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Kanji: アストレア
Romaji: Astraea
Others: Delta
Generation: First
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Master: Master of Synapse (former)

Tomoki Sakurai (unofficial)
Mikako Satsukitane (official)

Type: Δ (Delta)
Class: Close Combat Angeloid
Wing Type: Not Variable, Hyper Acceleration
Occupation: None
Debut (Manga): Chapter 22
Debut (Anime): (Forte) Episode 2
Appears in: Manga, Anime, Movie
Seiyuu: Kaori Fukuhara
English Voice: Carli Mosier

Astraea (アストレア, Asutorea?) is a Close Combat (近接戦闘用, kinsetsu sentō-yō?) Angeloid, Type Delta. She becomes the last 1st Generation Angeloid to be liberated from the Master of Synapse's control.


Astraea is somewhat an ignoramus, having the lowest intellectual capacity of the angeloids. When she made her first attempt to kill Tomoki, Nymph called her a "blithering idiot". She is regularly found starving because she does not know how to hunt or obtain food on her own, which is exemplified when she once buried herself in the ground attempting to obtain nutrients the way plants do. Astraea is also uncoordinated, often forgetting to catch herself whenever she trips. Even though she lacks intelligence, she often displays decent common sense in situations where Ikaros would be oblivious.

Astraea has a high emotional capacity. She displays a myriad of emotions. Throughout the series, she develops strong feelings towards many characters, including Tomoki, and most notably, Chaos. Her relationship with Chaos can be seen as a sort of sisterhood; her feelings towards Tomoki appear to be romantic.


Official comparison of three bustiest girls in series.

Astraea has a voluptuous build with long, golden-blonde hair that extends to her ankles. She wears the clothes as Ikaros, but her clothes are blue. Her wings are white and blue and are designed for enhanced acceleration.

Her measurements are: Bust: 91cm, Waist: 56cm, Hip: 86cm. Her height is 159cm (5'2.5"), and she weighs 48 kg (105 lbs). Despite having just a 91cm bust, Astraea actually has the largest bust in the whole series. Her cup size visibly beats Sohara by at least two numbers, as evidenced in the official comparison. The overall size of her breasts are classified as "Devilish".


Forte Arc

1st Generation, Combat-type, Delta.

Astraea is sent down to Earth by the mysterious Master of Synapse shortly after the failure of the Harpies to recover Ikaros and Nymph and eliminate the one who has taken them under his wing: Tomoki Sakurai. She is picked for the mission as the most powerful Angeloid remaining under his control, with enough strength to challenge Ikaros better than the Harpies could ever hope to do. She makes her arrival on Earth in the woods outside of Sorami in plain sight of Eishiro Sugata, who deduces that this new arrival from Synapse is nothing but trouble for Tomoki and sets off to locate him and warn him about this new threat.

Tomoki is currently meditating at a sacred temple deep in the mountains outside of Sorami; he is taking part in a special training session under supervision of the temple's priest to assert control over his "earthly desires." His session is rudely disrupted by the sudden arrival of Astraea, who wields her mighty Chrysaor Sword and announces her intentions to remove him from existence on Earth. Taken aback by the sudden arrival and the sinister intentions of the new Angeloid, Tomoki freezes in fear and faces a sure demise by her blade. Back at the Sakurai house, Eishiro warns Ikaros, Nymph, and Sohara Mitsuki about the arrival of Astraea. The two Angeloids immediately begin scanning for the intruder; meanwhile Astraea moves forward towards Tomoki, her sword ready to strike as he braces for his untimely demise...

