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Kanji: カオス
Romaji: Kaosu
Others: Brat
Generation: Second
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Height: 107 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Master: Master of Synapse (former)

None (Anime)

Type: ε (Epsilon)
Class: Evolution
Wing Type: Imperfect Variable, Amphibian
Occupation: None
Debut (Manga): Chapter 27
Debut (Anime): Forte Episode 5
Appears in: Manga, Anime, and Movie
Seiyuu: Aki Toyosaki
English Voice: Carrie Savage

Chaos (イプシロン, kaosu?) is a 2nd-Generation (第二世代, dainisedai?) Angeloid, Type Epsilon and the first major antagonist introduced, after the Master of Synapse. She is a warped and murderous Angeloid appearing as a child.


The first ever 2nd Generation Angeloid to be created by Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea's former master in the Synapse, 2nd Generation: Type Epsilon Angeloid Chaos, (or just Chaos for short) is the first in a whole new breed of Angeloids that features new, more advanced abilities over those of the 1st Generation series.

Created as the first of a new line of advanced, upgraded Angeloids that differ in design compared to Daedalus and her 1st Generation models. Chaos is tasked with several missions by her master, the Master of the Synapse. She is sent down to the Earth to the town of Sorami, Japan to eliminate Tomoki Sakurai and to locate and kill both of the Angeloids that have "betrayed" the Synapse and her master.

As with both fellow Angeloids Ikaros and Nymph, Chaos comes equipped with the powerful PANDORA System within her body.  However, her version of PANDORA behaves differently. While she was in development, the Master of Synapse created his own version of the PANDORA System, but in a radical twist, he makes it so that it is always active and that it can dynamically allow for Chaos to adapt and evolve over time without any restrictions.

An example of her system adapting to changing conditions due to the aid of her PANDORA System is when Chaos manages to become strong enough through the evolution of her systems to escape the crushing pressure of the deepest trench in the Pacific Ocean that Ikaros had trapped her in roughly six months prior.

In that time she grows up and thinks love means torture and pain, since that is what happened to her. She then tortures the fishes in the ocean thinking that it's love. In the end, she understands what love is after being spared by Astraea. Then she, Nymph, and Astrea get a new, nicer master, Tomoki. She then is no longer hostile or enemies to Tomoki and his friends.


Chaos Arc

Chaos (Heaven's Lost Property: Forte/Manga) Introduced towards the middle of the Heaven's Lost Property: Forte anime roughly several weeks after the initial failure of Astraea to complete her mission of killing Tomoki Sakurai. Chaos is sent down to Earth by the Man of Synapse to kill Ikaros and Nymph, who has in his eyes have "betrayed" the world of Synapse by choosing to stay on Earth with the "downers". Developed in complete secrecy and totally unknown to the three Angeloids that live with Tomoki and his friends, Chaos arrives in the town of Sorami and begins her search for her targets. She first comes across Tomoki when she finds him spending time at the local park, sitting on the swings in a ragged shirt and pajamas. Tomoki, who is in the process of trying to comprehend having just survived being caught up in one of Nymph's and Astraea's schemes to cover up the evidence that they ate all of Ikaros's watermelons from her garden in his backyard, does not notice the approach of Chaos behind him as he muses over the three Angeloids that are making his life hectic. Someone grabs the sleeve of his shirt, he is quite surprised to see a oddly-dressed girl who is giving him a strange smile. He tries to ask who she is, but she interrupts him with "Do you want me to take you a world without UMA?", which does not impress the somewhat bewildered Tomoki. He gets up, compliments her for her words, pats her on the head, and makes his way back towards his home, telling her to go home since it is late. He is stunned, however, when she jumps on his back and asks "Then is it okay....If I play dolly? in a cold, chilling voice that shocks him. Before he can even turn around to answer, she vanishes into the distance at high speed, putting her devious plans into motion.

Meanwhile, back at his house, Nymph is taking a look at the shredded remains of her wings that sticks out from her back in the mirror, still feeling the hurt from an unintentionally snide comment from Astraea regarding her inability to fly due to her missing wings. She is interrupted from her silent sadness by Eishiro Sugata, who has a important favor to ask of her regarding the use of her device that they used in a earlier, unsuccessful attempt to access Tomoki's locked dreams. He asks if she can fire up the device so that he can make a return trip to the mysterious plane of Synapse that he had come across in the previous failed attempts in order to search around for clues and to test a theory of his regarding Synapse. Nymph agrees, and soon has Eishiro back at the mysterious area with the massive stone pillar, where he attempts to explore around and get a better grasp of the "new world" that has captured his attention. However, he is continually hampered in his trips by the Harpies, the two disgraced Angeloids that now guard and patrol Synapse for their master the Man of Synapse on each occasion. Each time that he returns to Synapse, they race to his location in a attempt to capture him for their master, but fail each time when Nymph brings Eishiro back to Earth via her machine. He begins measuring the time it takes for them to locate him, and decides after several tests to attempt a 40-second try at avoiding the Harpies and returning safely. Nymph agrees, and sends Eishiro back to Synapse for another attempt at evading the efforts of the Harpies to locate him before the time limit is reached. However, in the middle of their current session, Nymph is interrupted by Tomoki, who grabs her by the arm and tells her that they are going out on a date at that instant. She tries to object, citing that she needs to be here to return Eishiro back to Earth from Synapse when the clock signals the time limit they agreed on, but is swiftly led away by Tomoki out of the room, leaving Eishiro stranded on Synapse without any assistance.

For Eishiro, the 40-second deadline arrives, and to his surprise, he is not returned back to Earth via her machine's portal, which causes him to become worried that something bad has happened. The Harpies, which have successfully located him on this his latest adventure in Synapse, surround him and prepare to kill him on the spot, due to his earlier escapes that have caused them shame and embarrassment, which has enraged both of them. He turns to them and tells them that he is sorry about this, for something has happened back on the surface that has stopped him from escaping. They make a sarcastic response to his remarks, and one of them jumps forward to kill him where he stands before them, raising her razor-sharp claws to strike. To everyone's surprise, a new portal suddenly opens up next to him, and the upper body of a female angel emerges, telling him to follow her through to safety. In shock from this new turn of events, he does not object, and she pulls him away from the clutches of the Harpies and to safety through the portal. Now safe and in a mysterious room, a stunned Eishiro is shocked that a angel has just saved his life mere moments before dying away from his friends back on Earth. He decides to observe her behavior and further press her with questions, but the two of them are distracted by what is starting to take place back on Earth. Unknown to him, he is in the same room with the powerful Angel Daedalus, who is the creator of the 1st Generation of Angeloids.

