Fierce Battle! The Fishing (Jumbo Carnival) of Dreams
Sora no Otoshimono Forte - ep09 006
Kanji: 「激闘!夢の一本釣り(ジャンボカーニバル)」
Homaji: Gekitou! Yume no Ipponzuri (Janbo Kaanibaru)
Season: Second (Forte)
Episode: 9
Release date: 2010, 26 Nov
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Fierce Battle! The Fishing (Jumbo Carnival) of Dreams is the 9th episode of the second season of the Sora no Otoshimono Forte series.


Another activity is organized by Mikako. This time we would have to catch most of the girls who have a huge chest, and bring them in like fish from the water. Everyone has fun at the festival, all going well until Mikako arrives with this game. She sends the girls on one side of the pool and boys on the other. Quickly, she explains that it is fishing "Boing Boing". what is the girls tied to fish. Tomoki becomes Tomoko for this game and fight Mikako. Nymph is still entitled to a dirty reflection "back when they have grown." Of course after a few moving parts, it loses against the biggest catch. Astraea not, however, Sohara, he will not. Result of a decision, it still fails.

After that, back home. After the fight against Chaos, Ikaros remains disturbed by the question she asked: "what is love?." It raises the question Sohara, which is not able to give him an answer. She then addressed Nymph seems to have an answer, she saw a DVD Tomoki who must talk. Unless it's a porn movie.

When the owner realizes he is trying to divert attention by spinning at two Angeloids ¥2,000 each to buy what they want. Great question, what to buy? Nymph, it will be treats. To Ikaros, she would like something for Tomoki. After asking everyone it's Eishiro who gives her the best answer. She goes to buy a watermelon, something she loves. Mission accomplished, he is happy it makes him laugh, but she is still struggling to understand why.

At the bottom of the ocean, Chaos trotting meets with Ikaros and deduces that "love = suffering." By "love," it killing all the surrounding fish.