Chaos Arc

Astraea continues to live with Tomoki and the others in his house while her former master toils away on a new generation of Angeloids,

Nymph finds Astraea

. She gets caught up in many wild and chaotic misadventures and often becoming the victim of Tomoki's perverted side. She often gets caught up in meaningless fights with Nymph over minor things such as food or items, much to the displeasure of Tomoki and the frustration of Ikaros. Astraea is out picking strange plants and mushrooms when the newest creation of the Master of Synapse makes her appearance in Sorami: 2nd Generation Type Epsilon Angeloid Chaos. Chaos intends to kill Tomoki and the other Angeloids through use of deception and twisted torture. Astraea comes across a battered and shaken Nymph, who has suffered great injury at the hands of Chaos before being thrown clear of their battle by Ikaros. Nymph asks Astraea to help Ikaros out in her struggle against Chaos, which is currently not going well; Ikaros is struggling to keep up due to damage to her arm from one of the orders that a "fake" Tomoki (actually Chaos in disguise) demanded of her. As she takes off to find and assist Ikaros in her fight, Astraea receives a sudden order to kill Nymph from the Master of Synapse who still has ownership over her and still has the power to order her to do his bidding. For several seconds Astraea ponders what to do with her master's orders as Nymph breaks down in tears, knowing that Astraea is bound to her master and must carry out his orders. Nymph tells Astraea that she is sorry and that Angeloids do not need dreams.

As Astraea draws her sword Chrysaor and makes her way forward to deal the fatal blow to the injured Nymph, the real Tomoki comes forth and interrupts the tense scene. He yells "Like hell they can't!" (dream, that is), letting his frustration get the better of him. Spared from her fate, Nymph grabs Tomoki and begins to cry; she is glad that he has helped her escape a terrible fate at the hands of Astraea. Tomoki converses with a stunned Astraea while supporting the weakened Nymph, declaring that Angeloids deserve to dream and they can decide what they want to do for themselves instead of blindly doing what they are ordered to do. This rocks Astraea, who is struggling with the dilemma of either carrying out her orders and killing a friend or disobeying her master's orders and face the consequences. Her master tells her to forget the "downers" and to go assist Chaos in killing Ikaros; a flustered Astraea takes off into the sky, the words of Tomoki going through her head as she makes her way to where Chaos has pinned down the injured Ikaros. As she approaches the site of battle, she decides that she has fallen in love with Tomoki like the other Angeloids have; and upon arrival at the crater that Chaos has Ikaros pinned down in, she declares her love for Tomoki and decides to end her services to the Master of Synapse permanently. She grabs the chain that is attached to her collar (which links her to her master in Synapse) and with all of her might shatters it, breaking herself free of Minos's control.

The Master of Synapse is stunned by this ultimate betrayal by one of his loyal servants as Astrea engages Chaos.

As the two Angeloids fight bitterly with each other down on the surface, Eishiro and Daedalus continue to watch the events unfolding below them via a small monitor in Synapse. They watch in silence as Astraea struggles to hold her own against the might of Chaos. When Daedalus makes the remark how her other two 1st Generation Angeloids didn't stand a chance against the 2nd Generation Chaos, Eishiro asks her about Astraea's chances of wining this struggle. With a dark look on her face, Daedalus remarks that Astraea is "Dumb" and recites a listing of the features that make Astraea different in comparison to the other Angeloids that she has created. She also comments on how she purposely didn't install any high-level processing systems in Astraea, because "it wouldn't matter". Meanwhile, Chaos is beginning to notice just how fast Astraea is becoming the longer that they fight each other in the air, for fewer of her attacks are even hitting her rival the more they fight. Moving at speeds that the human eye can't detect, Astraea finally gets behind the shocked Chaos who is now wide open for an attack to her rear by her enemy. Summoning up some lethal black fire in her palm, Chaos whips around and takes aim at her target; it is moving around so rapidly that it makes landing a deadly shot on Astraea nearly impossible for her. Daedalus, watching the events unfolding below with Eishiro, explains how she equipped Astraea with the "Super Fast" Acceleration-Type Wings which are the fastest set of wings ever created by Synapse for use by a Angeloid; and with the special Aegis-L Shield, which is not as protective as Ikaro's Aegis Shield but is more powerful in blocking frontal attacks. After several attempts Chaos finally lands one of her black fire attacks against Astraea, but is surprised when her attack is harmlessly deflected away by the powerful Aegis-L Shield that Astraea has equipped.