Meanwhile, back on the surface, a worried Nymph is being led to a remote location in the countryside outside of Sorami by Tomoki, her mind pondering what has become of the stranded Eishiro in the world of Synapse at the hands of the Harpies. Her worried thoughts, however, are interrupted when Tomoki comes to a stop next to a large tree and tells her that he has something that he has been wanting to tell her, no matter what. To her shock and complete disbelief, he tells her that he wants to become her new master, which at first she gets mad at him for daring to ask her that at such a time and so suddenly. She tells him that she does not have her wings, and that she does not want to be a failure again, for she does not wish to endure the pain of failing her new master as she failed her ex-master earlier. He tells her that he has found her to be cute and that he wants her as his Angeloid, which brings tears of happiness to her eyes as she considers his offer to become her new master. After several seconds of pondering, she gladly accepts his offer, and starts the process to imprint him as her new master, but is interrupted when he asks that she perform one order before he becomes her master. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she asks him what he wants her to do, telling him that she would do anything for him. With a straight face, Tomoki calmly asks her to self-destruct before his very eyes, which not only stuns her, but sets off alarms in Nymph's head that something is not right. She slowly asks him "What did you say, Tomoki?", trying to contain her feelings as he looks at her with a twisted grin. He responds by asking her to tell him about love, a strange look upon his face as he proceeds to tell her how amazing love must be to make her "betray" Synapse. He grabs her by the arms, and tries to convince her to show her love to him by self-destructing herself for him at this very moment, which horrifies her as he continues to repeat the word "love" to her.

Thinking back to what her told her earlier and how he acts around her, Nymph remembers that the real Tomoki would never do such a horrible thing as this, and decides that this is a fake trying to kill her. She angrily demands to know his "true" identity, and shouts how dare the fake use Tomoki's form in front of her, quickly changing into her battle form as she prepares to combat her new enemy. Snickering, the fake before her makes the comment about his disappointment that she found out about the guise and to her horror, begins to change shape before her eyes. To the total shock and disbelief of Nymph, Chaos appears before her eyes, commenting that she only wanted to know what love was by having Nymph tell her. She introduces herself to Nymph, telling her that she is Chaos, a 2nd Generation Type Epsilon Angeloid, and asks once again to be told what love means. Furious that she was tricked and deceived by one of her former master's Angeloids, Nymph promptly responds by shouting "F**k You!", and unleashes her powerful Paradise Song attack, which smothers Chaos in a powerful blast of raw energy and scores a direct hit. Satisfied with her attack, Nymph mutters that it "serves her right" and turns to walk away from the scene, but to her horror, Chaos appears besides her, with hardly a scratch on her. Eyes filled with cold, twisted rage, Chaos calmly asks her "what serves me right?", as the flabbergasted Nymph tries to figure out why her Paradise Song attack failed to damage Chaos. Chaos grabs the stunned Nymph, and proceeds to tell her about her mission to Earth for the Man of Synapse, how she was here to recover the Variable-Type wing's core from Ikaros by any means necessary, since it is the most powerful system ever created by Synapse, and how she disguised herself as Tomoki in order to get close to Nymph so that she could ask her a question. Furious, Nymph demands to know what Chaos wanted to be told, but is interrupted when she is thrown down to the ground at the feet of Chaos. Chaos responds that she wants to know what love is, since Angeloids never disobey their master's orders, and how the Man of Synapse said that Nymph was affected by love, thus betraying Synapse due to it. She continues on by saying how Angeloids do not have or come with a program for "love", and asks if Nymph in love with Tomoki Sakurai.

Taken aback by the comments Chaos is making, Nymph fails to provide a sufficient answer for the questions being asked of her, and struggles to find words as she looks up in horror at the smiling Chaos before her. Before she can decide what to do, Chaos begins to change forms, commenting that she should not have asked Nymph about what love really meant. She takes the form of Mikako, and reminds Nymph of how she is a failure without her wings to use. Pushed past the point of rage, Nymph launches herself towards Chaos, intent on inflicting severe pain upon her as she reaches out to grab her enemy. With a powerful swing, Chaos slaps her with a massive strike, knocking Nymph backwards from the hard impact and to almost down to her knees. Chaos swaps forms again, becoming that of Eishiro Sugata, the man that to Nymph's knowledge is still stranded in Synapse, most likely captured or even dead at the hands of the Harpies. Enraged that the deception by Chaos is the reason that Eishiro is most likely dead, she responds by firing off two more blasts of her Paradise Song attack at Chaos, shouting "You bastard!" as her attacks fail to do any damage. Eyes filled with twisted glee, Chaos takes on the form of Sohara Mitsuki, shouting that Nymph can't have Tomoki, since she is such a failure, and goes on to shout that she hates her in a musical tone. Nymph, pushed beyond the limit of common sense and allowing her fury to blindly take over her actions, screams at Chaos at the top of her lungs to shut up and stop with the torture of her words and disguises. The three disguises stand before her, and converse with each other, agreeing to do something to Nymph before disappearing and re-appearing before her as the fake Tomoki. With a wicked grin on her face, she proceeds to tell Nymph that she will scrap her, and for the final time, calls her a "wingless failure" to her face. Chaos then begins spawning dozens of similar Tomoki figures that completely surround her and after several seconds, begin to brutally attack the overwhelmed Nymph with powerful punches and kicks.

Back in Synapse, both a stunned Eishiro and Daedalus watch the unfolding plight of Nymph on one of the screens in the room, seeing her being totally overwhelmed and pushed to the limit by Chaos and her dozens of fake Tomoki forms. Daedalus makes the comment that the "2nd Generation of Angeloid is complete....and my 1st Generation of Angeloid is nothing compared to them", which shocks Eishiro, who was not aware that he was in the company of the very Angel that created Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea. Unknown to Nymph, Ikaros has detected her plight and is now flying at top speeds towards their location, ready to defend her with all of her might. With a mighty crash, Ikaros lands down in between the injured Nymph and the smiling Chaos, eyes filled with rage as she takes a look at her newest enemy before her. She turns around to see the traumatized Nymph lying on the ground, grabbing her head in frustration and muttering that she will "kill" Chaos for what she has done to her. Seeing Nymph in such a bad state enrages Ikaros, who activates her battle form as she turns back around and demands to know what Chaos did to make Nymph be badly injured and traumatized. The smiling Chaos does not respond, and this failure to answer makes Ikaros take aim at her enemy with her Artemis Launcher attack, unlocking the power of the Variable-Type wing core in order to use more power to fuel her attacks. As she begins to issue her command to launch her attack, Ikaros is brought to a halt by the disappearance of Chaos and the sudden appearance of her master Tomoki before her. Back in Synapse, both Daedalus and Eishiro watch in horror, knowing that Ikaros can be easily fooled and mislead by Chaos so long as she thinks that it is Tomoki that is ordering her to do what he wants. In his private room, the Man of Synapse watches the events unfolding below him, pleased with himself as he watches Ikaros fall victim to Chaos and her deception.

