in front of Tomoki's eyes. After several attempts to stop Hiyori's dangerous meddling with the air pressure over Sorami, Nymph finally manages to get close enough that she can put her mastery at hacking to use in order to free Hiyori from the programming that makes her obedient to the Man of Synapse. Once hacked, Hiyori is freed from the control of her master and when she realizes that her actions are killing the friends that she once had such great fun with back in the days of her dream, Hiyori restores the air pressure to normal around Sorami. Once again, the Man of Synapse looks down upon his latest failure with bitter rage, knowing that he is running out of options and he can only develop so many Angeloids before he reaches the technological limitations for creating superior models. He goes back to the labs and begins developing the next wave of 2nd Generation Angeloids that will hopefully take down Tomoki and recover Ikaros once and for all. Return of Chaos Arc

Several weeks go by, and at last the Man of Synapse has developed what he hopes to be the very Angeloid that will ensure that his goals are reached, Type Eta 2nd Generation Angeloid Siren. This newest Angeloid thrives in a wet environment, so he orders her to take up residence in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan and await his orders, but it does not take long for both Tomoki and Ikaros to appear at the very area in the ocean in which Siren patrols. Moving in for the kill, Siren rushes towards where Tomoki and Ikaros are on the surface, but is suddenly stopped in her advance when a massive steel wing rips through her body, impaling her upon it's wicked blades. Flabbergasted by this sudden development, the Man of Synapse and his Harpies watch on in total disbelief as Siren is destroyed and "absorbed" into the body of the pleased Chaos, since her systems have finally adapted to the conditions of the ocean and thus resulted in her escape from the deepest chasm in the Pacific Ocean. While Ikaros and Tomoki head back towards Sorami, the gleeful Chaos watches them intently, eagerly awaiting the moment that she can show Tomoki and friends her true "love" for them by systematically torturing them to the point of insanity. With his newest Angeloid destroyed by one of his former servants, the Man of Synapse deems that Chaos has "barred her fangs against Synapse" and from that point onward, targets her as a threat that needs to be eliminated. While Chaos begins to enact her attempts at revenge down on Earth, the Man of Synapse speeds up development on his ultimate defensive weapon, the colossal Zeus Canon that has the power to wipe an entire continent off of the face of the Earth in a single impact. Chaos fails in her revenge and eventually is shown a distorted version of "love" from Tomoki, and for the first time since her creation, Chaos begins to see love not as inflicting terrible pain, but as love through emotional bonding. When Tomoki tells her to go back home to her master, Chaos takes off at full speed towards Synapse, eager to show her master the new-found love that she has come to understand, but just before she reaches Synapse, she comes face to face with the impressive Zeus Canon, which is taking direct aim at her.

Criticizing his former servant for her failures and her destruction of his newest Angeloid, the Man of Synapse powers up the Zeus Canon to maximum strength and at his command, the Harpies activate it, sending a 1/2 mile wide beam of pure energy slamming into Chaos. Unable to fully shield herself from the staggering power of the Zeus Canon, Chaos is badly damaged and sent crashing down to Earth, where she comes across the stunned Hiyori Kazane. Since being freed from her services to Synapse by Nymph, Hiyori had taken up gardening outside the city of Sorami, tending her large vegetable patch when the battered body of Chaos comes into her vision. Concerned about her wounds, the worried Hiyori asks the crying Chaos where her home is, to which the distraught Chaos replies whereever her brother is. Spreading her damaged wings, Chaos launches into the skies and takes off towards Tomoki's house, hoping with all of her heart that he will accept her and show her the love that he demonstrated for her and the love that her former master would not give her. Unfortunately, Chaos arrives just as the enraged Tomoki begins shouting at Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea after their petty fighting over a simple dispute resulted in him getting blasted with explosives, and his harsh words prove to be the breaking point of the frail sanity that Chaos has. Inside her warped mind, she sees that the love that Tomoki showed her was nothing but a lie, and that showing someone true love really is by inflicting terrible pain upon them. With the last of her fragile sanity shattered, Chaos once again returns to her obsessive madness regarding pain, and when she is noticed by the three Angeloids that Tomoki tosses out of his house, Chaos takes off into the skies. Now convinced in her madness that pain is truly love, Chaos begins to plot out her next, terrible scheme so that the next time she comes across Tomoki and friends, she can show them just how much she "loves" them.