Daedalus comments on how Astraea is wielding the "Super Vibrating Photon Blade" Chrysaor, a blade so powerful that even Ikaros' impressive Aegis Shield would be sliced open as if it was nothing but thin paper; and how in close-combat fights, there is not one Angeloid that exists that can ever hope of winning against her. Back in the skies above the foothills, a grinning Astraea points the tip of her Chrysaor sword at Chaos and with a massive eruption of raw, untamed power fires a massive beam of dangerous energy at the stunned Chaos. With almost no time to escape, she fails to get out of the way fast enough and takes a direct hit in a wicked explosion that envelops the sky above Sorami. Pleased with her attack, Astraea looks on as the debris from the explosion rains down on the forests below; she waits to see if her attack has ended the threat that is Chaos and her former master in Synapse. Eishirou seems impressed that Astraea is able to wield such incredible power, unaware as to just how dangerous she really could be in combat. To Astraea's horror, as well as the horror of both Daedalus and Eishiro, a relatively uninjured Chaos emerges from the smoke and takes off into the distance. Chaos begins utilizing her newest tactic in her fight against her enemy, exploiting the long-range weakness that Astraea suffers from due to being a Close Combat Type-Delta Angeloid. With no attacks that have a long-distance reach, Astraea is now trapped in a battle she cannot win without some miracle to help her. Chaos now knows how to exploit this weakness to her advantage, and she flies high into the air; when she has reached the proper distance, she summons a large orb of dark energy to shoot at the panicking Astraea below who has begun rushing upwards to re-engage Chaos in close-range combat. Smiling, Chaos remarks about the incredible speed and power that Astraea possesses and tells her that she will not let her come any closer to her. With that said, she fires the vile orb of energy towards the ground and the speeding Astraea, who is racing towards her death as the powerful blast of energy engulfs her. Shield raised, Astraea takes the brunt of the powerful attack, struggling to protect herself as the force of the impact begins to knock her back towards the ground.

Chaos prepares the fatal blow as Astraea struggles to survive.

Being slowly overwhelmed by the power of the dark energy engulfing her, Astraea struggles to protect herself as she begins to fall back down towards the surface. High above, a gleeful Chaos creates another powerful orb of dark energy, this one strong enough to overpower Astraea's Aegis L Shield and deal severe damage, taking aim at her struggling target below. Before she can launch her final attack, however, Chaos is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the battered Ikaros behind her, now engaged in her unstoppable Uranus Queen mode and looking to settle the score in the name of protecting her master. Blown away by the fact that Ikaros has not only gotten back to her feet, but has also self-repaired most of the extreme damages that had been inflicted upon her body, Chaos begins to comment just how impressed she is with this recent development. She is interrupted, however, when Ikaros slams her hand into her face and takes off into the heavens with a stunned Chaos in tow. Astraea, amazed that Ikaros has recovered from her injuries and is now taking the fight to Chaos, follows the distant forms of both Ikaros and Chaos, who are speeding away towards the Pacific Ocean. Confused as to what Ikaros is planning, Chaos tries to ask her enemy what is she going to do, but is ignored as Ikaros increases her speed to a staggering Mach-18, thundering through the air towards a remote location out in the Pacific Ocean. Chaos, now angry about being ignored by her captor, asks the question again, this time using her "fake" Tomoki disguise that she had used to inflict such terrible pain and suffering only hours before. For a second, Ikaros falters at the sight of Tomoki's face, but perseveres against her feelings and continues forth, telling Chaos that her master was a very good swimmer, and reminds her how Angeloids can't swim whatsoever.