Stunned that she almost attacked Tomoki, Ikaros stares in horror at how close she came to killing him with her attack, eyes filled with worry as he makes his way towards her. With a cruel smile on his face, Tomoki tells her that he wishes her to break Nymph for him, and that this is an order. Shocked by his order, Ikaros takes a step back, horrified by his request, but since it was a order, she has no choice but to follow it to the end. She turns to a flabbergasted Nymph, who is stunned that Ikaros would follow through with such a order without so much as taking the time to think about it, and watches in horror as Ikaros begins to make her way to where she lies on the ground. Ikaros grabs Nymph by the collar around her neck, tells her to "Run Away", and with all of her strength, hurls Nymph into the sky and away from the scene of the battle. Powerless to stop herself due to her lack of wings, the terrified Nymph soars through the air at high speed, eyes widened in shock as her battered body races towards the location that Ikaros threw her in. Ikaros watches Nymph disappear into the distance, only to be suddenly asked by Tomoki as to what is she doing, and he demands to know if she is disobeying his orders. Unable to control herself, Ikaros begins falling for the deception by Chaos, becoming convinced that this is really Tomoki that she has disobeyed on purpose. She tells him that to break Nymph is too much for her to do, but she is interrupted by Tomoki as he demands to know what she is. Afraid to disobey him again, Ikaros tells him that she is "Master's Angeloid....Type Alpha: Ikaros" as she gets down on her knees and bows to him. With a sneer on his face, he orders her to break herself before his eyes, starting with her right arm. Unable to disobey his orders, she summons up a orb of dangerous energy within her left palm and takes aim at her right arm when her elbow is.

Back in Sorami at the local cafe, Tomoki hears the strange noise again and watches Sohara's glass of ice cream almost tips over from the sudden shock that is felt in the building. Sohara makes the comment that it could be simply some construction work going on in the area, which he agrees to at first, but stops when he gets a strange feeling about what that sound really might be related to. He replies to Sohara that he has to go, and swiftly takes his leave from the cafe, much to the surprise and disappointment of his friend. Nymph, who has crash landed in a remote area by one of the rivers in the forests outside of Sorami, slowly gets to her feet, convinced that she must help Ikaros in her struggle against Chaos. She begins to leave, but then she remembers the cruel reality that she does not have her wings, and without them, she is nothing but "wingless garbage" because she can't even fight back. Fighting back tears of rage and despair, she begins to break down emotionally, but stops when she notices a worried Astraea wandering across her location, carrying strange plants and fruits in her arms. Concerned, Astraea wants to know why Nymph is so injured and battered, but is cut short when a tearful Nymph grabs her and begs her to go and help Ikaros, who currently is being destroyed piece by piece in a series of orders from the "fake" Tomoki disguise that Chaos is using to manipulate her. Astraea, alarmed that such a horrible thing could be happening to Ikaros, drops her assortment of plants and takes off into the sky to help, but is interrupted by her current master the Man of Synapse, who still controls and owns her. With a look of amusement on his face, he promptly orders her to eliminate Nymph at this very moment, very much to the horror of Astraea, who has become good friends with her.

Caught between fulfilling her master's orders to kill her friend or failing another assigned task to allow Nymph to escape, Astraea comes to a stop, and looks back down at a trembling Nymph, who begins to shed new tears as she realizes that her end is near. Taking pleasure in her upcoming demise, the Man of Synapse asks Astraea what is taking her so long to obey his orders, and to destroy Nymph as slowly as possible. Astraea falters, trembling with fear as she is ordered to systematically rip her friend below into pieces and then smash her face, for this is an order, and he wishes it to be done now. She turns around to face her downed friend, and engages her battle form, drawing her powerful photon sword Chrysaor and equipping her Aegis L Shield as she slowly descends from the sky and lands on the ground next to Nymph. Trying to steady herself, Astraea apologies for what she must do, citing that it is what her master has ordered her to do as she looks down at the quaking Nymph. Realizing that her life is most likely over within the next few minutes, Nymph does not make any attempt to resist or save herself, beginning to accept her cruel fate as she starts talking about how it is okay, how Angeloids can't disobey their masters, and how Angeloids should not dream. To the surprise of the two Angeloids, the real Tomoki makes his arrival at the scene, having rushed over from the cafe after getting a bad feeling in his gut as to what was happening with the Angeloids. He interjects Nymph's statement with his own furious words "Like hell they can't!", taking a stand halfway between the stunned Astraea and the relieved Nymph, who are both blown away by his enraged behavior.

Making his point known, Tomoki goes on asking them if "it is wrong for an Angeloid to dream?", and continues forth with more questions when no one answers his original question. He gets on one knee before a stunned Nymph, and extends his hand towards her, telling her that he thinks that is it okay for Angeloids to be free to dream, and enjoy a life free from orders. Shaken by his statements, Nymph launches herself at him, crying out his name as she embraces him and proceeds to suffer another round of a emotional breakdown, this time one of relief that he has stood up for her in the face of danger. Blown away by his compassion and bravery in the face of danger to help a doomed Nymph, Astraea stands before them, starring at the two of them with shock as she fails to carry out her ordered mission once again. Tomoki turns his head to Astraea, reminding her that he has told her about making her own decisions and that she should decide for herself what does she wish to do. Astraea tries to respond to Tomoki's remarks, but is cut off when the Man of Synapse orders her to go and finish off the injured Ikaros, which Chaos is taking too long in doing so due to her constant "toying" with her. Looking a stern-faced Tomoki in the eyes, she replies "Yes, Master", and before turning away to leave, tells him that she will be back to kill them when she returned. Grinding her teeth in frustration, Astraea takes off at full speed into the sky, making her way towards the location of the ongoing fight between Chaos and Ikaros. As she makes her way towards her target, Astraea begins to have a war with herself emotionally, trying to shake what Tomoki told her and convince herself how downers such as him were "deceiving" Ikaros and Nymph, how he only exists to be stepped on by Synapse, and why should she "fall for him as they did?".

Making her final approach, Astraea comes within eyesight of the smiling Chaos as she stands over a small crater that has the injured body of Ikaros laying inside, not moving due to her sustained damage. Looking up, Chaos sees her backup arriving and begins to speak, but is cut short when the enraged Astraea, shouting that "she has decided to fall in love with him too", draws Chrysaor and takes a mighty swing, just missing Chaos by inches. Stunned that his own Angeloid is attacking his newest model, the Man of Synapse demands to know what she is doing, demanding that she listen and fulfill her mission to help Chaos kill Ikaros. Sick and tired of his commands, Astraea clenches the invisible Chain of Fate that bonds her to the Man of Synapse and with a mighty tug, shatters the chain with her bare hands, thus ending her service to him as his Angeloid, screaming "Shut Up!" as she does so. While this is happening, Ikaros begins to recover from her terrible injuries and looks up just in time to see Astraea shatter her chain, and is amazed that she would do such a thing in order to save her life. Chaos, completely flabbergasted and dumbstruck by what her new enemy has just done, shakes the scene from her head and approaches Astraea, asking "You cut your own that 'love'?" as she launches into her attack on her former ally. Astraea blocks the powerful strike, and responds with "I don't know....I'm stupid! But this is my own decision...", thinking about what Tomoki said as she readies herself for a tough fight with the wicked Chaos.