Melan Arc

Frustrated by the constant failures of both his Angeloids and each of his plans, the Man of Synapse tries to conceive another plan that will tackle his issues from a different angle. Instead of wasting his resources and spending long hours developing and testing Angeloids that end up getting destroyed down on Earth, he decides to attempt the challenging prospect of synthetically duplicating a crude version of the Variable-Type Wing core that Ikaros possesses to further advance his plans. After several months, his experiments pay off with the creation of a nearly-perfect duplicate of Ikaro's Variable-Type Wing core, the only flaws being that it was not as stable or as effective as the original one. Pleased with his success in recreating a functioning Variable-Type Wing core, the Man of Synapse reveals to his Harpies that he has successfully created the one thing that he thought that he could not manage to pull off: the mechanism that could grant the powers of Ikaro's devastating Uranus Queen mode to whatever Angeloid that contained it. Realizing that he is on the verge of achieving his goals once and for all, he sets out to create his newest Angeloid that has the powers to single-handedly take down Ikaros and eliminate Tomoki Sakurai once and for all. Within several weeks, he sends his newest, most advanced Angeloid that he has ever created down to Earth with the hopes that it would finally carry out his orders without failure. Down in Sorami, Tomoki and his friends are blissfully unaware of the impending danger to their lives that will push them to the brink of utter disaster.

When Nymph and Astraea take the unsuspecting Tomoki out on a date around Sorami, Ikaros stays at home and continues prepping the meal that she has planned for dinner later that night. Unknown to her or anyone on Earth, the incoming arrival of the Man of Synapse's newest Angeloid is about to throw the world that they know into utter chaos. After being dragged to the nearby Sorami train station, Tomoki is fought over by the two bitter Angeloids, who each have different opinions on where they should take Tomoki out on their date. Before they can settle their argument, they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Ikaros at the station, who promptly grabs the weary Tomoki from them and says that she will be the one taking him out on a date. Before Tomoki can hardly catch his breath, she blasts off high into the heavens at top speed, soaring towards the other side of Sorami to the restaurant that she intends to have her date with him at. In such a rush to get into a booth, Ikaros smashes into the roof and sits down at the empty booth, the force of her impact slamming the unprepared Tomoki headfirst into the wooden table. Confused by her behavior, Tomoki chastises her for her careless actions and grabs one of the menus to see what they can have to eat, ignoring the worried looks that the other patrons were giving them as he tries to clear his head. Suddenly, Ikaros stands up and slams the table with such force that it shatters upon impact into tiny pieces, causing Tomoki to become extremely worried about her unusual behavior as Ikaros begins asking to take him somewhere "where nobody is around so they can do it". These words in addition to her unusual behavior leads Tomoki to believe that something is not right with Ikaros at this time, and before she can make her moves upon him, he rushes out of the restaurant and onto a city bus in a feeble attempt to escape her. Tomoki Realizes the Truth

After being chased all over the city of Sorami by the relentless Ikaros, Tomoki finally returns home and quickly boards up every single window and doorway before heading upstairs to take cover in his blankets, freaking out over this sudden change in Ikaros's behavior. After he thinks it over for several minutes, he realizes that she struggles to find a way to show him just how much she loves him, and this sudden change in her actions and disposition is most likely related to her problematic expressions of love. He decides to go and find her so that he can allow for her to properly convey her feeling for him, but before he even gets up from his bed she enters his bedroom and quickly gets on top of him, much to his surprise. Struggling to find words to express her deep and powerful feelings for him, Ikaros slowly leans forward and prepares to kiss the surprised Tomoki, but a dull thud snaps Tomoki back into reality as he turns his head to see what had made the noise. To his horror, the badly damaged and bleeding body of the true Ikaros lies motionless in his other doorway, sprawled out on the wooden floorboards as the fake "Ikaros" looks over to the evidence of her brutal attack upon her target. Before Tomoki can have a chance to piece together what exactly is going on, the fake "Ikaros" grabs him by the head and with all of her strength, slams him into the floor of his room, the brutal impact severely injuring the stunned Tomoki out cold as from his seat in Synapse, the Man of Synapse celebrates the success of his newest Angeloid who has actually accomplished what all of his other plans had failed to achieve. Having realized that Tomoki is in grave danger, both Astraea and Nymph return to Tomoki's house and rush into his room, stunned to find the battered Ikaros laying on the ground as the "fake" Ikaros stands in the middle of the room, tightly holding the head of the gravely injured Tomoki in her hand as she looks up at her new targets. To the horror of both Astraea and Nymph, the "fake" Ikaros engages the one thing that they thought that only the real Ikaros could achieve, the dangerous and nigh-unstoppable Uranus Queen mode, by using the power of the synthetic Variable-Type Wing core. Once engaged, Type Theta 2nd Generation Angeloid Ikaros Melan prepares herself for battle, and the terrified Astraea and Nymph know that they are no match for the staggering powers of the Uranus Queen mode that Ikaros Melan possesses. The odds are stacked heavily in the Man of Synapse's favor, and from above he watches the unfolding events with glee, knowing that both of his former Angeloid servants don't stand a chance against his newest Angeloid.