To the horror of Chaos, Ikaros says "I wonder....can you swim, Chaos?" as they approach the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, the Japan Trench, with a crushing depth of over 8,020 feet. Now less than a minute from her date with one of the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean in the world, Chaos demands of Ikaros to tell her what she has been wanting to know, "what was love"? Ikaros, unsure exactly as to what love really is, at first tells the curious Chaos that she does not know. As they arrive at the site of the Japan Trench, Ikaros adds to her answer that when she went on a date with her master and witnessed Nymph with Tomoki, it had caused her power reactor to hurt, even though there was no reason that it should, since it was in working order. She yells at Chaos "Why? Why is it that whenever I think of master, my power reactor hurts!! It feels like a part of me is broken!", her eyes filling with tears as she struggles to contain her powerful feelings and emotions for Tomoki. Now at the deepest part of the Japan Trench, Ikaros alters her flight path so that they are now rapidly gaining altitude high into the clear blue sky, still pulling speeds of over Mach-18. Her mind fills with images of Tomoki being happy, the one thing that means the most to her emotionally, as she reaches the height needed for the task ahead. As she begins the sharp dive towards the ocean's surface, she cries out that she "will protect the master that she loves", and with Chaos still trapped in her iron grasp, Ikaros slams into the ocean with such force that it sends water shooting hundreds of feet into the air as if a mighty bomb has exploded.

When Ikaros comes to, she is surprised that Astraea has arrived at the scene to save her from sharing a similar fate at the bottom of the ocean. Astraea demands to know why Ikaros would even attempt such a dangerous thing, bringing up that is she had not appeared to save her, Ikaros would have died. Ikaros responds by saying that the unidentified enemy has been silenced, and is now sinking towards the bottom of the ocean as they speak. Before Astraea can respond, Ikaros asks her if she knows what love is, since she does not know and that makes her just as bad as the girl she has trapped in the ocean. Meanwhile, Eishiro makes his return back to Earth with a portal that Daedalus created for him to use, stepping back inside Tomoki's room, and is surprised to find everyone sitting before him, with Sohara tending to the wounds on all three Angeloids. When he asks what happened to the house (taking notice of a massive hole in the roof of the room), a furious Tomoki states that when he returned home to help Nymph with her injuries, he found the gaping hole in his roof. Letting his rage get the best of him, he proceeds to take the lounge table in the middle of the room and chuck it into the air, venting his rage over the damage that both Astraea and Ikaros made due to their failure to use the front door like normal people would. He gives Ikaros a hard time, but since she came home safely, he forgives her for the damages. Turning to the silent Nymph, Tomoki sticks out his arm and tells her that he is aware of her plight, and makes his intentions clear that he will become her master at this very moment. Shocked by his request, and still remembering the deception that she had fallen for earlier in the day at the hands of Chaos, Nymph hesitates at first, nervous to answer his request.

Astraea admits her feelings for Tomoki.

Before she can answer him, to everyone in the room's amazement, her wings regrow before their very eyes, and it leaves her shocked by their sudden return. Overcome with joy, Nymph grabs Tomoki and rises into the air, telling him that her wings have grown back, smiling with pride as she carries him towards the heavens. Tomoki, afraid for his safety, begs Astraea to save him, but she ignores his cries, telling him that she has decided not to help him, and Ikaros also ignores his pleas as Nymph takes him out of earshot. Before he knows it, they are hundreds of feet in the skies above Sorami, and now both Astraea and Ikaros have joined Nymph as they fly off into the distance with the panicking Tomoki in tow. For now, Chaos is forgotten by Tomoki and his friends, for she is trapped in the deepest trench in the Pacific Ocean, held captive by the crushing pressure as she passes into their memories.