As the two Angeloids fight bitterly with each other down on the surface, Eishiro and Daedalus continue to watch the events unfolding below them with the small monitor in Synapse, watching in silence as Astraea struggles to hold her own against the might of Chaos. When Daedalus makes the remark how her other two 1st Generation Angeloids didn't even stand a chance against the 2nd Generation Chaos, Eishiro asks her about Astraea's chances of wining this struggle. With a dark look on her face, Daedalus remarks that Astraea is "Stupid", and goes on listing the few features that are a part of what makes Astraea different compared to the other Angeloids that she has created. She also comments on how she purposely failed to install any processing systems in Astraea, because she "does not need one". Meanwhile, Chaos is beginning to notice just how fast Astraea is becoming the longer that they fight each other in the air, for fewer of her attacks are even hitting her rival the more they fight. Moving at speeds that the human eye can't detect, Astraea finally gets behind the shocked Chaos, who is now wide open for an attack to her rear by her enemy. Summoning up some of the lethal black fire in her palm, Chaos whips around and takes aim at her target, which is moving around so rapidly that it makes landing a deadly shot on Astraea near impossible for her. Daedalus, watching the events unfolding below, tells Eishiro how she equipped Astraea with the "Super Fast" Acceleration-Type Wings, the fastest set of wings ever created by Synapse for use by a Angeloid and with the special Aegis L Shield, which is not as protective as Ikaro's Aegis Shield, but is more powerful in blocking frontal attacks. Chaos, after several attempts, finally lands one of her black fire attacks against Astraea, but is surprised when her attack is harmlessly deflected away by the powerful Aegis L Shield that Astraea has equipped.

Daedalus comments on how Astraea is wielding the "Super Vibrating Photon Blade" Chrysaor, a blade so powerful that even Ikaro's impressive Aegis Shield would be sliced open as if it was nothing but thin paper, and how in close-combat fights, there is not one Angeloid that exists that can ever hope of winning. Back in the skies above the foothills, a grinning Astraea points the tip of her Chrysaor sword at Chaos and with a massive eruption of raw, untamed power, fires a massive beam of dangerous energy at the stunned Chaos. With almost no time to escape, she fails to get out of the way fast enough and takes a direct hit in a wicked explosion that envelops the sky above Sorami. Pleased with her attack, Astraea looks on as the derbies from the explosion rain down upon the forests below, waiting to see if her attack has ended the threat that is Chaos and her former master in Synapse. Eishiro seems impressed that Astraea is able to wield such incredible power, unaware as to just how dangerous she really could be in combat. To Astraea's horror, as well as the horror of both Daedalus and Eishiro, a relatively uninjured Chaos emerges from the smoke and takes off into the distance, utilizing her newest tactic in her fight against her enemy, exploiting the long-range weakness that Astraea suffers from due to being a Close Combat Type-Delta Angeloid. With no attacks that have a long-distance reach, Astraea is now trapped in a battle she can not win without some miracle to help her. Chaos, who now knows how to exploit this weakness to her advantage, flies high into the air and when she has reached the proper distance, summons a large orb of dark energy to shoot at the panicking Astraea below, who begins rushing upwards to re-engage Chaos in close-range combat. Smiling, Chaos remarks about the incredible speed and power that Astraea possesses, and tells her that she will not let her come any closer to her anymore. With that said, she fires the vile orb of energy back towards the ground and the speeding Astraea, who is racing towards her death as the powerful blast of energy engulfs her. Shield raised, Astraea takes the brunt of the powerful attack, struggling to protect herself as the force of the impact begins to knock her back towards the ground.

High above, Chaos prepares another, more powerful orb of dark energy, and tells Astraea "farewell" as she readies the killing shot that will engulf her rival and put a end to her life. But to the shock and total surprise of Chaos, the battered Ikaros appears behind her, her nigh unstoppable Uranus Queen form activated, and remarks how it is Chaos who is the one that will be leaving. Stunned by this sudden development, Chaos turns around to face her original intended target, and comments that Ikaros should have been destroyed by all of the terrible wounds that were inflicted on her body by the "fake" Tomoki disguise she used earlier. It slowly dawns on Chaos that Ikaros is programmed with a self-repairing system, and that in the short time that transpired since she got caught up in the fight with Astraea, Ikaros was able to repair most of the severe damage that was inflicted upon her. As Chaos stares in amazement at her rejuvenated target, she begins to say how incredible it is that Ikaro's systems could withstand the amount of damage that it did, but is suddenly interrupted when Ikaros slams her hand as hard as she can into Chaos's face and carries her at top speed towards the ocean. Confused as to what Ikaros is planning, Chaos tries to ask her enemy what is she going to do, but is ignored as Ikaros increases her speed to a staggering Mach-18, thundering through the air towards a remote location out in the Pacific Ocean. Chaos, now angry about being ignored by her captor, asks the question again, this time using her "fake" Tomoki disguise that she had used to inflict such terrible pain and suffering only hours before. For a second, Ikaros falters at the sight of Tomoki's face, but perseveres against her feelings and continues forth, telling Chaos that her master was a very good swimmer, and reminds her how Angeloids can't swim whatsoever.

To the horror of Chaos, Ikaros says "I wonder....can you swim, Chaos?" as they approach the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, the Japan Trench, with a crushing depth of over 8,020 feet. Now less than a minute from her date with one of the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean in the world, Chaos demands of Ikaros to tell her what she has been wanting to know, "what was love"? Ikaros, unsure exactly as to what love really is, at first tells the curious Chaos that she does not know. As they arrive at the site of the Japan Trench, Ikaros adds to her answer that when she went on a date with her master and witnessed Nymph with Tomoki, it had caused her power reactor to hurt, even though there was no reason that it should, since it was in working order. She yells at Chaos "Why? Why is it that whenever I think of master, my power reactor hurts!! It feels like a part of me is broken!", her eyes filling with tears as she struggles to contain her powerful feelings and emotions for Tomoki. Now at the deepest part of the Japan Trench, Ikaros alters her flight path so that they are now rapidly gaining altitude high into the clear blue sky, still pulling speeds of over Mach-18. Her mind fills with images of Tomoki being happy, the one thing that means the most to her emotionally, as she reaches the height needed for the task ahead. As she begins the sharp dive towards the ocean's surface, she cries out that she "will protect the master that she loves", and with Chaos still trapped in her iron grasp, Ikaros slams into the ocean with such force that it sends water shooting hundreds of feet into the air as if a mighty bomb has exploded.