Not using her logic in this tense situation, Astraea engages her armor and launches herself at top speed at the silent figure of Ikaros Melan, ready to tear apart the Angeloid that had badly crippled her friend Ikaros and who dared to hurt Tomoki as well. With all of her might, Astraea squeezes the armored arm of Ikaros Melan that has the bleeding Tomoki in her clenched hand, telling Ikaros Melan that she does not deserve to touch him. With one last, powerful squeeze of her hands, the armor plating on Ikaros Melan's arm shatters under the force of Astraea's crushing grip, causing her to drop Tomoki as she moves out of range of the enraged Astraea. Grabbing Tomoki before he hits the ground, Astraea summons her powerful photon sword Chrysaor and activates it, ready to strike down the Angeloid that dares to inflict harm upon her beloved friends. Sensing the incoming danger, Ikaros Melan engages her Aegis Shield in order to protect herself from the charging Astraea, who raises her sword and takes a mighty swing at the shield, knowing that Chrysaor has the power to shatter the original Aegis Shield that the true Ikaros possesses. Much to her shock and horror, Chrysaor shatters upon impact with the protective Aegis Shield, and before Astraea can properly defend herself, the unamused Ikaros Melan takes aim and with a punishing blast of raw, untamed power, badly damages the hapless Astraea as her Aegis L Shield fails to deflect the staggering power of the blast. The force of the blast sends the injured Astraea crashing down to the ground a small distance away from the terrified Nymph, who has been keeping the bleeding Tomoki safe from any derbies hitting him. Summoning the nigh-unstoppable power of the Apollo Bow, Ikaros Melan takes dead aim at the Angeloids below her and charges the arrow that she draws to it's full destructive power, with the potential to systematically wipe the entire town of Sorami off of the face of the Earth. In silent horror, both the injured Astraea and a panicking Nymph watch, as the arrow of certain doom is released, racing towards their location and bringing their brutal deaths along with it's untamed power. Before the piercing arrow can reach it's target, it is stopped by the sudden appearance of the badly damaged Ikaros, who has managed to recover just enough from her ordeal to be able to fly into the path of the incoming arrow. The instant the arrow lodges itself into her stomach region, Ikaros deploys her Aegis Shield to contain the ensuing explosion as with a massive burst of light, the arrow detonates inside of the shield, almost vaporizing the hapless Ikaros upon detonation.

When the smoke of the blinding explosion clears, the nearly naked body of the unresponsive Ikaros crashes down onto the grassy field, her systems damaged so badly that she has no chance of being able to rebuild her damaged parts internally and essentially is dead upon impact with the ground. Stunned, both Astraea and Nymph begin crying over not just the loss of their best friend, but the loss of their best chance of beating the heartless Ikaros Melan, who is disappointed that her shot has not killed her intended targets. She too was caught up within the blast radius when Ikaros expanded the shield to include her rival inside of it, thus guaranteeing that Ikaros Melan would be severely incapacitated in the explosion. The heavily damaged body of Ikaros Melan falls down to the ground, smashing into the field off in the distance from where the explosion took place high in the blue sky. From behind, the sound of footsteps causes the horrified Nymph and Astraea to look behind them, and to their absolute terror, behind them stands a legion of various Angeloids, several that look oddly the same as them, the only exception being that they are dressed in black. Before they can defend themselves, they are mobbed by the horde of swarming Angeloids, with Nymph being brutally attacked before getting hacked into by one of the advanced Angeloids who looks identical to her. Using his old ties to her, the Man of Synapse tries to persuade his former servant that if she joins him again, he will let the badly injured Tomoki live past this ordeal, since he has accomplished his goal of slaying Ikaros at long last. Begging with Nymph, her creator Daedalus pleads with her not to give in to his offer, in which further enrages the hapless Nymph as with a sudden roar of power, she turns the tables upon the Angeloids who are busy damaging her systems though their hacking, using her new-found powers to override them and cause them to self-destruct. Watching in horror, the Man of Synapse and his Harpies look on as Nymph evolves right before their eyes, her formerly-locked PANDORA system now fully functional as she completes her evolution into a more advanced, dangerous opponent.