Hiyori Kazane/Return of Chaos Arcs

After the conclusion of the Chaos Arc, Astraea is not involved very often in the chapters following Chaos being trapped in the Pacific Ocean. She is mostly used as comic relief or only appears when getting involved in some of the wild antics of Tomoki whenever he gets caught up in his schemes. However, it is in the Angeloid Hiyori Arc that Astraea gets involved with the main plot, when Ikaros, Nymph, and herself rush off to do battle with the mysterious Angeloid that is tampering with the atmosphere around the town of Sorami, which is causing lethal side effects upon Tomoki and the rest of the population of Sorami. She engages the new Angeloid in combat after Nymph's powerful attacks fail to slow down or stop the new Angeloid from trying to kill their friend Tomoki. After getting into a brief struggle against the new threat, the battered Nymph finally manages to successfully hack into and free Hiyori from her service to the wicked Man of Synapse. Astraea also makes several brief appearances within the Return of Chaos arc, being the one to first discover the mentally unstable Chaos sitting on the ground outside of Tomoki's house after he tosses all three of the Angeloids out from his house in a towering rage.

After the conclusion of the Return of Chaos Arc, Astraea appears in certain chapters, mainly in chapter 48 in which she and Tomoki run away from home and pretend to be hapless puppies so that they can feel "loved and appreciated" by others and escape the reality of their normal lives. They are adopted by their unsuspecting friend Mikako and taken to her house to live there as her new pets, but all goes south when Mikako decides to castrate the horrified Tomoki since she does not want her "dog" to get her other dogs pregnant. They barely escape from the wrath of both the enraged Mikako and her powerful yakuza associates and give up on their scheme to escape the problems of their lives.

Afterwards, Astraea is shown briefly on several pages of Chapter 49 as Tomoki's long-lost mother returns to Sorami after leaving on a "World Tour" with his father back when he was ten years old. Once again, she is used as comic relief when the breast-crazed Tomoki presses his head against her massive breasts and gropes them.

Melan Arc

Ikaros Melan first makes her appearance within the Sora no Otoshimono manga after Angeloids Nymph and Astraea decide to take the unsuspecting Tomoki out on a date with Ikaros staying at home, her reactor in pain over not being involved in the date with her master. While Nymph and Astraea fight over who gets to take Tomoki out to where they want at the train station, they are interrupted by the arrival of Ikaros (not knowing that it is really Ikaros Melan), who suddenly grabs Tomoki away from the two of them and proclaims that she will take him on a date. Before Tomoki can fully come to grips with her sudden arrival, Ikaros blasts off into the heavens at her impressive Mach speed, leaving the confused Nymph and Astraea behind as she takes Tomoki to a small restaurant in order to enjoy time with him. Tomoki, however, sees things differently since he did not enjoy being slammed down into the table that they are sitting at, and finally frees himself so that he can sit down at the booth properly. Without warning, Ikaros slams the table with such force that it shatters into pieces, causing the other patrons of the restaurant to become nervous as to Tomoki's surprise, Ikaros demands to take him somewhere where there are no people around. Freaked out by the sudden odd behavior that Ikaros is displaying, Tomoki bolts from the restaurant and onto the city bus in a attempt to get away from her, but no matter where he goes, she appears shortly still demanding to go somewhere to "do it". When he arrives home, Tomoki quickly boards up all of the doors and windows inside of his house, padlocking every possible entrance before locking himself inside of his room, sitting on the floor in shock over the strange behavior that Ikaros is showing towards him.

After a short while, he realizes that ever since Ikaros has been living with him, she has been trying to show her

Tomoki gravely injured.