When Ikaros comes to, she is surprised that Astraea has arrived at the scene to save her from sharing a similar fate at the bottom of the ocean. Astraea demands to know why Ikaros would even attempt such a dangerous thing, bringing up that is she had not appeared to save her, Ikaros would have died. Ikaros responds by saying that the unidentified enemy has been silenced, and is now sinking towards the bottom of the ocean as they speak. Before Astraea can respond, Ikaros asks her if she knows what love is, since she does not know and that makes her just as bad as the girl she has trapped in the ocean. Meanwhile, Eishiro makes his return back to Earth with a portal that Daedalus created for him to use, stepping back inside Tomoki's room, and is surprised to find everyone sitting before him, with Sohara tending to the wounds on all three Angeloids. When he asks what happened to the house (taking notice of a massive hole in the roof of the room), a furious Tomoki states that when he returned home to help Nymph with her injuries, he found the gaping hole in his roof. Letting his rage get the best of him, he proceeds to take the lounge table in the middle of the room and chuck it into the air, venting his rage over the damage that both Astraea and Ikaros made due to their failure to use the front door like normal people would. He gives Ikaros a hard time, but since she came home safely, he forgives her for the damages. Turning to the silent Nymph, Tomoki sticks out his arm and tells her that he is aware of her plight, and makes his intentions clear that he will become her master at this very moment. Shocked by his request, and still remembering the deception that she had fallen for earlier in the day at the hands of Chaos, Nymph hesitates at first, nervous to answer his request. Before she can answer him, to everyone in the room's amazement, her wings regrow before their very eyes, and it leaves her shocked by their sudden return. Overcome with joy, Nymph grabs Tomoki and rises into the air, telling him that her wings have grown back, smiling with pride as she carries him towards the heavens. Tomoki, afraid for his safety, begs Astraea to save him, but she ignores his cries, telling him that she has decided not to help him, and Ikaros also ignores his pleas as Nymph takes him out of earshot. Before he knows it, they are hundreds of feet in the skies above Sorami, and now both Astraea and Ikaros have joined Nymph as they fly off into the distance with the panicking Tomoki in tow.

Meanwhile, down at the crushing depths at the bottom of the Japan Trench, the trapped Chaos lays on the murky seabed, unable to move any part of her body due to the intense pressure that threatens to severely damage her and even kill her. As she lies there, looking upwards into the black waters above, she ponders what Ikaros had meant when she had told her that "love was a pain in her reactor" and asked "why does it hurt?". After considering what she deems to be the answer, Chaos comes to the conclusion that love is equal to pain, and begins to obsess with the fact that that was the answer to her question. Using all of her strength, she spears a fish with the razor-sharp tip of one of her wings, trying to show her "love" to it as the fish wriggles in pain on her metal wing. Chaos, now totally convinced that love is equal to pain, vows to one day escape from this entrapment and make a return on the surface, to show the world how much she "loves" them and to enact her revenge on the three Angeloids that failed to answer her questions when she asked them. She promises to grow "bigger" and show them all her "love" when the time comes.

Post-Forte Anime

In the manga, Chaos spends several months trapped within the dark, crushing depths of the rift in which Ikaros trapped her in, slowly growing more powerful and still obsessing over her distorted vision of what love really means. While forgotten by Tomoki, Ikaros, and the others as they move on in their lives (due to the fact that they are under the belief that she can never escape the crushing depths), she never forgets about them, vowing to one day re-emerge and show them the horrific version of "love" that she wishes to inflict upon them.

When Tomoki frees Ikaros from her service to him (in a attempt to see her laugh and smile, like Astraea and Nymph do since they are "free" Angeloids), Mikako Satsukitane takes up temporary ownership of Ikaros and orders her to toss Tomoki into the deepest part of the ocean off the coast of Japan. Obeying her new master's orders, she grabs Tomoki and makes a beeline for the Pacific Ocean at a staggering Mach-16 velocity as the horrified Tomoki tries to talk her out of it. When she asks him if "That is a order?", he refuses to respond, since he believes that Ikaros will be able to express emotions better if she is a free Angeloid. With that response, she tosses him downward as hard as she can throw, sending the hapless Tomoki screaming down towards the ocean at lethal speeds. Due to her deep emotional bonds and powerful feelings for Tomoki, however, she saves him mere feet from impact with the choppy seas and begins to cry as she clings tightly to him, calling him a idiot for his actions. A stunned Tomoki, not used to seeing the usually calm, non-expressive Ikaros break down in tears, allows her to re-do the imprinting process and become her master once more.

Unknown to the two of them, the Man of Synapse (along with the Harpies, his two loyal servant Angeloids) has created yet another powerful, dangerous Angeloid by the name of Siren that he has deployed in the ocean directly below their current location as they speak. He orders it to attack and kill them, and it begins rising to the surface to intercept them and carry out her master's orders, but is stopped when a massive blade slams through her chest, impaling her. To the shocked horror of the Man of Synapse and the Harpies, a pleased, wild-eyed Chaos emerges from the darkness, and proceeds to absorb the new Angeloid into her own body, thus gaining more potent powers and fueling her desire to show Tomoki and the other Angeloids her vision of "love".

Tomoki comes across Chaos after being accidentally hit by one of Ikaro's attacks (aimed for both Astraea and Nymph, who dodged it and opened the path for the attack to hit Tomoki) and sent flying across town where he crash-lands in the middle of the playground on the other side of town. He proceeds to vent his rage and wishes for a world that had no "Unidentified Life Forms" within, in reference to the three Angeloids that are currently trashing his house in a childish fight over rice cakes. He suddenly gets a cold shudder through his body, and turns around to see if something is there, but nothing is out of the ordinary behind him. It is when he turns back around that Chaos makes her appearance, clutching a small kitten in her hands and says "Onii-chan, Did you know.....pain is love?" in a sinister voice. Tomoki, stunned by the voice of the Angeloid that Ikaros had trapped down in the crushing depths of the Pacific Ocean off of the coast, turns and stares in disbelief as Chaos proceeds to torture the hapless kitten in her hands before his very eyes. As the kitten yowls and cries out in agony, Chaos begins repeating "Love!" in a gleeful, twisted manner as Tomoki looks on in horror at what she is doing to the poor kitten. Before it is too late, Tomoki grabs the injured kitten away from her and helps it get away from her. He scolds her for doing such terrible things to the kitten and decides to take the confused Chaos under his wing and attempt to show her what "love" really is.

They set out to Sorami High, where Tomoki tries to show Chaos what his vision of love is over the course of several hours (unfortunately, it is his perverted take on love), and proceeds to suffer through the punishing blows and hits of numerous women, who are enraged and disgusted after he went storming into the girl's changing room and removed his clothes. Chaos, watching with curiosity, sees Tomoki getting physically destroyed by the girls, and returns to the conclusion that love must equal pain. This enrages Tomoki, who has been trying to unsuccessfully convince her for hours that love has nothing to do with pain, and he makes his point known to her. Surprised, Chaos begins to accept his version of love and becomes more friendly toward him as they return to the playground where they met several hours earlier. He promises to play with her and teach her more about various issues tomorrow, and tells her to return home before walking off to settle the rice cake issue with the Angeloids back at home. Before leaving, he notices that Chaos has been barefooted the entire time, and grabs an abandoned pair of shoes that are lying nearby and puts them on her feet to protect them. Even though the shoes are way too big for her, this gesture of gratitude from Tomoki makes her wonder if this is what love really is. Chaos, thinking about what he said to her, decides to listen to him and return "home" to Synapse and her master, The Man of Synapse.

