Lost Memories
Manga 68
Release Date: Apr 7, 2013
Arc: Harpies Arc
Chapter: 68
Volume: 17
Chapter Guide

Lost Memories is the 68th chapter of Sora no Otoshimono manga.

In this beggining of this chapter, Tomoki, Sugata, and others were planning to give an attack to Synapse. Until half way of discussion, Tomoki gone crazy and thinking that the Dive game was the only option, he simply pick up a machine that look like Dive Game, and he pushed the Red Button. And the machine sent Tomoki and Sohara back to the past.

And Tomoki saw a small kid in his house. They asked each other "Who are you?".And they are arguing. Suddenly Sohara saw a small kid girl taht look like herself. And they have realise that the Ikaros's strange device sent them back to the past. And suddenly Tomoki saw his grandpa was riding a horse in that housing area. But Tomoki's quickly grab them inside the house and asking them to forgive him because he had a bastard grandchild. After that, Tomoki says that he is his (Grandpa) grandchild. And the grandpa of Tomoki was shocked and asking that if he was his grandchild and they have a blood line.

After that Tomoki and his past small Tomoki have started a race between each other.But obviously that the small tomoki was outmatched, but suddenly, the child tomoki take out a Barbie Doll..... And Sohara started chopping Tomoki because he have molest her. After the chopping scene they found out that the past of themselve was happy because of the Sohara is chopping Tomoki. But suddenly, the child Sohara started to cough very hardly and the child Tomoki quickly take Child Sohara back home.

And then they have a night beside the Sakura Tree. And they heard a sound of an ambulance pass by.(This ambulance scene get alot of discusion in the forum) In the morning Tomoki went to "his" house again. They shouted, but there is no respond.And Tomoki went in to the house without any permisson.After that he walked straight up the stairs. and they found out that the small Tomoki was CRYING while holding the Barbie Doll in his hand.But when the Tomoki calls him to answer why is he crying. the child Tomoki answered " Eh, WHY AM I CRYING?"(This also get alot of Discussion in forum). But Tomoki get absorb back from the time by Ikaros. But Tomoki quckly run down stairs and search for something. After he found the Barbie Doll..... he starting to cry. But he asked himself, WHY AM I CRYING, with the dirty and old doll in his hand.