true feelings and love for him, even though he had mostly ignored it due to other events that had popped up in his life. Feeling guilty, Tomoki decides to meet up with Ikaros, but before he can act, she arrives to his bedroom and quickly gets on top of him, much to his surprise. Struggling to find the words of love she seeks to tell him, Ikaros stumbles with her words as she slowly leans forward to kiss Tomoki, but a odd noise coming from the other room causes Tomoki to look over at the doorway, and he is blown away to see the bloody and battered body of Ikaros laying face-down on the floor, bleeding from her terrible wounds. Realizing that something here is very wrong, Tomoki turns his attention to the "Ikaros" that lies on top of him, in total puzzlement as to what the hell is going on. Before he knows it, "Ikaros" grabs him and with all of her strength, she slams him into his wooden floor, the force of the incredible impact severely injuring the stunned Tomoki as from his seat in Synapse, the Man of Synapse looks on with pleasure that his servant has finally done what his other servants have failed to do for so long. Sensing that Tomoki is in great peril, Astraea and Nymph arrive to find the battered body of Ikaros along with the gravely injured Tomoki being held by his hair in the hands of the fake "Ikaros". Suddenly, the fake "Ikraos" engages the one program that was thought to be only available for the true Ikaros to use; the dangerous and nigh-unstoppable Uranus Queen mode. When the program becomes engaged, Ikaros Melan reveals her true identity to the stunned Astraea and Nymph, who realize that this Angeloid sent down by their former master has powers that they might not be able to survive against in combat. Not using her logic in this tense situation, Astraea engages her armor and launches herself at top speed at the

Ikaros Takes the Lethal Shot.

silent figure of Ikaros Melan, ready to tear apart the Angeloid that had badly crippled her friend Ikaros and who dared to hurt Tomoki as well. With all of her might, Astraea squeezes the armored arm of Ikaros Melan that has the bleeding Tomoki in her clenched hand, telling Ikaros Melan that she does not deserve to touch him. With one last, powerful squeeze of her hands, the armor plating on Ikaros Melan's arm shatters under the force of Astraea's crushing grip, causing her to drop Tomoki as she moves out of range of the enraged Astraea. Grabbing Tomoki before he hits the ground, Astraea summons her powerful photon sword Chrysaor and activates it, ready to strike down the Angeloid that dares to inflict harm upon her beloved friends. Sensing the incoming danger, Ikaros Melan engages her Aegis Shield in order to protect herself from the charging Astraea, who raises her sword and takes a mighty swing at the shield, knowing that Chrysaor has the power to shatter the original Aegis Shield that the true Ikaros possesses. Much to her shock and horror, Chrysaor shatters upon impact with the protective Aegis Shield, and before Astraea can properly defend herself, the unamused Ikaros Melan takes aim and with a punishing blast of raw, untamed power, badly damages the hapless Astraea as her Aegis L Shield fails to deflect the staggering power of the blast. The force of the blast sends the injured Astraea crashing down to the ground a small distance away from the terrified Nymph, who has been keeping the bleeding Tomoki safe from any derbies hitting him. Summoning the nigh-unstoppable power of the Apollo Bow, Ikaros Melan takes dead aim at the Angeloids below her and charges the arrow that she draws to it's full destructive power, with the power to systematically wipe the entire town of Sorami off of the face of the Earth. In silent horror, both the injured Astraea and panicking Nymph watch as the arrow of certain doom is released, racing towards their location and bringing their brutal deaths along with it's untamed power. Before the piercing arrow can reach it's target, it is stopped by the sudden appearance of the badly damaged Ikaros, who has managed to recover just enough from her ordeal to be able to fly into the path of the incoming arrow. The instant the arrow lodges itself into her stomach region, Ikaros deploys her Aegis Shield to contain the ensuing explosion as with a massive burst of light, the arrow detonates inside of the shield, almost vaporizing the hapless Ikaros upon detonation.

Nymph's Pandora System Evolves.