Unknown to her, The Man of Synapse has decided that she has gone rouge and that she "has bared her fangs at Synapse" after absorbing his latest creation Siren the prior day. When she flies towards the boundary that separates Synapse from Earth, she comes under heavy fire from the powerful Zeus Canon, the newest weapon in her master's arsenal which clips one of her wings and damages it. She begs with him to allow her to return back to Synapse, to return home, but he chastises her requests and orders the Harpies to open fire upon her once more. The massive beam of pure energy strikes her, dealing massive damage to her already weakened wing and sends her flying back towards Earth, unable to slow her decent down. She lands hard on the surface, sustaining more damage to her already damaged and overloaded systems. Chaos slowly makes her way towards the park, still clutching the shoes that Tomoki put on her feet to keep them protected earlier, in a state of severe shock. The kitten from before emerges from the tall grass, and stops in front of her, eying her wearily as she stops to look down at the kitten. When she reaches down to pet it, the kitten strikes at her hand, biting her as hard as it can before running off into the distance away from her. Saddened by the cat's reaction to her, Chaos squats down on the road and begins to cry.

Angeloid Hiyori Kazane, who was freed from the grasp of the wicked Man of Synapse and is now living outside of town tending to a beautiful garden of vegetables and flowers, finds the injured Chaos crying on the dirt road just outside of her garden, covered in grave injuries sustained from the Zeus Canon and the kitten. When she asks her where her home is, Chaos responds with "Where Onii-chan lives!", and launches off into the air to the surprise of Hiyori, flying off at top speed towards Tomoki's house, convinced that he will accept her into his family and show her the respect and care that her former master never did for her. Meanwhile, Tomoki has gotten caught up in the still-continuing squabble between Astraea, Nymph, and Ikaros (who are now fighting over a stolen mandarin orange), and finds himself laying in the front yard, smoldering from another missed attack from Ikaros that hit him dead on instead of either of the other Angeloids. Trembling with pent-up rage and frustration, Tomoki readies himself to show the Angeloids the door out of his home and out of his home life. Unknown to him, a emotionally-fragile Chaos is flying towards his house at top speed, yelling the question if "Onii-chan would accept her into his home" as she arrives outside his compound by the front gate. As she sees him laying on the ground and begins to make her way towards him, he yells for the Angeloids to get out of his house and for them to buzz off, never to trouble or interrupt his peaceful life again. Tomoki, so caught up in his rage, fails to notice that Chaos is standing there in earshot of his words and with one final act of rage, grabs all three stunned Angeloids and tosses them outside of his compound, locking the door behind him.

To the continued shock and horror of Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea, they find a huddled-over Chaos sitting on the road before them, muttering that "Onii-chan was lying...pain really is love!" Inside her fragile mind, everything that Tomoki had showed her earlier in the day begins to be replaced with her crazed perception of how staggering amounts of pain equals true love. She looks up with her crazed eyes and sees them standing before her, and before they can even utter a word to her, takes off towards the heavens, convinced that everything Tomoki showed her was nothing but a lie and decides to return to her plan to show her true "love" to Tomoki and the Angeloids in the near future. The next day, Tomoki shows up to the playground in which he met Chaos the other day, and is surprised that she never shows up to fulfill his promise of playing with her. He waits all day, but she never shows up to his bafflement and disappointment. Unknown to him, she has made up her mind that he will one day experience her version of "love", and it never crosses his mind again that she was the very same Angeloid that Ikaros had trapped in the Pacific Ocean that he was hanging around with. Below are images (taken from the manga) that reveal the path that leads a frail Chaos back to insanity.

Ikaros Melan Arc

Chaos does not make her long-awaited return in the Sora no Otoshimono story-line until the end of the Ikaros Melan Arc, when the PANDORA-evolved Ikaros eliminates all of the forces that the wicked Man of Synapse had sent down to Earth to aid Angeloid Ikaros Melan in her task of killing Tomoki Sakurai and slaughtering all of the Angeloids. Driven to the brink of madness after watching his most elaborate and extensive plan fail miserably just like all of his other schemes, the dangerously unstable Man of Synapse sits on his throne and watches the events unfolding below him in total disgust as once again, Tomoki Sakurai and friends have weathered the storm and prevailed against the power of Synapse. While he watches in silent rage, Tomoki and the others are stunned to notice that amid the carnage of destroyed Angeloid bodies sits the ever-dangerous Chaos, who is starving and looking forward to feast upon the shattered remains in order to satisfy her urges. To their horror and the shock of the Man of Synapse and his twin Harpies back in Synapse, Chaos spears all of the broken bodies of the destroyed Angeloids with her blade-like wings and engages her PANDORA system, absorbing all of the bodies into her systems and sending her power levels skyrocketing to unimaginable levels. While she absorbs the bodies and begins to evolve, the Man of Synapse is finally driven off of the deep end, going into a crazed bout of gleeful screaming as he tells Chaos to "destroy this stagnant "reality" in his bout of pure insanity. Stunned by the sudden change in their master's behavior, the twin Harpies watch him in bewilderment as he throws himself back in his chair and lets out another wild bout of laughter.

Chaos Summons Her Attack

Both the advanced versions of Ikaros and Nymph are left in shock as the gleeful Chaos, with the aid of her evolving PANDORA system, easily surpasses their lofty power levels and becomes nigh unstoppable in combat. Watching in stunned disbelief, the three Angeloids are taken by surprise when Chaos vanishes and suddenly reappears in front of the horrified Astraea, who hardly has time to let out a confused grunt before she is brutally crushed by the gleeful Chaos. In their brief battle with the newly-advanced Chaos, both Ikaros and Nymph's most powerful attacks fail to do anything against the laughing Chaos, who is determined to finally show her twisted version of "love" to her old enemies. With no chance against the unstoppable Chaos, Ikaros and the others prepare for the worst-case scenario, as from high in the sky, Chaos summons the maximum amount of energy her systems can muster in order to launch the most devastating series of attacks upon them as possible. Knowing that it would be impossible to block all of the powerful attacks, Ikaros, Nymph, and the others prepare for the sudden and brutal end of their lives, but before Chaos can launch her devastating barrage of attacks, she has a change of heart and allows the summoned energy to dissipate away. Before the shocked Angeloids and Tomoki's friends can even begin to guess as to why the powerful Chaos has stopped her assault upon them, Chaos turns away from them and speeds off into the heavens at top speed, giving up on her latest attempt to enact her terrible revenge upon them.

Several days later, the badly battered and bruised Tomoki awakens to find himself surrounded by his friends, who have shown up in his cramped hospital room in order to see how he is doing after enduring the punishing ordeal at the hands of Ikaros Melan. Tomoki is somewhat thrilled to see them being there for him, but he kindly wishes them to leave him alone so that he can rest, which disappoints them at first. Before they can respect his wishes, both Mikako and Eishiro make their entrance into the cramped room, both making chimes with their instruments as they "celebrate" his "ascension to heaven", as made obvious on the ceremonial hat that Mikako is wearing. Now enraged by this latest arrival, Tomoki shouts at them to please leave him alone, since he is tired and that as a patient, he needs his rest and relaxation in order to heal from his injuries. Finally getting the message, everyone makes their way out of his room, with Sohara delivering the last words of kindness to the frustrated Tomoki as she follows the others out of the room. Tomoki hardly has time to close his eyes before both Mikako and Hiyori Kazane lean through the doorway, with Mikako waving a copy of a adult magazine in her hand as she asks if he wants to read some dirty magazines. For a moment, Tomoki accepts her offer, but then snaps out of his trademark pervertedness and shouts at the two of them to leave him alone. Closing his eyes, Tomoki quickly falls into a deep slumber, totally unaware of what is about to take place in his room while he is asleep.

