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Kanji: メラン
Romaji: Meran
Others: "Black Ikaros"
Generation: Second
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Master: Master of Synapse
Type: θ (Theta)
Class: Strategic Weapon
Wing Type: Variable
Occupation: ----
Debut (Manga): Chapter 55
Debut (Anime): ----
Appears in: Manga
Seiyuu: TBA
English Voice: TBA

Melan (メラン,, , meran?) is a Strategy Angeloid Type θ (theta) (戦略エンジェロイドタイプθ(シータ),, , senryaku enjeroido taipu θ (shīta)?), and the Master of Synapse's latest mass-produced Angeloid. They appear as black versions of Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea. There were multiple Ikaros Melan in contrast to the single copies of Nymph and Astraea. Soon, the copies were sent by their creator to kill Tomoki.


The latest Angeloid creation from the advanced laboratories of the wicked Man of Synapse, Type Theta 2nd Generation Tactical Angeloid Ikaros Melan has only one purpose for her existence: to eliminate Tomoki Sakurai, and to slaughter the Angeloids who live down on Earth. By making a unstable version of the Variable-Type Wing core that Ikaros possesses and fusing it with staggering amounts of energy, the Man of Synapse creates essentially a carbon copy of the Angeloid Ikaros, the only difference was that she behaved in a more aggressive manner compared to the true Ikaros.


Ikaros Melan Arc

Ikaros Goes All Out

Ikaros Melan first makes her appearance within the Sora no Otoshimono manga after Angeloids Nymph and Astraea decide to take the unsuspecting Tomoki out on a date with Ikaros staying at home, her reactor in pain over not being involved in the date with her master. While Nymph and Astraea fight over who gets to take Tomoki out to where they want at the train station, they are interrupted by the arrival of Ikaros (not knowing that it is really Ikaros Melan), who suddenly grabs Tomoki away from the two of them and proclaims that she will take him out on a date. Before Tomoki can fully come to grips with her sudden arrival, Ikaros blasts off towards the heavens at her impressive Mach speed, leaving the confused Nymph and Astraea behind as she takes Tomoki to a small restaurant in order to enjoy the time with him. Tomoki, however, sees things differently since he did not enjoy being slammed down into the table that they are sitting at, and finally frees himself so that he can sit down at the booth properly. Without warning, Ikaros slams the table with such force that it shatters into pieces, causing the other patrons of the restaurant to become nervous as to Tomoki's surprise, Ikaros demands to take him somewhere where there are no people around. Freaked out by the sudden odd behavior that Ikaros is displaying, Tomoki bolts from the restaurant and onto the city bus in a attempt to get away from her, but no matter where he goes, she appears shortly after still demanding to go somewhere to "do it". When he arrives home, Tomoki quickly boards up all of the doors and windows inside of his house, padlocking every possible entrance before locking himself inside of his room, sitting on the floor in shock over the strange behavior that Ikaros is showing towards him.

Tomoki Gravely Injured

After a short while, he realizes that ever since Ikaros has been living with him, she has been trying to show her true feelings and love for him, even though he had mostly ignored it due to other events that had popped up in his life. Feeling guilty, Tomoki decides to meet up with Ikaros, but before he can act, she arrives to his bedroom and quickly gets on top of him, much to his surprise. Struggling to find the words of love she seeks to tell him, Ikaros stumbles with her words as she slowly leans forward to kiss Tomoki, but a odd noise coming from the other room causes Tomoki to look over at the doorway, and he is blown away to see the bloody and battered body of Ikaros laying face-down on the floor, bleeding from her terrible wounds. Realizing something is off, Tomoki turns his attention to the "Ikaros" that lies on top of him, puzzled at the situation. Before he knows it, "Ikaros" grabs him and with all of her strength, she slams him into his wooden floor, the force of the incredible impact severely injuring the stunned Tomoki as from his seat in Synapse, the Man of Synapse looks on with pleasure that his servant has finally done what his other servants have failed to do for so long. Sensing that Tomoki is in great peril, Astraea and Nymph arrive to find the battered body of Ikaros along with the gravely injured Tomoki being held by his hair in the hands of the fake "Ikaros". Suddenly, the fake "Ikraos" engages the one program that was thought to be only available for the true Ikaros to use; the dangerous and nigh-unstoppable Uranus Queen mode. When the program becomes engaged, Ikaros Melan reveals her true identity to the stunned Astraea and Nymph, who realize that this Angeloid sent down by their former master has powers that they might not be able to survive against in combat.