When the smoke of the blinding explosion clears, the nearly naked body of the unresponsive Ikaros crashes down onto the grassy field, her systems damaged so badly that she has no chance of being able to rebuild her damaged parts internally and essentially is dead upon impact with the ground. Stunned, both Astraea and Nymph begin crying over not just the loss of their best friend, but the loss of their best chance of beating the heartless Ikaros Melan, who is disappointed that her shot has not killed her intended targets. She too was caught up within the blast radius when Ikaros expanded the shield to include her rival inside of it, thus guaranteeing that Ikaros Melan would be severely incapacitated in the explosion. The heavily damaged body of Ikaros Melan falls down to the ground, smashing into the field off in the distance from where the explosion took place high in the blue sky. From behind, the sound of footsteps causes the horrified Nymph and Astraea to look behind them, and to their absolute terror, behind them stands a legion of various Angeloids, several that look oddly the same as them, the only exception being that they are dressed in black. Before they can defend themselves, they are mobbed by the horde of swarming Angeloids, with Nymph being brutally attacked before getting hacked into by one of the advanced Angeloids who looks identical to her. Using his old ties to her, the Man of Synapse tries to persuade his former servant that if she joins him again, he will let the badly injured Tomoki live past this ordeal, since he has accomplished his goal of slaying Ikaros at long last. Begging with Nymph, her creator Daedalus pleads with her not to give in to his offer, in which further enrages the hapless Nymph as with a sudden roar of power, she turns the tables upon the Angeloids who are busy damaging her systems though their hacking, using her new-found powers to override them and cause them to self-destruct. Watching in horror, the Man of Synapse and his Harpies look on as Nymph evolves right before their eyes, her formerly-locked Pandora system now fully functional as she completes her evolution into a more advanced, dangerous opponent.

While the newly evolved Nymph deals with the numerous Angeloids that the Man of Synapse has sent after them, the battered Astraea watches as Tomoki stirs from his injury-induced slumber and takes notice of what is going on. Seeing the nearly naked body of the severely injured Ikaros laying on the ground a short distance away from where he lies, the weary Tomoki slowly gets to his feet and hobbles his way over to where she lays motionless on the ground, her systems too badly damaged in order to repair themselves. Feeling saddened by her terrible injuries she endured and the sacrifice that she made in order to save his life, Tomoki sits down next to her and begins stroking her head, trying to come to grips with what has transpired over the past hour or so. To the shock of everyone, including the horrified Man of Synapse and his twin Harpies, the damaged systems of Ikaros begin to reboot and repair themselves as with a blinding flash of light that sends a beam piercing high into the heavens, signaling the activation of her PANDORA system and her evolution.


After Evolving to Pandora level 2, she continued to fight Chaos, Chaos starts activating her Pandora but due to many cores she absorbed, she overloads and her body starts to explode. Astraea hugs Chaos, saying that she is not alone anymore, because she is her big sister. In the moment Chaos asks her "what is love" and she answered she is not smart; She cannot answer her. She then remembers Tomoki's "order" to return alive and states that she loves him before apologizing for not following his order. Then her body dissolves away.

At the end of chapter 77, Astraea is alive and also has a happier ending.

Powers and Abilities

Astraea was originally created for combat, coming equipped with the lethal, overpowered vibrating photon sword "Chrysaor", which can cut through almost any material in the world and crackles with raw, untamed power when in use. She also comes armed with the special Aegis L Shield, which can block any frontal attack upon her and make fighting her in face to face combat a nightmare. Combined with her blazing speeds that she can achieve with her powerful wings, Astraea is one formidable opponent in battle that should not be taken lightly. However, there are several key flaws that she suffers from that keeps her from being the most feared Angeloid in Synapse. First, the downside to her powerful shield defense is that it leaves her sides vulnerable to attack and it drains a incredible amount of energy to maintain it for long periods of time, so she is limited in her use of it in battle. The reach of the majority of her attacks with Chrysaor is somewhat limited as well, and it can leave her open to attack if she misses a slash at her opponents. Unfortunately, in what is her biggest flaw and the primary reason that she will never be a dominant Angeloid in Synapse is that as a trade-off for her jaw-dropping levels of strength, combat abilities, and high emotional control, her brain-processing power is extremely low in comparison, often resulting in Astraea suffering major klutz moments and the eventual failure of her assigned missions due to her excessive blunders. In addition, her low processing levels often result in her easily falling victim to many of Tomoki's perverted schemes regarding her massive breasts, and it also leads to her doing some absolutely bizarre things that she considers "normal," while everyone else is blown away at just how stupid she is behaving in their presence.

