Eating Watermelons (Tomoki)
Sora no Otoshimono Forte - ep07 025
Kanji: 「西瓜(トモキ)喰います」
Homaji: Suika (Tomoki) Kuimasu
Season: Second (Forte)
Episode: 7
Release date: 2010, 12 Nov
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Eating Watermelons (Tomoki) is the 7th episode of the second season of Sora no Otoshimono Forte series.


Daedalus tries to warn Tomoki of a new threat, ε angeloïd Type Epsilon "Chaos", until it comes in striking Ikaros as a vulgar doll.

Astraea continues her quest for food up to eat bait for fishing. She sees the source of his unhappiness: Tomoki, and went home. There, Nymph is only watching TV by his kid. She is hungry and found a thief in the fridge. Astraea. They both have the slab. and what remains are the watermelons from the garden of Ikaros . They believe in taking a without it's way. Unless they manage to swallow all. Here they badly when Ikaros returned, forced to hide their wrongdoing. A little hacking Nymph transforms what remains plans watermelon monsters that attack Tomoki. It goes wrong. Finally, Nymph uses a map to create a cannon that solves the problem and accuses Delta. The worst is Astraea is inviting and starts with "BAKA! BAKA!" With Tomoki.

Once the meal is finished, Astraea goes accompanied by Nymph and tries to understand why his senpai betrayed Synapse. Then she has no tact on the Nymph that can not fly. For its part, Tomoki makes the meeting of Chaos, as an innocent girl clothes like a nun. Nymph, wingless or master Tomoki always seeks a master, then comes Eishiro just ask him a favor. His short game is wrong when Nymph is shipping by false Tomoki. It will be saved by Daedalus. Nymph is having Chaos by telling him to angeloid want to be his master, but eventually realize that it is not Tomoki when he asks her to explain what "love," the why she had betrayed Synapse.

A fight begins, but it is not the weight. Chaos continues to call him by strangling what "love".