Ikaros Takes the Lethal Shot

Not using her logic in this tense situation, Astraea engages her armor and launches herself at top speed at the silent figure of Ikaros Melan, ready to tear apart the Angeloid that had badly crippled her friend Ikaros and who dared to hurt Tomoki as well. With all of her might, Astraea squeezes the armored arm of Ikaros Melan that has the bleeding Tomoki in her clenched hand, telling Ikaros Melan that she does not deserve to touch him. With one last, powerful squeeze of her hands, the armor plating on Ikaros Melan's arm shatters under the force of Astraea's crushing grip, causing her to drop Tomoki as she moves out of range of the enraged Astraea. Grabbing Tomoki before he hits the ground, Astraea summons her powerful photon sword Chrysaor and activates it, ready to strike down the Angeloid that dares to inflict harm upon her beloved friends. Sensing the incoming danger, Ikaros Melan engages her Aegis Shield in order to protect herself from the charging Astraea, who raises her sword and takes a mighty swing at the shield, knowing that Chrysaor has the power to shatter the original Aegis Shield that the true Ikaros possesses. Much to her shock and horror, Chrysaor shatters upon impact with the protective Aegis Shield, and before Astraea can properly defend herself, the displeased Ikaros Melan takes aim and with a punishing blast of raw, untamed power, badly damages the hapless Astraea as her Aegis L Shield fails to deflect the staggering power of the blast. The force of the blast sends the injured Astraea crashing down to the ground a small distance away from the terrified Nymph, who has been keeping the bleeding Tomoki safe from any derbies hitting him. Summoning the nigh-unstoppable power of the Apollo Bow, Ikaros Melan takes dead aim at the Angeloids below her and charges the arrow that she draws to it's full destructive power, with the power to systematically wipe the entire town of Sorami off of the face of the Earth. In silent horror, both the injured Astraea and panicking Nymph watch as the arrow of certain doom is released, racing towards their location and bringing their brutal deaths along with it's untamed power. Before the piercing arrow can reach its target, it is stopped by the sudden appearance of the badly damaged Ikaros, who has managed to recover just enough from her ordeal to be able to fly into the path of the incoming arrow. The instant the arrow lodges itself into her stomach region, Ikaros deploys her Aegis Shield to contain the ensuing explosion as with a massive burst of light, the arrow detonates inside of the shield, almost vaporizing the hapless Ikaros upon detonation.

Nymph's Pandora System Evolves

When the smoke of the blinding explosion clears, the nearly naked body of the unresponsive Ikaros crashes down onto the grassy field, her systems damaged so badly that she has no chance of being able to rebuild her damaged parts internally and is essentially dead upon impact with the ground. Stunned, both Astraea and Nymph begin crying over not just the loss of their best friend, but the loss of their best chance of beating the heartless Ikaros Melan, who is disappointed that her shot has not killed her intended targets. She too was caught up within the blast radius when Ikaros expanded the shield to include her rival inside of it, thus guaranteeing that Ikaros Melan would be severely incapacitated in the explosion. The heavily damaged body of Ikaros Melan falls down to the ground, smashing into the field off in the distance from where the explosion took place high in the blue sky. From behind, the sound of footsteps causes the horrified Nymph and Astraea to look behind them, and to their absolute terror, behind them stands a legion of various Angeloids, several that look oddly the same as them, the only exception being that they are dressed in black. Before they can defend themselves, they are mobbed by the horde of swarming Angeloids, with Nymph being brutally attacked before getting hacked into by one of the advanced Angeloids who looks identical to her. Using his old ties to her, the Man of Synapse tries to persuade his former servant that if she joins him again, he will let the badly injured Tomoki live past this ordeal, since he has accomplished his goal of slaying Ikaros at long last. Begging with Nymph, her creator Daedalus pleads with her not to give in to his offer, in which further enrages the hapless Nymph as with a sudden roar of power, she turns the tables upon the Angeloids who are busy damaging her systems though their hacking, using her new-found powers to override them and cause them to self-destruct. Watching in horror, the Man of Synapse and his Harpies look on as Nymph evolves right before their eyes, her formerly-locked Pandora system now fully functional as she completes her evolution into a more advanced, dangerous opponent.