Abilities and Weapons

Chrysaor (クリサオル, Kurisaoru)
Chrysaor.png She wields a super-oscillating photon blade called Chrysaor, which can even penetrate Ikaros' Aegis defense system.
Aegis L (イージス L, Ījisu Eru)
Aegis L.png The upgraded version of Ikaros's Aegis shield called Aegis L. Although it is more powerful than the Aegis shield, Aegis L can only deflect frontal attacks, unlike Aegis which creates a shield that covers all angles. Also, Aegis L cannot be deployed for long periods of time due to its massive energy requirements. It casually blocked an attack from Hiyori. Ikaros shield stated to contain the collapse of Time and Space after Hiyori tampered too much with it. Astraea shield is stronger.
Chrysaor and Aegis L Hack
Chrysaor Aegis Hack.png Nymph upgrades the weapons of Astraea with her "Hacking", giving them greater power and defense. Which destroyed Hiyroi's device which use tampering with space and time too much at once.
Hyper Acceleration
Hyper Acceleration.png According to Daedalus, Astraea has been granted with "Hyper Acceleration" wings, which allow her to accelerate faster than any of the Angeloids. It can be assumed that these wings grant extreme aerial maneuverability, giving Astraea the edge in close combat by allowing her to quickly evade strikes and change her direction. However, Astraea still loses out to Ikaros in terms of her flight speed.
Battle Power
Battle Power.png As stated by Nymph, and later by Daedalus, Astraea's battle power is greater than even Ikaros's up close. Daedalus even went as far as saying "an Angeloid that can match Delta in close-range combat does not exist". However she is vulnerable against any Angeloid with long-range weapons as she has no long-range weapons.
B044.jpg Also know as the "Self-Evolution Program", it allow oneself to grow in power through time and the absorption of other thing. Can also repair broken systems and functions. The program that Astraea has is also the one used by Ikaros and Nymph, and is supposedly the ultimate program. Even the Man of Synapse feared its power. However, she finally awakening the Pandora system, having the form of a Valkyrie. With this program Astraea evolved to the point she can throw long ranged light constructs of Chrysaor. Her flight speed increased to the point it was powered by photons. She also evolved quickly to see through Chaos' anti perception system "Medusa". Her sword upgraded to the point she can destroy several enlarged Chrysaor thrown at her by Chaos, who was amped by the cores of an entire melan army, life forces of animals, Hiyori, and Siren.
Pandora Level 2
Rsora no otoshimono 075 038-039.jpg Astraea reaches level 2 of this ability, pushing her powers to a whole new level.

With one slash she instantly destroyed several fully charged Apollons thrown by an amped Chaos. She quickly oneshotted Chaos.


  • Nymph - "Sister" and love rival.
  • Ikaros - "Sister" and love rival.
  • Hiyori Kazane - Friend, classmate, fellow Angeloid, and love rival.


  • Astraea was the only First generation Angeloid that was capable of breaking the link to her master by her own will (Unlike in the cases of Nymph where Tomoki had to destroy the chain with an axe).
  • Astraea cannot feed herself in the wild since she is always making mistakes, such as eating poisonous mushrooms and becoming paralyzed (bears then try to eat her).

Astraea's "cameo" in Plunderer manga

  • Astraea is unable to understand Kanji or other things that are school-related.
  • Astraea evolved a second time when she was in her first Pandora form.
  • Astraea is the only angeloid to have her choker completely removed after evolving a second time when she was in her first Pandora form (can be seen on chapter 77).
  • Astraea is the fastest angeloid after evolving via the Pandora System.
  • Astraea was featured in one of Plunderer manga's cover, where she's wearing Hina's clothes with code "BAKA" on her right leg in the Animate version of Volume 2's cover.[1]
    • In the Chapter 28 of Plunderer manga, chibi Astraea's image also used as a censorship for the fan-service scenes together with Ikaros.