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Eishirou Sugata
Kanji: 守形 英四郎
Romaji: Sugata Eishirō
Others: Ei-kun (by Mikako)
Sugata-senpai (by his peers)
Age: 17-18 (In Sora no Otoshimono)
20 (In Daisuki Desu!! Mahou Tenshi Cosmos)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Student, President of The New World Club
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyū: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
English Voice: Eric Vale

Eishirou Sugata (守形 英四郎, Sugata Eishirō?) is a friend of Tomoki Sakurai and the president of The New World Discovery club, that the latter is roped into joining. 


Sugata is a tall young man who sports delicate white hair and blue-green eyes. He dresses in his school uniform, for those are his only clothes. He wears large, rectangular glasses. His facial expression is almost always neutral.


Sugata is the president of the New World Discovery Club (新大陸発見部 Shin Tairiku Hattukenbu). He is a scientist of sorts and is currently researching the Angeloids and Synapse with Nymph's help. He lives in a tent near a river and is always seen wearing his school uniform, as he has no other clothes, and continually praises various European explorers (such as Magellan and Columbus).

He is highly eccentric and has some past involvement with Mikako's family; her servants call him "young master" . He is also equal on combat abilities with Mikako Satsukitane. He and Daedalus frequently work together when he is visiting Synapse. Eishirou's intellect actually impresses the Sky Master himself.

He acts like a presenter of sorts at the beginning of most episodes in the anime, usually going on about the new world, and using various examples to explain his ideas, including historical figures. These presentations usually give small hints to the events of the episode.

Sugata once had an older brother whom he looked up to. Sugata's older brother had a strong passion for flight and gliders, thus, Sugata developed similar interests. Sugata always followed his older brother around, and helped him with his various projects. One day before a test flight, Sugata and his older brother had an argument over something trivial. Sugata was left to prepare the glider while his older brother was occupied by something else. Since Sugata was still heated from the argument earlier, he put minimal effort into preparing the glider, of which he would soon come to regret. While Sugata's older brother was in mid-flight, one of the wings broke off the glider due to Sugata's lack of sturdy preparation. Sugata's older brother plummeted to his death. With the responsibility of his older brother's death on his shoulders, Sugata was disowned by his family. Sugata's older brother was supposed to be the heir for head of the family, but with his death and Sugata's disowning, Sugata's younger brother is now the heir. Sugata set his sights on the new world as a personal way to atone for responsibility of his brother's death.


Eishirou Sugata is first introduced in the Sora no Otoshimono manga and anime when Tomoki and Sohara arrive to school and find a massive crowd of panicking students who are looking up towards the top of the highest building on campus. Sugata appears on top of the school building with a glider ready to jump. He checks the weather and makes the leap but it falls between the trees and wonders whether it was a miscalculation or weight. He returns to the club room, and shortly afterwards Tomoki and Sohara appear asking for an explanation for the dream that Tomoki was having. He introduces them to the "New World", a block hole of sorts that has appeared above the city and invites Tomoki to investigate it that night. He is unable to attend due to Mikako kidnapping him but warns Tomoki to run away from there.

Since the black hole will be directly over the city of Sorami that evening, Eishiro arranges for the three of them to meet up at a special location just outside of Sorami so that they can witness it passing over them at midnight, but problems arise in this plan. Sohara is not allowed to go out past a certain time at night by her concerned parents, and Eishirou gets tangled up with the enraged Principal over the glider stunt that he pulled earlier in the day, resulting in Tomoki being the only one to be at the scheduled meeting place as the midnight hour draws near. Frustrated that no one will be showing up at the designated time, Tomoki plans to leave the meeting place, but is distracted when he receives a desperate call from the panicking Eishirou, who is racing over to the meeting place as fast as he can pedal his worn out bicycle.

Eishriou begins to warn Tomoki of a sudden increase in disturbance from the orb, but is cut off by the loss of the signal when the orb moves directly over the slumbering city of Sorami. Looking up, Tomoki comes face to face with the colossal sphere hovering in the night skies, and before he can even try to think of what this giant orb of disturbance could be made of, a streak of white light emerges from the edge of the orb and rushes towards where he is sitting. Panicking, Tomoki gets up and runs for his life as the streaking light slams down into the ground where he had been sitting just moments ago, showing dirt and derbies high into the air as the impact knocks him off of his feet. Tomoki discovers that there is a unconscious girl laying down in the smoldering crater, but this is no ordinary girl, for she has a pair of large ping wings and seems to hardly be injured from the devastating impact. Not wanting to be caught up in this wild mess, Tomoki decides to leave the area, but when massive chunks of shattered marble pillars begin slamming down from the skies into the ground around him, he decides that he should save the poor girl from getting smashed. Back at the crater, he tries to save her, but when a speeding pillar comes racing down from the heavens and towards his location, Tomoki realizes that they are right in it's path and will be killed upon impact. He is stunned to find himself soaring through the air in a shower of pink feathers, and realizes that the girl he was trying to save has just rescued him from the impact of the pillar.

