Make A Decision! Heaven and Hell (Up Down)
Sora no Otoshimono Forte - ep06 013
Kanji: 「決断せよ!天国と地獄(アップダウン)」
Homaji: Ketsudan Seyo!! Tengoku to Jigoku (Appu Daun)
Season: Second (Forte)
Episode: 6
Release date: 2010, 5 Nov
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Make A Decision!! Heaven and Hell (Up Down) is the 6th episode of the second season of Sora no Otoshimono Forte series.


Astraea is found in the pen of rabbits from high school, eating with them. Mikako ushered her to school for the day. Tomoki does not agree, he is therefore monitoring Ikaros. Tomoki turns once again to go Tomoko enjoy Astraea, pretending to take her measures, but that's not counting Sohara coming to him yet another thrashing.

Astraea is found in the same class as Tomoki, and it realizes that it does not understand anything of the course. It is just dazzled by the knowledge that without it reaches it. Having a little sorry for her, Tomoki Ikaros asks to do a little particular course Astraea. During cooking, she thinks poison Tomoki, but offers him food, which makes it easy to forget what she was doing.

After class, a small group is blocked in class: because their results somewhat in the red: Tomoki (which, given the stack must be in crimson), but there is also Sohara, she is zero English; Nymph, which is more, she did it for fun, and big surprise Mikako is the "moral" seems to lack. Tomoki besides being here learns that he is the latest in a list made ​​by girls: The boy you want to make your boyfriend. All girls who are going to humiliate and insult any name as the last fools.