To the right of his bed, a small orb of light begins to form, slowly expanding out until the form of the concerned Chaos fully appears next to where he soundly sleeps. Unaware of her arrival, the slumbering Tomoki is oblivious to the arrival of the solem Chaos next to him as she looks at his wounds and ponders as to why she could not bring herself to fire Apollon at the Angeloids and Tomoki's friends several days earlier. She comes to the conclusion that since she is not very smart when it comes to such things, and eventually she carefully climbs into the bed next to him, taking great care as to not disturb him as she gets under the blankets. In a whisper, she tells the slumbering Tomoki that she will one day get smarter and will be a good girl to everyone in the future, tears beginning to well up in her eyes as she then says "Can you let me...come home? Onii-chan...".

She appears later in the manga Chapter 69, in this chapter she appears before Hiyori asking if she can "Eat" her, Hiyori initailly thinks she is joking but after hearing her ask the same question and hearing her maniacal laughter Hiyori flees in fear with Chaos following soon after. Hiyori arrives at Tomoki's house banging on the door pleading for his and Ikaros' help but both of them are out Chaos appears behind her saying that she is jamming her attempts to communicate with the other angeloids. Hiyori then flys away again but Chaos quickly shoots her down with Chimera. Chaos slowly walks to the downed Hiyori who tries to fight back with De-meter but Chaos slices the weapon to pieces befoe Hiyori can even summon it. Hiyori then asks Chaos why she is doing these horrible things. Chaos's expression changes from a maniacal smile to a sad face she then tells Hiyori that she needs to become smart to become "A good girl" and tearfully says that if she doesn't become a good girl she can't go home. She then says that "Without Onii-Chan's home a place for me to call home doesn't exist!", Chaos then attacks Hiyori but she only gives her a small cut with her wings. When Chaos does this Hiyori sees all of Chaos memories including the ones when she spent the day with Tomoki and when Minos attacked her with Zeus and when Tomoki unintentionally broke Chaos' heart.

After seeing this Hiyori understands Chaos and why she is doing this, she then hugs Chaos and notes how young she is but still in love, Hiyori then apologises to Tomoki in her mind for doing this but she "Can't leave this girl all alone", Hiyori then grabs Chaos blade wing and stabs herself with it, as she falls to the ground she says "You should have him kiss you, you should have your beloved Onii-Chan kiss you". Hiyori then dies at Chaos feet, the confused Chaos begins to hear Hiyori's voice in her head telling her that "Hurting people is wrong. Killing people is wrong, please don't become a bad girl", after hearing this and absorbing Hiyori's consiousness, Chaos remembers the times when she hurt Nymph, Ikaros and Astraea, after recalling this Chaos cries out "What have I done!" and begins to huddle up and cry as it begins to rain, she then remembers Hiyori's last words and begins to repeat the word "Kiss" to herself and flys away at an amazing speed.

She then meets Tomoki outside his house who remembers her as the little girl he met before. He immediately tells her she'll catch a cold but she cuts in by asking him to kiss her. Tomoki then becomes flustered at the strange question and says that that's something you do when you're an adult, Chaos answers this by saying "So if I become an adult it'll be alright", before Tomoki can answer Chaos activates her Pandora and changes into an adult form of herself. After this Tomoki realises that the girl is an angeloid. Chaos asks Tomoki to kiss her again he responds by smiling and asking her to come inside. The overjoyed Chaos is interupted by a furious Nymph who had discovered Hiyori's body, Tomoki asks why she is so angry and she responds by yelling that Chaos killed Hiyori. Tomoki only looks at Nymph speechless, Chaos assures Tomoki that she's "Not a bad girl" but Tomoki remains silent, Chaos then flies away with Nymph following her. Sohara then arrives then asks Tomoki what's wrong Tomoki keeps repeating that "This has to be a mistake" while remembering the day he played with Chaos, he then rushes off to save her.

Meanwhile Nymph attacks Chaos with a barrage of Paradise songs while Chaos refuses to fight back recalling what Hiyori said about hurting others and begs Nymph to forgive her. After she is knocked to the ground Ikaros and Astraea arrive and tell Nymph to stop hurting Chaos but Nymph tells them to get out of her way and uses Aphrodite to paralyze them Nymph then angrily taunts Chaos for killing Hiyori, Chaos keeps telling Nymph she is "Not a bad girl". After this Tomoki arrives but no one notices Chaos then says "Bad girls cant come back home, Onii-Chan said so, he said angeloids should not come back", looking at Chaos' crying Tomoki realises that she heard what he said that day when he threw Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea out of the house as a joke and that what he said really hurt Chaos. Chaos then says "That's why I wanted to become a good girl, I thought that if I became a good girl Onii-Chan would let me come home. That's why I wanted to become smart that's why I ate Onee-Chan." Nymph then says that she'll never forgive her and prepares to kill Chaos despite Ikaros and Astraea begging Nymph to stop. Chaos becomes frightened and sends her blade wings out to defend herself. Tomoki stands between their attacks to protect Chaos but is impaled in the back by one of Chaos' wings. He tells the others to stay back and says "I was the one who hurt her." He then tries to rub Chaos' head to comfort her, but passes out before he can do so. Chaos believes she has killed Tomoki and calls herself a bad girl. Heartbroken she flys away while Ikaros, Nymph, Astraea, and Sohara begin to cry for Tomoki. Chaos then finds Sugata and cries while repeatng that she'll "Start it over". She then tells Sugata that is what he wants too. Before Sugata can say a word, Chaos causes him to go unconcious and once again says "I'll start it over" she then begins to laugh insanely.

After this she takes Sugata to Synapse and Zeus automatically activates however after Minos notices them approaching he smiles and says "I see so that's how it is" he then de-activates Zeus and allows them to enter. After they arrive in the Synapse core Chaos explains to Sugata that the stone obelisk is actually a device known as the "Rule", and that the writing inscribed on it are the wishes of the residents of Synapse and that rule has the power to grant any wish. She then uses her hacking power on Sugata so he can read the wishes on the stone. All the wishes are the same, they all ask for a new world, Chaos then reveals why she brought Sugata here because angeloids are unable to use the rule she wants Sugata to wish for a new world because it is also her wish.

After rule is activated by Sugata and Nymph and Astraea arrive to stop rule from "re-setting" the world Chaos appears saying that she won't let them go and once again states that she'll "Start it over". After Nymph leaves Astraea to deal with Chaos so she can shut down Zeus, Chaos questions Astraea on how she plans to fight her seeing as how both her weapons were destroyed by Ikaros melan. Astraea then smiles and reveals that she really doesn't like to fight but she says she will fight in order to keep her promise to Tomoki to come back alive. Astraea's Pandora suddenly activates and Astraea says that because she is Chaos' older sister she is going to win and put her in her place.