With a new, advanced arsenal that she is granted by the evolution of her PANDORA unit at her disposal, Nymph targets all of the enemy Angeloids with her tracking system and unleashes a barrage of punishing attacks that devastates the mass of hostile opponents and renders them harmless. Blown away by this sudden reversal in fortune, the Man of Synapse starts to become enraged, not only at the last-second failure that his current plan is experiencing, but at just how no matter what he does, his former Angeloid servants keep finding ways to beat him. Fuming, he turns to his several monitors to see what has become of the beaten Astraea, the horrifically injured Ikaros, and the bleeding Tomoki, but is mortified to discover that Tomoki has gone missing from where he had been lying on the grassy field. Unable to restrain the staggering powers that are rushing through her system, Nymph begins to overheat and has to land on the ground, struggling to maintain her composure as the heat vents from her overworked systems. Shouting in his anger, he demands to know what has become of the human whom he had almost successfully managed to eliminate, and is stunned when his monitors pick up the battered and weary Tomoki sitting next to the limp body of Ikaros. Reaching over, he touches her head and wonders if she will survive the ghastly amount of damage that she endured from the detonation of the arrow Ikaros Melan fired into her, and to the surprise of everyone, her damaged systems begin to reactivate. Fueled by the same rush of staggering powers that the evolution of the PANDORA system gave to Nymph, Ikaros begins to evolve into her new, more powerful form that is fueled by the PANDORA system that her angel creator Daedalus gave her. In a blinding flash of light that pierces high into the heavens, the battered Ikaros completes her transformation and fully engages her advanced systems in order to deal with the newest threat from Synapse.

Post-Ikaros Melan Arc

(Official Name TBA)

In the aftermath of the PANDORA-fueled evolution of Ikaros and the utter defeat of his legion of advanced Angeloid servants that the Master of Synapse had sent down to Earth to aid Angeloid Ikaros Melan in her task of killing Tomoki Sakurai and slaughtering all of the Angeloids, driven to the brink of madness after watching his most elaborate and extensive plan fail miserably just like all of his other schemes, the somewhat unstable Master of Synapse sits on his throne and watches the events unfolding below him in total disgust as once again, Tomoki Sakurai and friends have weathered the storm and prevailed against the power of Synapse. While he watches in silent rage, Tomoki and the others are stunned to notice that amid the carnage of destroyed Angeloid bodies sits the ever-dangerous Chaos, who is starving and looking forward to feast upon the shattered remains in order to satisfy her urges. To their horror and the shock of the Man of Synapse and his twin Harpies back in Synapse, Chaos spears all of the broken bodies of the destroyed Angeloids with her blade-like wings and engages her PANDORA system, absorbing all of the bodies into her systems and sending her power levels skyrocketing to unimaginable levels. While she absorbs the bodies and begins to evolve, the Master of Synapse is finally driven off of the deep end, gleefully screaming as he tells Chaos to "destroy this stagnant 'reality'" in his bout of insane acting. Stunned by the sudden change in their master's behavior, the twin Harpies watch him in bewilderment as he throws himself back in his chair and lets out another crazed laugh.

Final Arc

He is revived along with everyone by Tomoki's wish.

Abilities and Weapons

Zeus.PNG The greatest weapon of synapse, it's power can destroy anything, only used on special occasions.
N027.jpg A powerful spear, Minos creates powerful bursts of energy to hurl them at opponents. In Seven Ocean (another manga by Minazuki), it was stated the weapon creates electric pulses dependent on the user's physical and mental state.


It seems he has concealed emotions for the twin harpies, also known as the gamma Angeloids . When they said their farewell before committing suicide with choker bombs, they said that Tomoki and the others don't know how much he is suffering. Shortly after, they self-destruct, leaving Minos crying. 

  • Tomoki: Nemesis. Tomoki is responsible for sheltering several of his Angeloids and Freeing Nymph from his control.
  • Ikaros: former servant; enemy.
  • Nymph: former servant; enemy.
  • Astraea: former servant; enemy.
  • Chaos: former servant; enemy.
  • Seiren: servant (killed by Chaos).
  • Melan: servant.


  • Despite Minos viewing Tomoki and all other humans as Downers, and inferior, Minos always seems surprised when an Angeloid defies him or severs their chain link to him for the sake of humans. Proving that he's missing the obvious truth: "Downers" though they may be, they are better individuals than Minos is.
  • Going from Minos's own reactions and Tomoki and friends, the Harpies likely nailed the fact that Minos "suffers" being the only person in Synapse (aside from Daedalus) who can't reside in dreams. When they said this Minos sat up straighter in his throne with a seemingly stunned look on his visible face.
  • In chapter 76, Minos could have a little bit of feeling for Nymph, for he wanted to stop Nymph for destroying herself. 
  • Minos will be one of the supporting characters in the second movie Sora no Otoshimono Final: Eternal my master.
  • His name Minos is based off the Greek Mythology story where he has Daedalus create a maze for the Minotaur and imprisoned Daedalus in it alongside his son Ikaros. Daedalus managed to escape by making wax wings for him and his son but his son flew too close to the sun and his wings melt; he plunges into the ocean and dies.
  • In chapter 77, he killed himself after attempting to kill Tomoki. He was later brought back to life because of Tomoki's wish along with the Harpies.