Eishirou finally arrives at the destroyed hillside that was to be the meeting place for watching the orb pass over, and is stunned to find a grimy Tomoki lying underneath a strange girl with wings emerging from her back. Freaking out, Tomoki gets out from underneath the mysterious girl that has introduced herself to him as the Pet-Class Angeloid Ikaros and has bonded to him to become his servant by the chain hanging from her collar. Interested by this development, Eishirou studies Ikaros with his eyes as Tomoki demands to know as to how he can remove the chain that is wrapped tightly around his right hand, knowing that he has school tomorrow and that people might find it odd that he is chained to a girl with wings. Prodding at the thick chains, Eishirou deems that it would take a long time to remove it, and asks Tomoki if he lives with his parents, to which Tomoki responds that he lives alone in his parent's old house in the aftermath of them leaving on a world tour six years ago. Eishirou tells him to go home and get some sleep, for they will try to puzzle out the meaning of these developments tomorrow at school since his theory regarding a new world has been confirmed with the arrival of Ikaros. Weary from the events of that day, Tomoki makes his way back home, the silent Ikaros following closely behind as he heads inside and goes to bed with the thought that perhaps this was all just a bad dream. The following day, Tomoki awakens to discover that the events of last night had actually happened when he finds Ikaros sitting next to his bed and realizes that the chain is still wrapped tightly around his right hand. Tomoki discovers that Ikaros has the ability to grant him whatever he desires through the use of her specialized Transport Card. Getting carried away by his perverted nature, Tomoki makes the first of many bad choices that eventually leads him to become the last human remaining on Earth, alone and isolated due to his perverted and dangerous wishes.

In the aftermath of Tomoki's wild rampage that is corrected by Ikaros after he wishes that none of what had happened that day was real and was just a dream, Tomoki wakes up and is somewhat surprised to find the curious Ikaros on top of him, looking at him with an unsure expression. Going downstairs after Sohara brutally delivers her karate chop on him after she entered his room and found Ikaros on top of him, Tomoki is stunned to find Eishirou Sugata sitting casually at his table, eating a bowl of soup for breakfast as he looks over one of the few old Transport Cards that Ikaros still possesses. Ikaros explains to them that these older model cards have the same powers as the advanced model she used to have, but once the older cards are used on a particular desire, it cannot summon anything from Synapse other than anything else other than the original desire. She also tells them that some older cards have unique abilities that can have unsuspecting side effects, no matter what they are used for. Realizing that they are going to be late for school, Eishirou and Sohara race off towards Sorami High, while Tomoki gets roughly halfway there before realizing that Ikaros is still chained to his right hand and is flying in the air behind him, attracting the attention of the people that Tomoki is running past. Racing back home, Tomoki realizes that they need to resolve the issue of the chain binding him to her, in which she tells him that she can turn the chain invisible. Allowing her to make that change, Tomoki once again races off towards Sorami High, but has to return back to his house once again when he realizes that Ikaros is still following him closely. Telling her that she has to stay at home while he is at school, Tomoki races off towards school, now quite late for his classes as the silent Ikaros sits on the mat in the center of the living room, bummed over not being allowed to follow her master.

Tomoki accidentally "wishes" for Sohara to wear different panties other than the one with the dog icon that he accidentally sees when she falls over. This results in every pair of panties she tries to put on shooting off and flying away. Eishirou is forced to lend his club-room for her use as they try to figure out as to why this is happening. Tomoki, beaten and battered from the series of brutal chops that Sohara smashed him with after she discovered that he was the reason for her embarrassing plight, tells the concerned Eishirou that the Transport Card in his pocket had activated after he had seen her panties and thought that she would be better off with different ones, thus accidentally activating the card.

Astraea Arc

Sugata cares for Astraea as he gives her snacks. He also gave her a place to stay at temporarily.

Chaos Arc

He hated Chaos.

Hiyori Kazane/Return of Chaos Arcs

Sugata finds out that Hiyori is indeed a Angleloid but his memory gets wiped out like all the others and forgets about her.

Ikaros Melan Arc

End Arc

He is presumably killed by Ikaros Melan while reprogramming the Rule Obelisk to take one more wish (Chapter 73). He is seen alive once again presumably due to Tomoki's wish (chapter 77).

Powers & Abilities

While Eishirou does not possess any special powers or talents, he does specialize in using highly advanced technology and his meticulous methods of exploration in order to not only advance his research, but to come to grips with the technology from the mysterious world of Synapse. Being quite intellectual, he puts together theories and ideas based upon his research and findings, occasionally helping out Tomoki and friends whenever they come to a difficult understanding of certain situations. When Nymph introduces Eishirou to some of the advanced technology that she uses from Synapse, he takes a great interest in it and begins utilizing it to further his exploration and understanding of the mysterious world of Synapse. There is one downside to his genius, however, and it pertains to the fact that some of his methods or ideas usually result in negative side effects for himself or the hapless Tomoki, who falls victim to Eishirou's incorrect logic and intellectual abilities, Eishirou has shown to be quite a good fighter, managing to take down a bear when they went to camp.


  • Mikako Satsukitane - Childhood Friend, classmate, love interest (shown at the end of manga).
  • Nymph - Friend. She frequently helps him in his experiment.
  • Ikaros - Friend. Former Angeloid.



  • His name is presumably derived from Sanshirou Sugata.
  • He wanted to search for the New Continent because he felt that he belongs there.
  • Eishirou Sugata also makes appearances in Daisuki desu!! Mahou Tenshi Cosmos, another work of Suu Minazuki.
  • He is non-existed to the Sugata Family.
  • Sugata feels that it was his fault that his older brother died.
  • Sugata was the second son of the Sugata family.
  • He's called master/sensei in the manga but not the anime.
  • He calls both his club and the Synapse the new world in the anime, and in the manga he calls them both the new continent.
  • In the manga he usually acted as Tomoki's partner in peeking, such as when Tomoki stated that the girl's bathroom was the new continent and also accompanied Tomoki in measuring many girl's size including Sohara's and the Angeloids'.
  • He is, as described by Mikako Satsukitane, "creepy, perverted beyond belief, weird beyond comprehension, and without a doubt, the freakiest four-eyed guy I know of, but he's dependable for what you need."