As the two clash Chaos seems to gain the upper hand when she uses her Medusa program to distract Astraea and then fire Chimera at her. She then summons multiple Apollons as she did when she absorbed the melan angeloids. Before she can fire them Astraea evolves a second time using Pandora shocking Chaos. She fires Apollon but the newly evolved Astraea destroys them easily she then uses her new weapon to damage Chaos' wings while crying out that neither she or Chaos needs to fight or hurt others and that she can be happy by just playing and eating with her but Chaos claims that all she wants is to be "Good girl" by becoming stronger and so she activates her own Pandora but before she can evolve one of her damaged wings lets out a small explosion. Both Chaos and Astraea looked shocked and Astraea realises that in Chaos' damaged state she can no longer control all the nuclear energy she absorbed from the other angeloids' cores she devoured and that she is overloading.

Chaos tries to evolve again against Astraea's protests to stop, resulting in her left arm and right leg blowing off as Astraea looks on horrorified. She drops the shoes that Tomoki gave her and tries to reach them but cant and she says that she doesnt want to be left all alone again. After hearing this Astraea begins to cry but then embraces the dying Chaos saying that she'll stay and die with her because she's her big sister she then smiles and says " You aren't alone got it." Chaos peacfully closes her eyes and replies "Yeah." She asks Astraea one last time "What is love?"

Astraea says: "I don't know, I am too dumb to know anyway, so next time let's ask Tomoki instead, ok?" Both of their bodies crumble away and explode.

After Tomoki uses rule to undo all of the recent deaths and events, Chaos is seen waiting outside Tomoki's house when he and the others have just returned to from school. Tomoki, Hiyori and Astraea smile at her warmly. She asks why they are doing this after all of the horrible things she has done to them. She calls herself a bad girl but Tomoki rubs her head and says Welcome home, little girl. Chaos begins to shed tears of joy and says I see, this is love isn't it. Tomoki then picks her up and hugs her as Astraea and the others smile at the sight.   

In the Special Bonus Chapter, Chaos has a birthday party, though all the guests were abducted and forced to go by Mikako.

Abilities and Weapons

Chaos trasform.png She has the ability to manipulate her appearance through elaborate illusions, taking the appearance of anyone else thus confusing her opponents and instilling chaos in them.
Flame Manipulation
Sora no otoshimono chaos.jpg She has the ability to manipulate powerful "tainted flames".
The birth of true chaos by aidanak47-d37fbpm.jpg She doesn't have wings like the other Angeloids, instead sporting a wicked array of bladed, almost organic-like appendages that act as an offensive weapon that even cut right into Astraea's shield. These blades also absorb life forces, memories, powers, and systems which makes Chaos stronger.
Esora no otoshimono c070 041.jpg Also know as the 'Self-Evolution Program' - It allows her to grow in power through time and the absorption of other materials. It can also repair broken systems and functions. The program that Chaos is using is supposedly the ultimate program. Its power can break imprinting. Even the Man of Synapse feared its power and stated that Chaos can no longer be stopped by anyone.
Melan's Abilities
Jfoolrulez sora no otoshimono v13 c56.46.jpg Chaos absorbs and uses the techniques of Angeloids Melans, which are also the abilities of Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea but exponentially stronger until they reached Pandora mode..
Anti-perception Program "Medusa" (meduza - メズザ)
Jfoolrulez sora no otoshimono v13 c56.52.jpg This program allows her to manipulate the perception of someone. Even go as far as playing mind games with Nymph, who is an exceptional hacker.
Super-High-Speed Atomic Vibration Acceleration "Chimaira"
Jfoolrulez sora no otoshimono v13 c56.47.jpg She develops super speed thanks to her large wings and an atomic blast of the same name after absorbing Siren.
Dream Dive
SoraNoOtoshimonoForte701 thumb.jpg Chaos has the ability to enter dreams. This may suggest that out of all the Angeloids, she alone possess the ability to sleep and dream.


Tomoki - Friend. Has feelings for him, thinks of him as an older brother.

Astraea - Sister and Friend

Nymph - Former enemy and Sister.

Ikaros - Former enemy and Sister.

Hiyori - Sister. Though during the 2nd movie, she asked if Hiyori is her sister since she was convert to an angeloid, not built. She absorbs her near the end of the manga in order to gain feelings.

Minos - Creator, Former master & Enemy.

Sohara - Friend. However calls her Sohara onee-chan.

Harpies - Enemies.

Seiren - Victim. Seiren is absorbed by Chaos, resulting in Chaos developing underwater adaptation.


  • Chaos seems to be the only Angeloid without earpads.
  • In the manga, she did not show her adult form until near the end of Chapter 70.
  • Upon absorbing Hiyori, Chaos hears her voice in her mind telling her that it is wrong to kill others, and it's wrong to hurt others, setting Chaos's moral compass straight. Upon realizing how many horrible and awful things she'd done to gain Tomoki's approval, Chaos cried out "What have I done?"
  • In anime, when she was enemies with Tomoki, she would usually ask, "What is love?"
  • In an episode in the anime, she is not wearing the head part of her clothes, so technically her yellow hair sticks out. Forte 4: 23:24
  • She died in chapter 75 along with Astraea but was revived through Tomoki's wish.
  • Many fans believe that the reason why Chaos was so determined to make sure that the world was reset is because she thought that doing so would allow her to see Tomoki again.
  • Chaos appeared in the 2nd movie as a supporting character just like in the first movie.
  • In the anime, Chaos (in Tomoki's dream) would ask if he could play dolly with her and any other things she can play with him.
  • In the anime, Chaos was not given Pandora, despite this, she was extremely powerful.
  • Chaos is able to have dreams since she was able to have acess to Tomoki's dream just like Daedalus.
  • She is always seen carrying a pair of shoes around in the manga that were given to her by Tomoki, the shoes apparently belonged to Sohara.
  • She is obsessed with finding out what love is when nobody can give her an exact answer about a very complicated emotion.
  • Several of the Sora no Otoshimono's synapse characters are named after characters or creatures in Greek mythology. Chaos however is the only character to be named after the primordial deity Chaos who was said to be the "gap" between the Sky and Earth.
    • Ironically while Chaos is said to be the oldest deity in existence, the namesake is the youngest angeloid.
    • Chaos's obsession to find meaning and love can also reflect this as well as the word "Chaos" originally meant "nothing", "void" or "emptiness". It also means space, the expanse of air and nether abyss, infinite darkness.
  • In the 2nd movie, Chaos seems to have a fondness for cake since she ate hers, and Tomoki's (when Sugata gave his cake to her), and Hiyori's (when Chaos thought the idea of being good friends with Hiyori "sounds delicious".)
  • Chaos also thinks of other kinds of love. (love in dates, stupidity love, and love from feelings)
  • In the 2nd movie, Chaos now calls Nymph and Astraea onee-chan instead of onee-sama (like in the 2 season), while still calling Ikaros onee-sama, possibly meaning that she viewed Ikaros as the oldest out of her family.
  • She did not know that she is the youngest of the family until Astraea argued with Nymph that she is no longer the younger one since Chaos moves into the family.


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