Love and Triangles, Revisited
Sora no Otoshimono - ep04 008
Kanji: 愛と三角地帯(トライアングル)ふたたび
Homaji: Ai to Toraianguru Futatabi
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Release date: October 25, 2009
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Love and Triangles, Revisited is the 4th episode of the first season of the Heaven's Lost Property


The panties from the first season of Sora no Otoshimono Episode 2, "Heavenly Romance" have come back to Tomoki, as they have, the world probably surrounded by Ikaros.

Sugata is time for the second time the second Pretty and reports on the capabilities of compasses and their relationships with the New World.

The Next Day after the arrival of the panties, Sohara shows up and gets mad (like usual) and destroys a good amount of the panties. Secretly, Sohara got a card from Ikaros. They talk to Sugata and let him know they came back. Sohara makes Tomoki promise to get rid of them.

The next day, Sohara yells out the window if Tomoki had got rid of them yet. He responds that it was taken care of, and then takes out a pair of panties, while thinking to himself that theirs no way he would get rid of them. Then the panties blow up in his face. Sohara laughs at him and explains that she used the card to make it so whenever Tomoki touches or looks at a pair of panties, they would explode. Tomoki then tells Sohara that there is a big bug on her wall, when she turns around to look, Tomoki stares at her panties, and successfully blows them up.

Sohara and a reluctant Ikaros leave to go on a 'girls day out', while wishing Tomoki luck on getting out of the house. We are helped to a handful of scenes where Tomoki tries to leave the house and fails. Meanwhile Sohara is buying some panties for Ikaros, and then after they go to a diner to eat. Sohara tells Ikaros a story about Tomoki and her when they were younger, and then tells Ikaros that she has friends. They both are a little worried about Tomoki so they decide to go see him.

Back with Tomoki, he decides to just make a run for the door, which is fairly successful, until Sohara opens the door. Tomoki goes flying into her crotch, and seeing the panties, blows him unconscious. When he wakes up, Sugata and Mikako are there, explaining that Sohara was blasted inside the house. Mikako encourages him to save her, and offers him an assortment of army style equipment. Tomoki, not thinking clearly, runs inside with the equipment to save her, although it would've been better to send in someone who doesn't make panties explode.

Tomoki gets in and sees Sohara, but Sohara runs away in embarrassment, to which he yells out to her to not open his bedroom closet. Sohara doesn't heed his advise, and dumbly opens it, to reveal his stash of porn mags, which activates a booby trap Tomoki set up last night. The panty-monster-booby-trap immediately grabs Sohara and Tomoki is stuck thinking of a way to save her. Tomoki thinks back to when his grandpa came into his room, bloodied, giving him life advice.

Tomoki, encouraged by his grandpa's words, attacks the panty monster, freeing Sohara. Tomoki continues his ruthless attack, and jumps into the monster, causing all the panties to blow up, destroying his house. Outside, Sugata and Mikako are wondering if they are dead, to which Ikaros says that master is still there. Tomoki rises up, holding an unconscious Sohara, naked. By this time a crowd has appeared, and they cheer for Tomoki, who has seemingly saved the girl. Sohara opens her eyes, and Tomoki apologizes to her about the mess. (Even though Sohara made the wish of panty explosives.) Tomoki than glances at her skirt, causing a boner to show up, to which Sohara gets angry again and karate chops him in the face.

At the end of the episode you can still see the hint of Nymph .

Tomoki's DreamEdit

Daedalus is concerned and regrets that Tomoki now "as is drawn", as they both were discovered by someone.