Zero Mascchettiano
Kanji: ユダのマン
Romaji: Yuda no otoko
Others: Man of Judas, That guy/man, Pigeon guy
Age: Possibly mid 40s
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Criminal
Debut (Manga): Chapter 6
Debut (Anime): Episode 08
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyū: Jurota Kosugi
English Voice: Christopher Sabat

Man of Judas or Zero is an internationally wanted, Class-S criminal who has a $9.9 billion bounty on his head. He is said to have killed 20,000 people in three years and hasn't been apprehended once.

He is typically referred to as "that guy" or "pigeon guy" by Tomoki Sakurai, who meets him every year in the summer festival. He always has the booth prepared with the name "Judas" at the top. He is shown with pigeons since his introduction in the JUDAS manga.

He and the president enjoy torturing Tomoki, and any upper hand Tomoki may gain is ruined by the Man of Judas in any of the hosted tournaments and competitions, which he always wins one way or another.


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