Chains of No Escape
Sora no Otoshimono - ep12 005
Kanji: 逃るること叶わぬ螺旋回廊(クサリ)
Homaji: Nogaruru Koto Kanawanu Kusari
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Release date: December 20, 2009
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Chains of No Escape is the 12th episode of the first season of the Heaven's Lost Property


Sugata explains in this episode something about slavery, which originated during the period of exploration by the Europeans, and that it is probably to be found in the New World on Japan.

Ikaros is still trying to act human and want to be able to smile and asks why Sohara and Sugata advice. But that can not really help. She asks Mikako and she explains her and Nymph that she would smile when they something as tight as it goes, fails with a fly swatter, which Ikaros takes literally of course. So she hunts Tomoki with an over sized fly swatter. Tomoki is recovering slowly accordingly.

Nymph gets the idea, because they also have long could no longer smile, to fix their faces with glue, which works intermittently. Tomoki finds the idea less well and makes the two immediately wash their ​​faces.

Nymph hears on TV, the word "going out" and proposes to go out on a date with Tomoki and Ikaros, or more likely to do something so that Ikaros could smile before. It runs reasonably well until Tomoki is eventually followed by a bunch of animals and the army - Ikaros had the animals in the animal park all freed thinking it would make him happy.

Tomoki was now fed up and wanted to go home, Nymph but thinks that would still be missing something, because she had read that kissing after a night out. Tomoki explained frantically that but just make a couple. Nymph but would like to try it out and pointed her lips. Icarus flies away then. Tomoki do not know what to do. Then he is alone, as both Angeloid flew away because they have to think about their feelings.

Ikaros and Tomoki go connect home when they run after a short time on the road, while Nymph does not know where to go. This question has, however, no longer because suddenly come crashing down from the sky, the harpies.


  • Ikaros cares again about a watermelon.