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Mikako Satsukitane
Kanji: 五月田根 美香子
Romaji: Satsukitane Mikako
Others: Kaichou (president)
Age: 19(?)
Gender: Female
Species: Human / Possible Angel
Occupation: Student, President of the Student Council
Debut (Manga): Chapter 5
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyū: Ayahi Takagaki
English Voice: Jamie Marchi

Mikako Satsukitane (五月田根 美香子, satsukitane mikako?) is one of Tomoki Sakurai's friends as well as the Student Council President at his school.


Mikako is well known for aggressiveness towards Tomoki and she frequently torments him. She comes up with very perverted things get him to do what she wants (eg.The snowball fight) she made this event to get the boys to do whatever she wanted.

Mikako is very obsessed with violence. She took Astraea as her student and tried to teach her how to eliminate Tomoki. She is also very sadistic.

On rare occasions, Mikako has shown concern and emotional understanding of Ikaros, like when she orders Ikaros to drop Tomoki into the sea with the intention of Ikaros revealing her feelings to Tomoki.


Mikako is a tall, well endowed young woman. She has long purple hair with two ribbons tied to both of her side burns. She has squint-y dark-purple eyes and maintains a constant grin, which reflects her sadistic attitude. Her measurements are: a bust of 83 cm, a waist of 56 cm, and hips of 80 cm. Her height is 164 cm (5'4.5") and she weighs 46 kilograms (101.4 lbs). She is considered a beautiful young woman.


Mikako is an upperclassman to Tomoki and Sohara Mitsuki and the president of the Sorami Academy Student Council. She is Eishirou's childhood friend, whom she refers to as "Ei-kun," and the heiress of a Yakuza family. She is manipulative, a genius intellectual, cunning, highly intelligent and sadistic, usually towards Tomoki. In the manga, she is forced to take supplementary lessons due to "failing in morals".

She is equal to Sugata in combat. Nymph states that she has a grip strength of 400kg, which serves to indicate she has a great degree of strength, especially for a normal human.

She is the chief mastermind of many schemes in the manga, and Sugata normally enlists the help of Tomoki (and occasionally some others) by persuading him to shut down her plans. Many of her schemes are directed to Tomoki, serving to put him in undesirable situations and humiliating him, which suggests she sees him as a toy for her personal entertainment.

She is extremely lucky. Sugata once mentioned that Mikako once struck gold simply by digging a hole, and oil as well.

In the second movie (Eternal My Master), she is shown to have some power that manipulating the mind of Ikaros due to Ikaros lacks of emotions, that time Mikako needs to develop more Ikaros' true feelings towards her Master, Tomoki. Mikako as an Angeloid in the past that is shown when she is manipulating the mind of Ikaros, the memory of Ikaros slightly shown the Angeloid Mikako is controlling the functions of Ikaros when Ikaros was still the "destructive object" until Ikaros became dysfunctional and dropped to the earth.


She first appears during Sugata's glider test at the school. After Tomoki requests her to talk down Sugata, she reveals that she is planning to profit from a life insurance bought out in his name.

She later holds Sugata captive, resulting in him not going with Tomoki to witness the void in the sky.


  • Astraea - Friend and unofficial "pupil."
  • Chaos - Initially enemy. Friend. She later throws a birthday party for her.
  • Oregano - She decided to to take in the angeloid after she followed Suguta to the Earth. She serves as her Maid/Hitman. (Manga Only)


  • Mikako is described as a devil who thinks people are toys by Tomoki in the manga.
  • Mikako has a golden retriever as a pet and often is seen walking him/her in the anime.
  • Mikako has a lot of weapons which are mostly guns, war planes, tanks, and bigger guns.
  • Mikako is one of the main characters in the second movie.
  • Mikako is so rich that when she had the rich contest, Sugata was about to explain her familiar taking a part of the national budget every year when he decided it was best to keep quiet.
  • Mikako is called "Black Money" during a contest to see who is the richest in the manga.
  • Mikako is always carrying something wherever she goes (Saw to help Sohara).
  • Mikako is most of the time seen drinking a cup of tea in many places: the school, at her home, and in Tomoki's house.
  • She has likeness to the character Kotonoha Katsura (School Days) in mental (Yandere Stated) and physical appearance, and they come from families in good economic standing. Both of them stay smiling without crying, hugging their dead lover.
  • She resembles Akeno Himejima from Highschool DxD, both in appearance and personality.
  • She also makes a minor appearance in Daisuki desu!! Mahou Tenshi Cosmos, another work by Minasuki Suu
  • She is also possibly an angel. As mentioned in manga chapter epilogue (77.6 First Birthday), where Sugata asked for her real birthday in reality which suggested Sugata probably knew her true identity but she kept avoiding the questions and didn't answer it. In the 2nd movie, Eternal my master it also shows Mikako has met Ikaros in the past with wings that can be seen on Mikako in the Ikaros' memories.
    • To be specific, Mikako could have been one of the angels of synapse since all the people of Synapse are sleeping and are in their human avatar.
    • Note that angels might have powers. Ex. Minos summoning his Poseidon and Mikako with her hacking.