Ikaros Melan Destroyed

While the newly evolved Nymph deals with the numerous Angeloids that the Man of Synapse has sent after them, the battered Astraea watches as Tomoki stirs from his injury-induced slumber and takes notice of what is going on. Seeing the nearly naked body of the severely injured Ikaros laying on the ground a short distance away from where he lies, the weary Tomoki slowly gets to his feet and hobbles his way over to where she lays motionless on the ground, her systems too badly damaged in order to repair themselves. Feeling saddened by her terrible injuries she endured and the sacrifice that she made in order to save his life, Tomoki sits down next to her and begins stroking her head, trying to come to grips with what has transpired over the past hour or so. To the shock of everyone, including the horrified Man of Synapse and his twin Harpies, the damaged systems of Ikaros begin to reboot and repair themselves as with a blinding flash of light that sends a beam piercing high into the heavens, signaling the activation of her PANDORA system and her evolution into her newest form. With her systems fully repaired and her power levels soaring to jaw-dropping heights, the PANDORA-evolved Ikaros makes quick work of the stunned Ikaros Melan, who does not stand a chance against the raw power or strength of her new and improved enemy. With a series of rapid, punishing blows to her enemies chest, Ikaros deals severe damage to the outmatched Ikaros Melan, and with one last brutal impact, destroys Ikaros Melan right before everyone's eyes. As the shattered pieces of Ikaros Melan fall down to the ground, Ikaros turns her attention to the badly injured Tomoki, who is in dire need of medical attention and has once again survived the bitter wrath of both Synapse and the Man of Synapse.



Type Theta 2nd Generation Tactical Angeloid Ikaros Melan looks almost identical to the true Ikaros, the only difference being the number of links of the chain that hangs from her collar (Melan has two full links with a broken third link, while Ikaros has three full links and a broken fourth link). The major difference is when Ikaros Melan engages her version of the Uranus Queen mode, when her outfit, hair, wings, and the halo that appears above her head turn pitch black. She also loses her leggings and skirt, and her shoulder armor is spiked. The halo that appears above her head is also spiked as well.

Abilities and Weapons

Each Melan type processes the original weapons of her first generation counterpart. Ikaros Melan processes the weapons Ikaros has, and Nymph Melan and Astraea Melan process the weapons their originals had.



  • Ikaros Melan is considered the "evil" Ikaros clone.
  • As for the point above, one cannot truly call an Angeloid "evil" because they exist to follow their master's orders. Ikaros also has a higher body-count, but she changed, whereas Melan did not.
  • Melan was the first Angeloid to kill a non-Angeloid character of the cast. Chaos does not count because Tomoki was revived and Hiyori was an Angeloid.
  • It is possible that after the rule was used to reset everything that Melan too came back. Though this is unlikely.
  • To be seen by a Melan means certain death. She will instantly attack an intruder without remorse.
  • Melan derives from the Greek word "Melas" which means "black" or "dark." Hence, "Black Uranus Queen."
  • Melan is a manga exclusive character, though concept art suggests she would have been in the anime provided there was a third season.
  • Ikaros Melan seems to toy with her prey. As demonstrated when she was posing as Ikaros. She could have easily killed Tomoki on the spot in public. Though it could also have been to prevent the Synapse's existence from being known. However it was likely plot reasons.
  • After Chaos absorbed the cores from the bodies, it is unknown what happened to them.
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